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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Argyle and Errands

Doing errands with sweet little Bucky! He is fun to take along. Love his new sweater that matches his color. 
Getting sleepy!
Staying in his seat so well!
Are we there yet?!? 

(Video) Boy dogs-- no drama :)

Boys and their toys: Parson has Bucky's little toy ball. He bats Buc in the face w one paw and then Bucky retaliates with a jump attack, lol and Parson falls off the couch onto the floor. Once Bucky has the ball and taunts Parson with it by sticking it out of his mouth, little stinker ...bigger Parson grabs it again! He soon tires of it and the ball rolls off the couch. Bucky sees it by hanging his head down but then the ball ends up rolling further under the couch. So nobody ends up with it!! All is well... Off to another adventure! Good boys!!!

(Video) Bucky on a rainy day!

Bucky is ready to go inside, but he's finally settled down enough to take a nice little video of him LOL! He is such a cutie pie!

Monday, April 28, 2014

Photos of little Buccaneer!

Hi! I'm Buc... the little blond bomb. The big guy is my friend, Parson. He lives here. I'm waiting for my furever home... I'm giving you my toothy smile! :)

Here is my cutest sad eyes face. Are you melting yet?!?
I need someone to play with! 
My fur is soooo fluffy!
Sleeping on my back and twisted... Yep, it's  comfy!!

It's rainy and cold here in NE WI brrrr-- so we snuggle. I really like my doggie friend!

Today I went into the cage all by myself before foster mom went to work. She says I am one smart cookie! I really like being in the cage with my friend Parson-- it makes me very happy cuz I'm a big snuggler. Guess I just don't like being alone :)
One comfy position is flipping on my back! I'm soooo relaxed. 
I just came in from outside! Treats treats TREATS! Happy face!
I like to recline against Luke's bent legs... Ahhh tummy rubs! Sometimes I even fall asleep like this! I have everyone in this family trained pretty well don't I? LOL!!!

Friday, April 25, 2014

We often call him Woky... :)

Progress report: So little Bucky (Woky ... short for Ewok, hee hee) is definitely making progress! His potty training is going great! We have a solid routine of getting up around 6am and heading out the door where he goes both pee n poo then comes in and heartily eats his bowl of food. 
After breakfast is playtime and sometimes we take a morning walk. He gets let outside before I head off to work. Then he sleeps safely in his kennel. He no longer barks and settles right in with no complaints. He is fantastic! 
Bucky/Woky follows me everywhere!!! Room to room... Inside n outside. He is my shadow! He is a good friend to my dog Parson. They play and chase and snuggle on a chair together. They like each other quite a bit! Big brother n little brother :). 
He is comical too... If I leave my pantry door open he always finds the package of tuna and tries to quietly sneak it out. It's so cute! I put it back and he's like "ok, she caught me... I may try again tomorrow" ... The little tuna thief!!! Ha!
He is also a snuggly boy... Right now he is laying beside me in my wing chair with his head on my lap. He is no more than 10 lbs! What's not to love about this sweety?!?
He is a light shedder. If you have on black you will see some blond puppy fur but otherwise I haven't noticed much fur anywhere. 
Again I'll mention his potty training... I simply take him out at intervals and esp after meals or heavy playtime. I don't allow him upstairs yet by himself because I don't think he's ready to be trusted but on the main floor of my house he is perfect and has NO potty accidents. Since he sticks with me anyway he doesn't try and really go upstairs but I keep a baby gate across right now just to make sure. So is he potty trained? Not yet. He is doing well and will get there soon! 
Bucky comes when called and we are practicing learning sit. He is really a SUPER little guy and I can't report any bad habits! He doesn't chew up stuff, he is kind to my pet bunny, he is pretty quiet and he's pocket size! We think he's the best little "Ewok" we ever did meet!!!

Not a care in the world~

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Buccaneer wanted poster...

Buccaneer is "WANTED" (by one special family)!  To claim the reward (of 1000 puppy kisses) Buc must be brought home. 
He's dangerously adorable -- so watch out...and is known to steal ... hearts!

Monday, April 21, 2014

Outside pics/pet store/bunny kisses~

It's finally warm enough today to take a few outside photos. Enjoy!!!
Bucky just loving the fresh warm air :)
The grass is getting a little green now in patches... Finally!!!
We hear someone coming home!
C. A. T. (Uh oh!!!)
Bucky is WONDERFUL in the car and shopping. He did do a little "marking" on a display as we walked out the door of the pet store. Oops! So his gold star turned to silver but he was still treat worthy. :)
My Jersey Wooly bun bun is super calm. She puts up with all kinds of kisses from the puppies that stay at my house! Here she is getting her share from Bucky! XXXX!!!

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Blessed Easter!

While I'm making my first ever 100% organic, grain free, gluten free lemon meringue pie (can u tell I'm excited!) for Easter, Bucky is just hanging out in his bed waiting for the meal (and any crumbs he can soon scoop up off the floor) and he's wishing you a very blessed Easter!!! 
Who wouldn't want their legs warmed up on a rainy Easter Day by adorable snuggle- puppies?!? 

Saturday, April 19, 2014


All curled up on a couch pillow this little guy is all tired out. Wonder what he is dreaming about? 
He loves his plaid blankly too... Even if it's "pink"! :) Time for bed...

Lucky is now Jordy! Adoption Day!

I will miss him... So will Bucky (and Parson)! Congrats Lucky!!!
Happy Furever-Family Photo! 

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Two jail birds ~

I was trying to hang a spring wreath outside and decided to quickly put the little furby's together in a cage for a few minutes. Cute little "jail birds"!
And look at Bucky with those little fluffy paws hanging on the "bars" ! Ha!!!

Right before bed both doggies got baths. Wow did they both do AWESOME! Stood patiently to get all soaped up and did wonderfully with the blow dryer. Two blond fluff balls that are smellin' like daisies! 

Lucky says "Hey, I think I found the Easter Bunny!" :)

(Video) Lucky n Bucky have a leash pulling contest

When I come home from work these puppies are ready to play! Even a dangling leash makes for enormous fun! These two are like  Dennis the Menace somedays! Always into a little bit of mischief!!! Hee hee :)

(Video) Walking "12" Paws!!

Rainy morning walk ...

Today we ALL walked! Too fun! Here they all are waiting to head out!!!

A beautiful day to play with my friend!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Cutest faces!!!!

Bucky is lying next to me flipped on his back and little Lucky is wanting to jump up too. He is so polite to wait! Two precious faces!!!
They just had a big game of tug o war. Now everyone is mellow. Such good boys! 

I'm making cut out cookies for Good Friday and turn around to this! Haha!!!!

Mornin' with the boys...

We kept busy early this morning with some chewies! Yummmmmmy!
Later we went for a walk. We did great! 
We finally came back home, wiped our paws and we soon settled down for a nice nap in our beds! Foster-mom says we are "keepers"!!! Yep that's us! Lucky n Bucky!
Right before foster-mom left for work she treated us to organic peanut butter smeared on our bones. We are being sooo quiet! :) 

Monday, April 14, 2014

Good Night Moon~

When these two fell asleep together on the bed it was toooo cute! They are so tuckered out after a day of fun in the snow and playing chase.  Right before they fell asleep they were playing under the bed ...I would hear little puppy yips coming from behind the dust ruffle. I finally had to put Lucky on a little "time out" as he, almost like a kid, can get too wound up at night. In minutes he was out in his cage. Zzzzz!  After a bit he could come out and he nicely joined Bucky on the bed and soon both were out! Hence the photo! :)
So good night from the "twin boys"! 
(and now I'm gonna read my book in peace and quiet!) ahhhh!!! :)!!!

Play time with 3 silly heads!

Today getting ready for work I had Bucky leashed to my foot in the bathroom. Since he just arrived, and we have yet to figure out his house manners, the best way to keep an eye on him and to assure no potty accidents is for him to be tied to me. He does not seem to mind. Of course his peace and quiet was interrupted by the play mode of Lucky-ducky and my Parson. It's all good though because then the gang is tired out when I leave for work! Most days they can chase in the yard for a while but the really wet sloppy snow put a stop to that today! After play time we all headed head over heals down the stairs for a potty trip and then Lucky 'n' Bucky got settled into their kennels with a chew bone ...and I was out the door! A little barking ensued with the new pupster but he will get used to the routine shortly. It's amazing that by the end of the week the doggies are usually quite at home and feel settled. Morning number one with little Bucky went well! See ya later, gang!!!

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Just a few quick pics of Bucky!

Here he looks so cute in this photo! His hair is very pretty after it's brushed! He enjoys being brushed too and is a nice friendly boy all around.  He did well for his first night here!!! He is currently sleeping next to me on the couch. He looks happy! :)
Of course ya just knew he hadda have a Badger bandana!!! Goooo Bucky!!!
Waking up to Bucky-boo...the snow we are getting just doesn't seem so bad! Look at those big round eyes! They just say... Let's start the day... I'm ready to have some fun!
Is he smiling??? :) hee hee!
He enjoys being picked up and is sooo loving! We just think he is so adorable! Can't decide if he looks like a Pekingese, Pug or Shih tzu?!? Whatever the combo he has quite the little face that grows on you until you can hardly stand how cute he is. Love!!!
This guy is a "little climber...sooo big"!
Hair clip! Toothy grin!!!