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Saturday, February 28, 2015

Heading to Cooney

On the road...

Comfy and sleeping in her coupe seat! One more hour till we get there :)

We made it to...
... our first stop.. my mom n dad's house! Keda snooped all over and checked out the new a short time my dad had a little pal! My mom loved Keda's beautiful eyes and thought she was just a doll!!! My dad watched Keda (report was she was perfect) while my mom and I headed to breakfast at The Roots in Oconomowoc. 
The Doggy Bag is behind The Roots so of course we said hello to some of the dogs who had earlier sessions at the Meet n Greet...
Look at all these sweet Fluffies!!!
All different sizes n colors!!!
They are all so cute!!!

Look who I got to hug!!! It's my former foster dog, Scottie!! He is a BEAUTIFUL boy who is "loving life" and living happily in his wonderful fur-ever home! 

Keda had her turn from 1-2pm and she met a lot of nice people. I did too and was super excited to say hello to some Fluffy volunteers I had never actually met! The Doggy Bag is an awesome place with really lovely owners! Keda gobbled up the grain free treat samples and we bought a couple to take home with us too!
Keda was a bit stressed because the dogs we were there with were barking and that worried her. So she was sometimes a bit growly when petted but she did her best! 
I don't have any pics of Keda at the meet n greet but I took a few at my parent's home! 

Here she is in the kitchen...

Pets on her back in the kitchen...

Next, looking cute in the dining room...

Keda in the den with an antique cat..

And finally looking sweet on a rocking chair! 

We both had a busy and super fun day and it went really fast! Little Keda was exhausted and so ready for a nice long nap as we drove back to Green Bay! 
If anyone who met her at this event has questions feel free to ask! Thanks for stopping by :)!

Friday, February 27, 2015

The place to be...

Hello all u Fluffy Fans... 

Check out Saturday's Meet n Greet!

Don't get lost!!!

Keda will be here...
YOU should be here too!

Keda has her nails green n furhawk pretty and is ready to say "Hi!"!

Keda will be hanging out Saturday at the amazing Doggy Bag Bakery (yum-o) from 1-2pm. 
She is not so much into stranger-danger petting...but will be much obliged to eat a tasty Scooby-snack or 2... Maybe 6. 

Keda also wouldn't hate it if you had a fatal attraction to her and went home after and filled out an app. 

So if u are cool-- and u know u are--we will see you at the DBB on Wisco Ave!

Saturday, February 21, 2015

(Video) Never Grow Up...

Keda is a sweet little dog-- and also one that is very easy to spoil because she is like a little child who loves and needs her mom. I love her this way so I like this Taylor Swift song for her... Hope you enjoy the little video and the song!

Playing Games with Keda~

Warming up with a stretch...

Using her sniffer...

Challenge the brain...

Overcoming fear...

Maybe if I pounce on it...

"Talking" to the tub ... "Give me my ball!"
Winter gets so boring.. We play games with what we have! Keda loves to search and sniff. So I like to "hide" things for her. I'm just using a plastic tub and some treats and a ball. Later I got out little pieces of hot dog! All the dogs were playing then!

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Good News... for Precious!

Keda is unique... me she is a mix of ET (nose and eyes) + Smeagol (skinny legs)+ a Cupie Doll (fur tuft head) = Keda. 
We think she is "Precious"... Lord of the Ring fans ;)!

So now the good news :)-- we have her meds stabilized for her little head issues!
 We did another vet visit and we are happy with her results! 
Basically, little Miss Precious was clunked on the head as a puppy and had a slow to close fontanel so the clunk gave her some "head owies" that have caused her a few minor developmental setbacks. She may still do prancy paws at times when she walks on leash but it's ok-- people will just tell you how adorable this looks! 
She is now doing well on what I call her "happy pills" and ready for her new home! :)

So if you are a fan of E.T., Smeagol, Cupie Dolls or just a "fan of Keda"... she's ready for You!
P. S. Come meet her this weekend...she may even give kisses to her fans! Just "follow the directions" to meet her on the Fluffy site! 

"You can't get me.. Naah-Naaaah... and mom calls me Precious... cuz I am!!!!"

Posing for a very pretty picture!!! Those little ears are so sweeeeet!

Precious Keda on her pillow perch pretending to watch American Idol with me-- I see your closed eyes! 

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

(Video) KEDA~randomness

Keda eating a treat in the car-- chewy!

Keda ready to head home after getting a poke at the vet. She was perfect as always! Not like some of those 
loud hyper dogs making a scene... Keda has class and composure. So proud of Miss Manners!

Keda snuggling against my purple sweater. I love her paws grabbing ahold of me!

Keda with her best friend, Asti. #girlfriend

Keda loves chewing on a baby with a silky... She loves her tags!!! :)

Keda showing off her amazing big eyes!!!

Keda says..."Always Kiss Me Goodnight"... XXX!

Keda is spoiled and loves it! She would love to be spoiled by u too! 

Saturday, February 14, 2015

(Videos) Playful Keda :)

Keda is playing quietly alone with a rubber football! Hut-hut-hike!!!
Keda is playing loudly with my dogs! Woof woof!!!

Keda has come really far in her journey! Right before Christmas, when she was brought to my house, she was all worked up and stressed. Not anymore! Medication for her seizures, love & patience, exercise and a change of household dynamics has done wonders!!! 
Keda is "learning" to play-- she is a little talkative in video 2 when trying to get my little Yorkie-mix Asti to join in but that's just fine because she is really happy/excited-- so she barks :)!  This "playing with other pups thing" is rather "new" territory for Keda. She isn't quite sure yet what she should do so she barks and hops around. I'm so happy she is happy and trying her best to have fun!!! My Asti is not much of a player type and is a little snobbish to Keda...but Keda doesn't give up trying! In fact, Keda follows Asti everywhere (not Parson so much) and whether Asti likes it or not, Keda really likes Asti!! It's like watching a pesty little sister tagging behind the shirt tails of a bigger sister. Keda has sister-love for Asti!
In turn, Asti follows Parson like a big brother! I don't think Parson has a clue about all this and just does his thing-- boy dogs -- gotta luv 'em!
These videos show just how super adorable Keda can be-- that she is happy-- that she is trying soooo hard---yes, she is a little barky at times but that stopped as soon as I stopped filming and walked away--and finally, isn't she sooo cute?!?!
 Keda is making headway in joining the dog pack and is already totally "in" our family "pack" :)! Loves us all! We love her right back! You will too!

(PS ...any growling u hear during filming is just my Parson-- he just does that-- always has/always will)

Below... After bath photos of damp Keda. 

Keda is perfecto during tubby-time! Even during blow drying! Stands nice 'n' still! Now she smells like berries! Yum!

Monday, February 9, 2015

Apple Green

I've decided Keda has a color-- its apple green. Her food bowl is apple green, her collar/leash and her new jacket--all apple green! It just kinda happened! Now added to her "apple green-ness" is a heart-- did u notice she has an apple green heart by her name on Petfinder? 
You may think it means she has some "special needs"-- well maybe-- but in my book the meaning is reversed. I think it means she is special... and is looking for a person who NEEDS her. :)

Keda tried on my knitted dog hat... Gotta love the ear holes! What a trooper!!! 

Here is Keda's green bowl... Now how many dogs have a bowl that matches their collar? Hmmm??? See, Keda IS special!

Showing off her hair/fur tuft! It's her signature look! I think it's growing longer! "Long live the-tuft!!!!" XX

Modeling her new matchy-matchy spring warm up jacket....
Side view model #applegreen #hercolor

Friday, February 6, 2015

(Video) DON'T "let her go"!

A little slide show of sweet Keda! Before someone else chooses her get your app in! "Don't" let her go! 

One thing I love about Keda is that she is always looking at/for things. I've never known such an observant dog!!! Here she is concentrating on something she just spied today...
...what could she see????

It's a little glass Scotty dog peeking out from an ivy....
...she looks at it and growls n woofs! She absolutely thinks it's a real dog. Keda  would make a good detective with her observation skills!

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Nighty night

Someone has taken over my pillow! 

She looks up...and...

Is back asleep... 
Being a foster mom has its challenges!

Talked with Keda's veterinarian today about her progress with her seizures. Keda has a happier disposition on the medication but still is having the prancing pony looking seizures so instead of a 1/2 pill she is getting a whole pill 2x a day.  In a couple weeks I am to report back on her progress. 
Otherwise all is great with Keda and she is currently curled up in her brown 'n' pink polka dot blanket in her crate ( I did get my pillow back!!!). Hoping tomorrow is a little warmer-- pleeeeease! 
"Nighty-night" from our little sleeping beauty princess, Keda.