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Sunday, May 31, 2015

Cleaning the college rentals...

I took Libby along to start the arduous task of cleaning our 2 rentals for the next group of college kids. Bleh!

        You can do it! I'll help :)!!!

  Libby loved all the low windows (something I don't have) and made sure nobody went past on the sidewalk without an announcement. I felt very safe! Lol!!!

      Libby checking out the layout...

After running all over the house and keeping guard at the windows she finally wore herself out and found a sunny patch in my favorite room in the house! Guess she liked that room too! 

   My cleaning "helper" on the job!

Friday, May 29, 2015

Maybe any only child?

            I'm adorable and I know it! 
For as great (and I mean super awesome!!!) as our little adorable Libby is she does provide a teensy little challenge.
She can be a bit of an instigator. She plays hard and can get a little carried away with trying to be top dog and will push the limit and cause a ruckus! It might make sense if she were the "only child" in the household. She loves the other dogs and is friendly BUT she can just be a little stinker too. It's definitely Libby's World as far as she is concerned... maybe easier to keep it that way :). 

         Cuddled against foster-mom  

   In the dog bed/box playing with a Kong


Thursday, May 28, 2015

A Bedtime Story

Once upon a time there was a very fuzzy bunny. Her name was Agape (which means Love in Greek). She was a nice, calm and brave bunny. She lived with lots of dogs. 

One of the dogs that lived with Agi bunny was a curious and very adorable little spitfire named Libby. She was just soooo curious about bunny. Do bunnys tug with toys? Do bunnys fetch? What do they smell like!?

So Libby went in search of meeting the bunny! She just had to know about bunnies! 

Anybunny home...she called? No answer!

I think I'll just snoop around a bit, thought Libby. Maybe Agi bunny will hop home soon.  

Hey!!! Look! I found Agi bunny!  I have questions!!! Can we talk? Do you play tug or fetch like me???

But Agi Bun just sat and wiggled her pink nose. The bunny didn't tug or fetch or even smell that good! Poor Libby!
But Libby still liked the bunny and even though they were very different from each other "maybe"... Just maybe... they could still be friends. The end!

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

(Video) Mighty Strong (for a mouse)!

Time to go OUTSIDE!!!




Beautiful afternoon :)

(Video) No stick is too big for this mighty- mouse!

Monday, May 25, 2015

(Video) Libby's Photos

Please enjoy this sweet little slideshow of Libby!

Problem: Too small to a get bone on the bottom of the toy bucket.
SolutionJump in!

    Got it! :)

Almost bed time for two fluffy friends snuggling on the love seat. Aren't they so sweet?!?

Libby had a great day!!! Has been doing all her potties outside with no accidents at all! As long as she goes out after meals and periodically with the other dogs she is golden. I have a fenced in back yard and really think that is important for Libby. She likes to run n play. So she is definitely keeping her "paws crossed" for another fenced in yard to have in her future fur-ever home. 
If you are looking for a sweet little lap puppy look no further. REALLY! Libby is smart, cuddly and adorable too! She does bark a bit when she plays or hears sounds or gets excited but is learning to "curb it" and we can share with you our little trick to helping her stay chill. 
When Lib is not with the other dogs she is very calm and quiet. So if she would be an only dog in the house she would be a gem! Not that she is awful with my dogs at all-- she just likes to play hard and sometimes wants to be the "little" boss. 
Mostly we just adore Libby's zest for life! She is one happy bouncy pup who shares her joy with others!  No way can you be sad with Libby around! She is a special girl! 


Have a Happy Memorial Day!

I just got back from walking in a Memorial Day parade holding a banner. It started out rainy and cool and ended humid and sticky. I lost my son Seth in the crowd of parade walkers and fortunately we both had our cell phones and he was with a friend and got a ride home. I had to drag my banner and sore feet back over the bridge and to my car. Ahhh I am tired!!! But that teensy sacrifice I just made is nothing-- zippo-- when I think of all of those who have served and are serving in our  military and have sacrificed soooo much.  So from me and my family of humans and pups and also from my adorable foster girl... THANK YOU to all who keep us safe! We love you and appreciate all you do!
                    Salute from Libby!

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Rainy day Sunday.

Libby loving her peanut butter!

All the dogs got walks before the sprinkles of rain began. Now they each have a kong with peanut butter inside to play with while I make cookies. Libby is enjoying her treat immensely!!!
I wanted to also mention Lib learned "sit" in almost one session. She totally has it down- boom! Done! She also is learning  "up" for sit up pretty. 90% has it. 
She is really a smartie pup and catches on to things instantly! She does have the "little dog" habit of thinking she owns me! No other dog should have privileges (especially lap sitting privileges) if Lib had her way. Learning to share will happen as she chills out. 

 Getting every drop-- clean that Kong!

P.S. Libby doesn't mind going out to do both her "duties" in the pouring rain-- in fact had fun catching big rain drops in her mouth! Never before have I seen a dog look up at rain with mouth open like she's catching popcorn. That's Libby!!! :)
She put herself to bed when I stayed up late cleaning. She just tucked herself right in bed with my husband. <3

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Pretty in Pink!

Little Libby --just chill-axing in the grass by the creek. Loving some weekend fun!

Two puppy friends in their matchy pink shirts!

Libby had fun being a squirmy pup rolling all around in the warm green grass. Squiggle-Wiggle!!

We may need a couple treatsies!!! Sitting pretty :)!

Libby is a bit of a vehicle "chaser". It's more fun to walk her on quiet streets. 

The girls are BACK -- "hi" Parson!

Just a little foster-sister fun-- Libby tries to walk Asti! Pull Pull Tug Tug!

Lights out for a tired Libby puppy!

"Supervising" the planting of the garden box. Leave room for us to "plant" some bones!

Book ends or BUTT ends?! (Hee Hee)

Libby future friends with bunny? Ummm not sure.  My Parson went into "guard mode" (he adores his bunny!) and he isn't sure about Libby and bunny either. Some day she will meet her nose to nose and we will see...
Made me wonder how Lib would do with cats?! Ha! I'm guessing she would have her "fun"!! ;) 

Back to being a sweeeet lap dog. Good girl!

Before bedtime bath-- finally! She really needed a bath! Here is a pic of our still damp Lib. I'm happy to say she did great in the tub! Stood still and calm and was soooo happy afterwards. I bet we don't hear a peep tonight! #busyday

Good Night Everyone! (clean n fluffy)

Friday, May 22, 2015

Friday Night Movie

Get comfy with some popcorn to watch little Lib going on her first walk! This short movie is approved for all ages. Especially those who are of age (24 'n' older) to adopt our little prancing super-star!

Saturday ~
"How" snugly is Libby? "This" snugly...I just sat down on the bed and she jumped up too.  That black in the pic is my coat. Lib immediately snuggled against my back even though she can sit anywhere on the bed. #bedbud

Thursday, May 21, 2015

(Video) Sunny Day

                 "Go get it Libby!!!"

    Chomp! "Hooves" are deeeeelicious!

                         Bunny Kill

       Libby n Asti-- vitamin D tanning. 

                     Adopt me?!?

               "Sunny Day" sun set...

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

She is Awesome !

                           Who me?
Miss Libertine, as I call her, steals the show! She has confidence and spunk. She has the pestiness of a little kid sister and she is out to prove she is anything but the little one! 
Libby loves toys to wrestle with and to shake and "attack". Soft squeakies and tuggy ones are her favorites! She likes apples but not carrots. She is a kinda messy eater who picks apart her meal and eats the "good stuff" first! Ha! She knows her name and comes when called. She has been doing all her potty business all outside exempt for one rainy day she did have an accident-- but she is catching on really quickly! After all Papillon's are a top of the class "smart-cookie" breed!!! I also am thrilled that Libby is quiet in her kennel when she is placed inside. No whines or barky complaints at all :) !!! Libby sure  likes to play and romp with my dogs and surprisingly can hop up on beds with ease. There is just no stopping this little energizer! What a fun little fluffy!
Most of all Libbster loves people! She is happy to see everyone! She definitely does announce people with an excited "someone's coming" bark, bark. It's her job-- she takes it seriously!
She is mostly the queen of Snuggle- Wuggle and this morning I awoke to her royal highness's head laying on my pillow like she was a person! (It was so cute!)
I am also very happy to report Libby is feeling oodles better after her spay surgery but sadly now is dealing with a mild case of kennel cough. :( I am hoping in a few days that she will be healed on both ends! 
So that's our Libby! We all adore this little bundle of fabulous fun fluff! After all... what's not to love?!?

Monday, May 18, 2015

Day 3

             Good mornin' BIG world!
So... How would u like to wake up to this kissable face every day?!

Libby had a much better night! She is definitely on her way to healing! We all got lots of Zzzzz's!
Breakfast-- Libby eats slowly, picking up one piece of kibble at a time. She does not want other dogs coming near her bowl and she does guard it. I simply feed every pup in a different corner of the kitchen. Therefore, Libby should probably be in a home with adults or older kids who understand to give her space. She was fine when I came near her bowl so that was awesome. 

Today we start the weekly routine of me heading off to work by 8:15 am. By Friday she should fully understand the pattern. Dogs like pattern so it's all good!  

                        Trip to the bank

After work I took Libby on her first outing…
She sat very nicely all buckled in her console coupe doggy-seat. She did bark a little at traffic and at the bank teller but for her first time out she did fantastic! As you see in the picture Libby withdrew a milk bone from the bank. Cha-Ching!

Click Link!!!
                   Toy Attack!

               girl friends #welovetreats

Clothes from Lori @ #FluffyDogRescue 

                         A time to Rest!