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Monday, August 31, 2015

2 Dozzer Videos...

Fetch monster!

Toy monster!

Foster Mum goes to Work

Hi, Dozzer... lol, you look the part but you still cannot go to work with me today!!! Nice try! :)

Dozzer did a "mark" on my planter. It's a boy dog thing! Don't panic!! It's nothing... really! 
Seems most do it a couple times but then get it out of their system in a short while. It has nothing to do with potty training. Google to find out more info on "dog marking" ... boys will be boys!!!
Belly bands are great if you can't watch your dog and he may mark. On a Monday morning I'm busy #late getting ready for work so Dozzer sports the blue belly band. He is cool with it and so am I!!!

This planter has been "marked" by many boy pups! I think that's the issue! I spray it with the Miracle Enzymes but those doggy noses still smell the scent! Glad I can't!!!
Well I'm off to work... Dozzer went sweetly into his crate and has a bone and a treat. He is so nice and quiet!!! He's the BEST!!! I wuff The Dozz!!!

Bye Dozzer!!!

Waiting for Karate lessons to be done! This is Dozzer's Kung Fu face... #snatchthepebblefrommypaw
While my son did his Karate lesson Dozzer and I went to Petco to get a harness that would fit him better. We actually didn't find anything to fit him properly but I did learn something. Dozzer is reactive to other dogs in the store. What's up with that?!? I dunno... he just isn't feeling the love there I guess!! 
When I stopped and talked to a person with a quiet dog for a while he settled down and was fine. This is a good thing to work on in a positive based training class!!!
Dozzer was all snuggly wuggly to me in the car later and leaned his head on my arm like... "I'm sooo done! Let's go home mom!!!" <3 Awwww!!! 

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Life with The Dozzer

Dozzer dressed himself today...
cute hat n glasses little buddy!!!
After a quiet and restful sleep in his crate in my bedroom, curled up in his fleecy blankie, Dozzer is ready for today's adventures!!!

We decided to go for a "walk-walk"! 
I call my walks "walk-walks" as I usually take 2 dogs... :)
Dozzer has on his red harness today. Nice and safe with no strain on his neck!

"Good Morning" he says to the angel!

Here we go...what a nice stride he has!
Dozzer is great to walk! He looks cute in brite colors! I like his red harness against his shiny seal fur :).  A car slowed up to ask directions and Dozzer didn't bark or get upset. Nope... he just stood there and looked adorable! He's sooo sweet and he isn't a barky dog at my house at all!

Dozzer is asking..."Can I jump up on your lap?!
Ok think I can resist those big pleading eyes!?! "YES Dozzer!!!
Plus I would just love a Dozzer Dog to join me for a snuggle!!! Wouldn't you?!?

First time in my doggy car seat! He is really alert looking all around!!!

I haven't met a little dog yet who doesn't love this seat after a couple car rides! 

Trip to Petsmart! Dozzer is very curious!
Dozzer loved the pets from people. He was a noisy woofer at other dogs. We will test this out more another day! I still think he's perfect. He will settle in! 

Ooohhhh NO! Dozzer got stung by a wasp! He is really limping. I feel so sorry for him! I stepped on the little bugger so it's dead...but my poor baby now has a big owie!!!

Even laying down he lifts his hurt paw! Grrr that wasp!!!

Nothing a good chomp can't cure! #nylabone

Wasp update: I gave Dozzer some Benadryl.. About 10 mg. It did the trick! Limping finally stopped! 

Doing some reading in bed with my knees up... little Dozzer decided that under the covers is a great place to snooze. It's been a very busy day for this little guy! Pretty soon I'll move him to his cozy crate but for now we can be bed buds! Doze on Dozzer boy!

Saturday, August 29, 2015


Dozzer arrived
today and he "had me" as soon as he flashed his million dollar SMILE! Watch the video below to see just what I'm talkin' about...

Video: click to play

Game Day means dress up day! He's a poster Packer-Backer dog! Watch this "wanna be Pug" show off his Stride with Pride! 

Video: click to play

Walking builds up a good appetite!!!

Dozzer hops right up onto my lap! He is so sweeeeet!!!

Better get shopping cuz Dozzer ADORES a toy or two... or ten! 

One more look at those toofies!!! Love!!!

OH the faces he makes!!! No teeth-- part smile-- full toothy grin!!!! Cuuuutie pup!!!!

Let's play ball! Fetch perfection!!!!

Little white twinkle toes!

This is my "Hipster with Goatee" look! (don't u just adore his satin ears?!?)

Dozzer would rather snuggle than watch the Pack play. 
My day 1 observations...
Dozzer is definitely a dog who loves people. He is very much looking to shower someone with his affection! Dozzer is very loving and cuddles closely. In the short time he's been here he is not only my little black shadow but he skillfully maneuvers his way to prime lap sitting or snuggling position --nudging out even my Asti pup who is most often the one with all the snuggling moves!!! 
I also have noticed that Dozzer is not the overly energetic boy I expected! He actually is able to tailor his energy to those around him. Since my dogs are middle of the road so is he! I think if he had more playful pups around he would join in with their play. He has been totally perfect and his "house manners" have been immaculate and proper. 
On our walk he did zigzag but that will improve with practice and I'll have him wear a harness next time as he saw a rabbit which made him pull to chase it! Otherwise he did great with no fears or issues on the walk!!! He may even make a good jogging partner... I will try that and report on it in the future. 
He plays fetch so nicely and entertains himself with toys but has not been rough on the stuffy toys so that's a bonus! 
Besides all this he had been a "good sport" about wearing the Packer jersey!!! We didn't even ask him if he was a fan! 
I already just adore Dozzer so I can't wait to see what the next few days bring -- for sure there will be lots of "Dozzer smiles" to keep us smiling ourselves! :)

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Tucker's adoption day...

Waiting for new mommy n daddy...

ADOPTED!!! I adore this photo :)))!

Tucker has the sweetest family and its FUR-EVER!!! Congrats and happiness to all! 
PS ...give cousin Jordy-pup some puppy kisses too!

Wednesday, August 26, 2015


Heard today of the sudden passing of my former little foster Flower (Eevee). A piece of my heart is broken. 
I will remember her always as my "first" real foster dog as I actually gave her up at the end. It was so hard that first time to say goodbye! She loved car surfing and lived for fetch! I'm content in knowing she learned what love was all about and lived a spoiled happy life! 

National Dog Day!

All ready for his adoption! Tucker just had his bathy and brush! Ooooo he smells like milk n honey!!!

Soaking up my Tucker-Time while I can! 

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

A little "fetch"???

We had been playing fetch for a little while with Tucker so he's getting tired of it on this video but you can see he does do "1/2 a fetch" here! Tucker gets the ball... bringing it back, meh, not so much!!!

My big middle son is a dog magnet!!! Ha!
Tucker is the one on top of his shorts!

Heading to get his Vet inspection for adoption...

We are here!!!

Alllll DONE! Awesome little guy at the visit. No barking or shaking or anything. Just sat there drawing a crowd of smiles! Everyone LOVED him and even the vet raved over him-- best of all he is a healthy pup!! Yipee!!!

"Let's go HOME"!!! he says!!! 

 Found the "look out" spot!

Monday, August 24, 2015

Celebration Selfie!!!

Tucker buddy!!! You got an App!!!
U r goin' home soon... Woot Woot!

After dat yummy supper mommy dressied us up!!! She's so silly!!! 

Windy and Chilly... all set!?!

The "twins"~

Wind Sock Ear! 

Porch time! (Is that a squirrel?!?)

Just resting my head!

Tucker is getting more comfortable here by the minute.  He knows the walking route and is sleeping soundly at night with no whining. The only thing we need to shore up is his potty training because he just got here! 
He's certainly fitting in great and we already know we will miss him when he heads to his new home!!!

Funny and sweet!

Monday is here (like it or not)

This is an "eye" test! Do you see puppies hiding in this picture?! Or just a rug?!? Squint if u need to, lol!!!
Treatsie time! Both Tucker n Asti doing a nice "sit"! 

I heard Tucker bark today!! Hahaha! Little dog with a Rottweiler bark! I literally jumped it was so loud and low! You could record it and keep burglers away!!! 

I just ADORE Tucker's front feet!!!!! Little Doxie feet stance... toes out! So cute!

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Tucker's Walk

(Video: click to watch)

Tucker checking out the back yard...

Calling Tucker.... he comes running!!!

#jordynelson Tucker is worried!

More Tucker trivia:
*No potty accidents... Good boy!
*He can fetch and has big hops! This little guy can jump up high! Boing!!!
*Loves chomping on deer antlers and hooves. 
*He is learning "sit" quickly!
*Tuck has a little underbite and one cute snaggle toothie! 

Two "Tucker-ed" out terriers! XO! 
~good night and sweet dreams....