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Monday, February 29, 2016


Cleaning the bathroom. I have two cute "mop heads"! Now if they only cleaned the floor!

One "mop" left the job to chomp his pink bunny. 

Apps and Pendings etc..,

Snorkel has had a few apps since he's been on the rescue board. I never know really which one will stick. In fact, I usually don't even know he has an app. Lots of things need "checking out" before Fluffy Dog puts a pending adoption on a dog. So if you are interested in any of the "Fluffies" on the site feel free to apply to those that do not say pending adoption. There are many precious pups, like Snorkel, waiting for a family. Hope they all find homes!!! There are so many more dogs to save...

From Fluffy Dog's frequently asked questions....

Is a dog available for adoption?

If a dog is on our site and does not state Pending Adoption, it is up for adoption.
The site is updated immediately after we receive information seven days a week from 7am until 9pm.
There are times that we have an application and are waiting for the application fee
and have not yet put Pending Adoption on the listing, but this is rare.

There is no need to ask if a dog is available. The application is easy to use and
takes about five minutes to fill out. If you are interested in a dog, please apply.

Should I apply for a dog that states Pending Adoption?

In the question above we have indicated what Pending Adoption means.
Pending Adoption is put on the listing after preliminary approvals have taken place.
It is rare that once Pending Adoption is put on a listing the adoption falls through, but it can happen.

If you are interested in a dog that states Pending Adoption, please do not submit an application.
We receive hundreds of emails a day and to spend the time and resources printing applications for dogs that are in process does not make the most sense. We ask that you watch the site. As soon as we know that a dog is not going to be adopted the Pending Adoption will be removed. You may need to refresh your screen to see this by pushing the F5 button if you have not left the page since the update.

Saturday, February 27, 2016

Scrub a dub

Saturday morning bath! He did great! Here he is all wet but so happy! #thatface #smiley The black blur behind him is his super-speedy waggy tail!!!
The bonus on Snork is he is small enough to just put in your tub for a bath and his fur is wash n wear! So far it's not tangley at all--maybe an occasional trip to a groomer is all you need. Some people might never take him to a groomer but I think an occasional Spa Day keeps a dog looking tip top!

Here is what I combed out of Snorkel after his bath. Not much! I combed his head, legs, back and tummy and a quick stroke through his tail. Here is the result. So be your own judge!

Friday, February 26, 2016

Rescue life

From the article "Nine Things Not to Say to Dog Rescue Volunteers"

I'm having some lighting work done in my kitchen. Soooo, with the drilling and pounding on the kitchen ceiling the dogs and I are upstairs hanging out. Snorkel is taking it all in stride. Calmly chewing on a big bone! I love him <3!!!

I've had Snorky at my house since Jan 23rd. I really didn't think he would stay past a week or 2 because he's such a "good boy"! The perfect medium size that I hear is so popular. Low shed-- yay--- he slept on my bed last night as my husband is out of town. Perfect bed-bud!
He is Mr Mellow in personality and crate trained. If you have time and energy to devote to a dog he's your guy! 
Please have a house with a yard, be older than 24, younger than 60, don't have kids under 6 and don't work out of the home a kazillion hours! In my opinion if "you fit" this description and love my Snork already then apply for him! You will be soooo happy you did!
Just a boy and his chewie!

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Puppy visit...

Noel came to visit. Gave Snorkel a kiss! He is soooo embarrassed! "Girl kisses!!" 
He was very gentle with her. Snorkel never disappoints! 

Noel is a bigger girl now and a cutie!! Awww!!! Guess she is back on the market, too! 
Noel is getting long legs!!!

Two adorable side profiles!
Noel is changing every week. Longer legs, more confidence and floppy ears that can perk up, similar to Snorkel's.  Her coat is not flat but not fluffy either. She and Snorkel both have white socks and white chests. Noel has black outlining her ears and a white tippy tail. Noel's mom was a golden blond color and around 19 lbs.-- a little smaller than Snorkel. Both Noel and Snorky are laid back sweetie pups! Either one will bring lots of joy to their families!!!

Zzzzz...back to normal after all the puppy excitement! Normal is GOOD!!! :)

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Walk him furever?

Snorkel loves his morning walk-- look at that gait! Prancy white "shoes" glide along the road! If you adopt him "will you" walk him??? We all need exercise!!! It keeps our minds active and our bodies toned and it makes us feel happy too!

Click to view video...
Picking a dog is kinda like going to a dating site. I am certain you have heard of Christian Mingle or so yeah, kinda like that!
You will live with your "dog match" for a possible 15 or more years so you want him/her to be compatible with you and you compatible with him/her. It can not just be by his cuteness... it may be the first thing that attracts you to your perfect fluffy but the cuteness factor should not be the only thing or both of you may "break up"!

So here is what you want to ask yourself as you look for a dog date that could lead to a forever match:
1. Is he my size? Dogs come in all sizes... what size fits your house, car, yard, strength ? Will you need a chiropractor after walking him or will you step on him cuz you have big feet? What is your size match?
2. Is he my energy level? Are you always moving and into fitness or do you spend your days in an easy chair? Or are you a mix of both? You may not want an active puppy if your energy level is truthfully a 6 year old snoozer Schnauzer!
3. Is my house a pristine house or is it more lived in and easy going? You may not want a heavy shedder if a dust bunny sends you into panic mode.
4. Is my house low or high energy? Is your house a hub of activity or are you more of an introvert who enjoys the quiet life? A shy dog loves a quiet house but an active dog might enjoy an active home where he finds lots of stimulization to keep him busy.
5. Is my age a good fit for the dog's age? One of the hardest things to consider is this last question but it should be thought about. The saddest scenario is when a wonderful dog has to go into rescue because the owner can no longer care for the dog. It is just sad for everyone involved. The good news is there are many senior dogs who would be perfect for a senior or as my husband says "seasoned" citizen!

What is Snorkel like?
He is an older puppy... almost 11 months old now. He is a very good puppy! He chews a little but not a lot... he has chewed up a few things in my home but it is always our/my fault. We don't watch close enough sometimes and it has always been the normal things he has chewed or gotten a hold of... things that are sooooo tempting for dogs...  shoes, socks, plastic things and laundry. He is potty trained but once in a blue moon has an accident. He has never marked or lifted his leg.
Snorkel is smart... he thrives on learning tricks and enjoys a game of fetch. He is moderate energy. Easy to have in the house. He is sleepy after his morning walk but at night can get a second wind and get a little mischiefy... especially with my other dogs! I shoo them (he and Parson) outside to my fenced yard and say "run it off"!!! Snork and my dog Parson, who is 4, are a good match. Both are around 25 lbs and they chase and squabble with each other but tails are always wagging. When they come in from their zoomies they are worn out and ready to snuggle on the couch!  Snorkel does not shed much but I do not know if this will change come spring. He is part Shih tzu but the daddy half is a mystery. Snorky would like a house that is neither busy nor too quiet. He loves people but is a sensitive flower. A bossy loud or domineering owner would wilt him. His owner MUST be kind and patient and loving.

If you think Snorkel is a good match for you and mingles with your lifestyle then do not wait! Apply to FluffyDog.Net and connect with Snorkel before somebody else dates my boy and carries him over their thresh hold!

Spade is moping!

The two girls are adopted now Spade needs a home! He's moping over being last! His little confidence is hurt! 
Will someone pick Spade and make him the lucky card in the deck?!?

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

No better greeting!

You can't get a better welcome than this!

"Love is a puppy on your lap!"

Click to view "the love"...

Poop scooping afternoon... not a big deal to me. It's not pretty but part of owning dogs. ;) 
Snorkel just sat on the patio or on top of the snow covered garden box and supervised my "work".

Pretty Puppy!

Love this face!

The Boss is watchin'!

Monday, February 22, 2016

Proud Foster Mommy!

I know I posted a video the other day of Snorkel's shake but he's so "awesome" at it that I'm posting another foster mommy brag video! 
Any votes for his next trick?
 Let me know! So far he knows sit and shake!!! He is SO smart!!! :)!!!

Click to view...

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Look me in the eye...

... are you going to adopt me or what?! 
#anydaynow #bestdogever

Saturday, February 20, 2016

May I shake your paw, sir?

Snorkel is on his way to learning social graces...

"How do you do?"

Click to view video ...

Friday, February 19, 2016

Tranquil Friday...

Snuggling this Friday morning on my lap while I'm having my coffee. Time to start the day. Don't think Snorky is a big dog ... no way! He's a lap baby and loves his cuddles!

Beautiful boy~

Good morning friends~

Noel puppy adopted!!!!

Only one of Sierra's puppies is left and that puppy is the black one called Spade. He is a small peanut with a big personality. He will be a fun and lively little buddy as he never stops moving until it's time to collapse and snuggle! Love that cutie patootie! <3!

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Body Pillows

Friends are always there for each other... 

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

What a picture can't tell you...

Here is a picture of my darling boy! He is precious! His picture can't tell you his journey but he been on one since he was born...

Snorkel was born in Alabama to a stray little black and white mommy dog who was about 13 lbs. --she had one blue eye and one brown eye. She was soft n fluffy but had no home. 

Snorkel, along with his mommy n brothers n sisters got their Freedom Ride when Fluffy Dog Rescue said YES to bringing them north to WI. They were "blessed doggies" because now they would finally be loved and taken care of forever. 

When they were rescued they were given names. Mommy was Breeze. Puppies were: Flip Flop, Shell, Wave, Dolphin and Snorkel. Snorkel was the fluffiest pup of the bunch!

Snorkel spent his early puppy days with his mommy n pups plus some other dogs at Lori's house. Lori founded Fluffy Dog Rescue. Snorkel  had lots of room to run and play at Lori's house! 

One day mommy dog left the puppy pack to go into foster. She got adopted quickly to her very own furever home! Snorkel stayed at Lori's house but lived in a special puppy shed. He hoped to be adopted, or at least fostered, but had to wait. He waited many months. He waited and waited...and waited!

Finally, one day it happened! Snorkel got to have his turn at a foster house! The very one mommy dog went to. He was happy but scared!

The foster house was 2 hours away so he got his first ride in a car since the journey from Alabama. He sat very, very still in the crate. What was going to happen? Poor little Snorky! He missed his brother Dolphin who was still at Lori's. 

Finally, he met the foster mommy. She picked him up and petted his head and gave him a tender hug... then put him in her car and off they drove again.  Finally, the drive was over and he got out and met two new silly and happy doggies. They were called Asti and Parson. These two loved Snorkel right away and made Snorkel feel safe. They helped him feel happy and not so worried by wagging their tails and excitedly wiggling all over--soon all sniffed around the yard together, as dogs love to do!

The first thing Snorkel had to learn in the house was how to climb stairs. The foster house had lots of those! It took 2 days. 

After learning stairs he had to learn many more things! He learned which crate was his and that it was a happy place to go because you got bones to chew in there and it had a big quilt inside to snuggle in at night! 

Snorkel learned to sit for a yummy bite of food called a treat and to potty outside. He is pretty good at the potty outside but still forgets once in a while but not often. The hardest thing was being brave on walks and understanding the thing called a leash. At first Snorkel just wanted to freeze like a statue with that leash on. Luckily, Parson n Asti showed him what to do and foster mom carried treats in her pocket. Now leash walking is easy to do and fun- fun- fun!!! Nothing to be scared of at all!!!

Snorkel loves his foster home and they love him oodles ...and he's still learning new things...but it's not the end of his journey. It's not home! Snorkel knows his real home is out there! He's just "waiting" until "his family" finds him. Sometimes, foster mom says, "It takes a while but the wait is worth it!"


Hope you are looking family... Snorkel is waiting for you!  He's ready to end his journey! It's time now for this little black n white fluffy boy from 'bama to finally go home.  

P.S. If you adopt Mr. Snorky and  #blackandwhitedog on Instagram you can be part of a very impressive group! Just sayin'!

I will miss this...

Darla adopted :)

Another one of Sierras's puppies is adopted! Two left: Noel and Spade :)! Cutie pups! Looking for love.

UPDATE: Noel adopted 2/19/16

Girl --Adopted!!!


Me with their mommy ( Sierra, adopted)
Sierra was a darling mommy and made darling puppies!!!
The 2 puppies still needing homes are sweet and playful! Spayed /Neutered and up to date on shots. 

Monday, February 15, 2016

Fetch a toy... or 2!

Snorkel seems to naturally know how to fetch. He is a little distracted by the clinking sounds coming from the kitchen at the end of the video but I think he does pretty well for a "beginner fetcher"!  (Btw, I'm wearing my bathrobe so excuse the pink leopard spots, lol!!)

I hope you can see just how adorable  Snorky is in this video!  

Click to play...

That was fun!!!

Hello up there!!!

Leopard spots are soft!

Sunday, February 14, 2016

How long?

This little guy has been waiting a long time for his family to find him! He came from ALABAMA as a sweet little bitty puppy! 
Now he is 10 months old and still waiting!!! I have no idea why?!? He is sweet and loving and snuggly and happy beyond words!!! So cute too!!! He knows sit and kennel and walk-walk! He potties outside and is quiet and calm. Did I mention he loves people? Well he does!! He is loving to everyone!!! I couldn't ask for a better foster!!! Now he just needs a family to call his own... and a sister or brother dog would be awesome for him to have as a playmate! 
If you are here looking at this blog then know that "you" have stumbled across a very veeeerrrryyyy special boy! 

Find love right here!!!

Valentine treasure!!! #blacknwhitedog

Friday, February 12, 2016

Rose Ceremony

 Snorkel the Bachelor ..."Will you accept this rose?" #wearingatux #available

Looking fur love all weekend!

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Bundle up!!!

"My foster mom goes a little crazy on cold days"! #warmears #dogparka

Cold days are also meant for playing with a favorite monkey toy!!! "I like other toys too! Do you have toys at your house?!?"

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Handsome Helper!

Helping me clean out a storage room in the basement tonight. Such a faithful pal trailing up and down the steps with me! Trot trot trot... up and down we go to the garage. Great company!!! I just think he is so handsome! His big white chest and socked feet are sweeeeet! Plus that cute fuzzy face... just stop already Snorks! You are killing me! 
He really should be in a toothpaste commercial! He's always smiling his toothy grin! XO! Makes me smile too!!! If u have any questions about Snorky feel free to ask!!!

Monday, February 8, 2016

Mr. Bouncy ears...

Yes, I'm sorry to do this to you but now you will be singing this in your head for hours!!! ;)
Wait for it....slow-mo ears bouncing along to the chorus!!!

Click the video ...

Sunday, February 7, 2016


One of the most snuggly puppies you will ever meet! #Snorkel #Lovehim

When your stache blocks your view... #Fluffydogproblems #Lovemystache
Today I asked if anyone had inquired about Snorkel and I was told "No"!!! Awwww, that is so surprising! He is super cute and such a sweetie pup! His black and white color is very sharp and his gait when walking is gorgeous! He has a trot to his step that my terriers lack and has the sassiest bouncy ears! 
His personality is calm, sweet and a little shy. Not a high strung barker at all! He is always looking at me in a scholarly way.  Watching my face like he's ready to do whatever I ask. As I work in the kitchen he often sits a few feet away watching and absorbing information. My husband adores him for this attribute as he is a rather studious-type guy himself. :) Snorks is also a snuggler mommy boy! Only negative may be that he's still a puppy so he may grab a shoe or sock and stash it in his bed. Haha! 
Personally I don't mind Snorky staying at my house for a while because he is such a calm and quiet foster! Gotta love the easy ones. :) I am going to teach him a new trick this week since he seems to be ready and willing to learn. Yup...Snorks is a keeper! #LoveLoveLove

Friday, February 5, 2016

4 pups needing homes!!!

Took photos at foster Clare's house today. Here are her 10 week old pups:

One of these will go home this weekend! 
Will update later on who is chosen!!!

(From original 6 puppies Spanky and Twinkle are already going to approved adopters, so are not pictured here on my blog. After this weekend 3 will be left but not sure which 3!)

Just in!!! Snowflake was adopted today!!! 
Update 2/16/16 Darla is adopted!!!


Snowflake (ADOPTED)!!!!!!!



Don't forget Snorkel!!! Haha!!!
Snorkel: (dog on right) 10 mo old pup. Potty trained, crate trained, knows sit, walks on a leash and loves kids and big people! ...he is awesome!!!!!!!!!

These "blooper photos" are still so cute:

Noel blooper photos :)

Spade blooper photos :)

Snowflake blooper photos :)

Darla's blooper photos :)