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Friday, April 29, 2016

Princess Snowflake saga...

This "PRINCESS" needs a home!!! Get your Star Wars on and please rescue her from her long journey of searching!!! 

"I know love will prevail!!! I must keep my hope alive!" 

May The Force be with you!!!

Snowflake has a beautiful creamy color with a white blaze on her nose and has the cutest tipped ears! She is 5 mo and approximately 11 lbs. Maybe has some Jack Russell Terrier mixed in her line? Just a guess!!! She LOVES people and likes to be around her family-- crates are not her thing. Outside she enjoys exploring the many smells and adventures that might entice a young pup! I fostered Snowflake's mommy and she was a doll! Snowflake will need some room to run and play! After all, she has puppy energy to burn off!!! She would love to explore and run at a dog park and show off her zoomies!!! Snowflake will be a prize once you give her the home, love and attention she deserves and with her wash n wear shorter coat she's easy to keep clean!!! A bonus!  She is ready and waiting for you!!! Won't you be the one to rescue little Snowflake and give her a sweet forever castle?!? <3

This is her mommy, Sierra! She is adopted and was a sweeeeetie just like Snowflake :)

Thursday, April 28, 2016

"Take off" time for Button!!

Start your engines! Buckled in and ready for take off!!

Huh??? I'm taking off?? Oh oh!!!!!

I better sit closer to foster mommy...

... Maybe even CLOSER!!!

Yayyyyy!! We made it!!! We are Here :)

Picked up Seth and heading home! Feeling relaxed now and getting soooo sweeeepy!!!!

Back home... cold out here... open that door already!!!

That "take off" stuff made me super thirsty!!! Guzzle guzzle!!! I did very good! Can we go "take off" again real soon?!?

Wednesday, April 27, 2016




Treatments for mange are DONE! Now we need to wait a couple weeks and we are trying to get spay/neuter set up for all the Pekeapoo Pups! Will let you know when a date is secured!!
Button may get to meet his new family this weekend -- he is hoping :)!!!

They have really grown. I'd say around 7-9 lbs... I'm guessing?!? 

Looks like a scene from an all night party! Haha!!! (Half on half off bed and one passed out! LOL)

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Saturday rummage find...

Dropped my son off at work and down the block was a rummage sale! Yippee! Scored this dog bed for a couple bucks! It's soooo cute!!!

Zoey says it's comfy :)

Maybe my new mommy will find me one of these!!! Sweet dreams...

Doesn't take long for my "bed lovin' Button" to take his place on the cushion!!! :) --looks King Size for this tiny prince!

Added a blanket and my Asti hopped on but wait...

...then there were 3!!! I'm soooo happy everyone is sharing and loving this cute bed! Looks so cozy~ wish I could join 'em!!! ;)

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Digging to China!

I come outside to find "this"! 

Button looks a bit guilty! "Who me?????"
He says..."Zoey did it" ... Oh realllllly?!?

Differences in Pups:

Zoey...athletic when running and adores fetching "anything". Loves to zoom quickly around the yard. Watches birds in the sky and tree branches swaying in the wind. Smaller daintier feet. Thicker-fluffy fur with brown spots. A rounder head. Longer legs and smaller eyes. A bit more poodley.  Doesn't mind a bubble bath or blow dryer. Likes being carried and talked to. Enjoys chewing sticks and landscape bark. Loves to "stalk" her brother like a fluffy cheetah and run at him with head lowered and topple him over-- haha! 

Button... loves to play and tussle but running is pokey. Short legs and chubby wide paws. Loves dirt and digging holes. His feet fly in the soil like little fat shovels, lol! He enjoys sniffing and hopping on leaves that blow around. Baths are his nemisis but blow dryers are fine. He still makes lots of little mumble sounds when he's worried. He hasn't met a food that isn't "yuuuum"! He's more Peke-ish with larger eyes and a flatter head. One eye is partly rimmed in pink. He has a "swing" to his back porch :)!

I love both of these pups so much! You will too!!! They play so hard but are so sweet n snuggly!!! I usually let them cuddle a wee bit in bed with me before we get up. Shhhh... they aren't spoiled! ;)

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Leash Training

Zoey/Sissy on leash...

Button/Dennis on leash...

Sunday, April 17, 2016


Green paint. 
White puppy. 
This could be interesting!
Try painting with a puppy under the slats of a bench!!! Yikes!!!  No drips allowed!!!

My brag for today: both puppies are getting better at potty training. They are waiting longer to go potty outside instead of using the papers in the kitchen. (Hardly used the inside paper today at all!) That's amazing progress!
They also are using crates for down time. It's great that they don't mind at all!! They are very content to be in their safe place. I only leave them in for afternoon nappy time or bedtime but they are just doing so well! I'm very very pleased and proud of their accomplishments:)!!!

On work days when I'm gone a bit longer I set up a big crate with door open and the pen for safety with papers again. This way they can use the papers as needed. My son is usually around too but just to be comfortable this is what I do. On weekends when I'm home (Fri-Sun) this all comes down and they mostly use the outside for potty and their crates. As they get older they can wait longer and eventually won't need the papers and pen. They are such good puppies and easy keepers! Pure joy!!!

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Going down n riding around!

Zoey learned to go down the stairs today!!! Big girl moment :)!!!

I hear Button has a doggy stroller waitin for him at his furever home... I just happen to own one too!!!
Good day to try out a stroll!

Mission accomplished! They loved it!!!

So dirty but so happy!

"Helping" with pulling roots...thanks Button!

Hi Zoey!

Nice... verrry nice! Ehem!!!

Onto the leaf pile!

Sniff sniff!

Sister attack! 

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Where's Waldo?

Can you find all 4 dogs pictured in this photo? This is the energy level before I leave for work! Full tummies and allllll tired out!!! 

Here is Roger Button (new name via new family), formerly Dennis the Menace. I'm calling him "Button"... he is in his professional begging posture in this pic. Straight back, feet planted and eyes boring into my every move as I eat my breakfast. Ha!!! Button loves food... just sayin'!

Dirt Diving!!!

See Button? He is diving!!!
Zoey is ... well... gettin' dirty!


Nose 2 Nose!

Can't get any cuter than this!!! Zzz

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Homes FOUND!!!!!!!!! :)

Gorgeous day to be outside! Doing the dreaded poop scoop and also raking sticks and watching puppies be puppies!!! 

CONGRATS to the new families of Kauai n Lanai!!!  They can't wait to meet you!!! Once they are free of their "bug a boos" you can come give them hugs and kisses OXOX!!!

Dennis and Zoey #newnameforsissy #cutestpupsever

Monday, April 11, 2016

Stairs Dilemma

Kauai at the top of the back stairs. Help!

When you are the only one afraid to go down! Sigh!!!

A little coaching from someone older and wiser! :)

Sissy is the last to try and go down the stairs. Dennis is a little pro! Poooooor Sissy! Maybe tomorrow! 

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Ohhhh Fetch!

 I had posted this the other day but accidently deleted the post. Oops! We had spent a very snowy April evening playing "FETCH" inside. They both love this game!!!

Later I tried Sissy in a crate in my bedroom and she did great! Slept all night long. 
Tonight I'm giving Dennis the same chance! I brought up another crate. My bedroom looks like a boarding kennel with 4 crates! Haha!!! 

Sissy Kauai in her crate...

Dennis Lanai sleeping in his :)

My dogs are in their crates on the other side of the room. Hope we ALL have a good nights sleep! 
Will let you know... good night and sleep tight from the island puppies!!! 

Tick toc tick toc it's morning!

Best sleepers ever!!!
Funny thing is I had to get up at 4 AM… Coffee drinking at night-- bad habit! So, I decided to take the puppies outside in case I woke them up. I carried them down the two flights of stairs out the door and set them on the patio while I zipped to the bathroom. I came back to check on them and they were still sitting in the same spot yawning… I went out and put them in the grass and they looked up at me like "what"? Then I let them back in and stood around in the kitchen by the papers/puppy pads to give them another potty chance and they just went and crawled into a nearby dog bed. So I just said... "forget it"...And we all went back to bed till 6 am! So, both puppies are awesome at sleeping in the crates in my room! Kisses and high paws for both of them :)!!!!!

Sierra's puppies

I adore I mean ADORE these pups! Excuse me but Spade you are a doll!!! Love the girls too! All sweet, friendly and smart! 
These 3 are fostered in GB at my friend Clare's house! She is in love with this precious pack! #nationalsiblingday

Bathy day!

Both puppies got bathes today since they get their 2nd mange treatment again on Tuesday. They were super filthy and greasy. Both take baths with just a wee bit of complaining-- Dennis whines his "worry whine" but overall both did great! 

He is so little and so cute! Awwwww!!!
"I iz da only onez needing a furz-ever home, hmpf! Dem girls iz lucky! Boyz iz good puppiez, too! I'z really notz a menace! Mommy iz juzt teazzzing youz all!!!" Loviez Youz!!! Denniz <3

My towel... No! ...My towel!!!

After bath--dried and brushed-- Dennis is like a fluffy cloud!!! 

My Asti after her bath :) one of my #formerfosters who never made it out the door ;)!

Sissy giving "puppy eyes"... another Cumulus cloud head! 

Last bath today is my precious Parson, #1stfoster who started this journey! He's too lazy to take a proper picture, lol! 

So everyone is ready for round 2 of #MangeBusters! Once they get their treatment we don't bathe them to make sure everything "sticks". This next round will be wayyy easier to deal with then round #1! Puppies are doing great and my dogs are waitin' to get their peace n quiet back! Haha! One more month and I will be missing my white fluffy-puppy clouds! Whomever adopts my babies will be veeeerrrryyyy blessed! 

PS~ in honor of National Sibling Day I took this pic off of FB. These are the two other island puppies. Bigger in size than my two but the same age! Both are going to approved homes :)