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Monday, October 31, 2016

Happy Howl-o-weeeeeeen!

I'm back home and had fun trying our 'one costume' on all the Fluffies at my house. :) We have a #swarmoffluffies for trick or treat night! All so cuuuuute! 
The Buzz is a family may be interested in my Hot Toddie! All I can say is "He doesn't sting and he's a honey!!!"

Saturday, October 29, 2016

My weekend away!

I'll be gone for the weekend till Monday. My hubby is taking over the care of my big fuzzy puppy! I will so miss my foster because he is so sweeeeeet and smooshy! I will miss my own dogs as well... but a 5 mo old puppy--he is a baby! Just so special. I hope whomever adopts this cutie will love him to the moon and back. I sure do!!!

One more cute pic! How can you resist?! Actually I hope you do-- then I can snuggle with him a bit longer! XXOO!!!!! #bestfosterpuppyever #irresistable

Friday, October 28, 2016

Tug tug tug

Toddie loves his toys! What I love is he plays with them but does not chew them up! I just got this rope toy and the boy dogs are having fun tugging it! Parson has a little more experience at this game then puppy Toddie! 
Boy, isn't Toddie an 'awesome and adorable' puppy, though!?

Another dog park adventure!!!
Today we met my former foster 'Bear' (cocker spaniel-- another sweet Fluffy Dog) and his awesome fur-ever momma at the De Pere dog park! Busy buuuusy place! So many doggies big and small to romp around with and play tackle!!! Fun fun fun!!! Toddie was very good, loved everyone and everyone loved him and he is now tired and resting at home in a little tuckered out ball! Happy Friday!!! 
Party at the dog park... whoo-hoooooo!!!

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Toddie the Hottie

We played outside then took some selfies. Toddie is a blast. He is getting way more confident and would love another dog to have fun wrestling with. If no other dog-- no problem--Toddie is ok alone too. As long as he has his people family!!! He walked around the block by himself today-- just him and me.  No worries! Loved it!!! 

Getting ready for winter! Hee hee!!!
And noooo these are not Viking colors. Nope nope! Just my son's school colors. 
P.S. This little 'hottie' is very cuddly in bed. Well, yesssss he has snuck his fuzzy little paws and fluffy sweet face onto the bed at night! Zzzz!!! He breathes heavy but doesn't snore!!! He will sleep in his crate as well but I've been enjoying his cuddly ways as a bed buddy. He deserves some spoiling!!!

Monday, October 24, 2016


Hot Toddie is learning SIT. He loves treats so is catching on fast!!!
He also has taken to loving our now 'empty' garden box! Ugh! A puppie's idea of fun! He loves to drag out dirt clods and take off running with them and then there is the bark and sticks. I can tell you I've dug a whoooole lot of bark and wooden chunks out of this pups mouth! He thinks wood chips are candy! Crunch crunch!!!

I spend a lot of time in the kitchen. I'm never alone! 

Friday, October 21, 2016

Friday Happenings

Morning walk... Chilly morning! Sportin' a snazzy sweater!
Matchy girl/boy stripey sweaters! Crowd pleasers...cutie pups!

Front porch wicker couch lounging! Good to be home :)
Walking deserves a treat! Give me give me... No tricks just TREATS!!!

Punkin photos:

Standing! XXOO

Laying down! (yay for Friday!)

Adorable sit pose!!! (I love this picture... sweetie cakes!)

Need a Pal? He can do that job!!! His 'specialty' just may be "buddy 101". He's a people pooch!

Sneakin' in a pic of my dog Asti at the dog park today! She is a great 'little' pal to H. T.!

Never ever enough toys! Ha! Toddie is a collector! It's adorable and my house is clean! He carries them allll to his crate!!!
Luv my toy hoarder boy!!!

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Heading for Home

Hot Toddie loves the end of the walk best of all! He's such a little goofy... he is happy when home is up ahead! He gets a little unsure yet of all the sounds and activities around the neighborhood and stops and watches. When we come around the last side of the block he KNOWS it and he's on a bee line for the driveway! :)

Bring us home, Toddie...

Ready -Set -Goooooo

Gorgeous Boy!!!

Still working on potty training. Think he's very smart. Curious if a little bell might be a good fit for him to ring to go out. May have to get one!
Starting to introduce "sit". 
Walking on leash is getting better n better!!!
Did well riding yesterday in my dog car seat! No whining... just sat. 
Toddie is learning lots of things... he is handling all the house manners like a champ! Very proud of this pumpkin!!!

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Dog Park Visit

We've Arrived!!! 

Small Dog Area...

Big Dog Area...

Time to go already!! #funtimes
Tired and snuggly at #noplacelikehome

Trottin Toddie

Toddie is getting the hang of leash walking! He also is showing that he can now go down stairs! He has many talents!
He likes a furry 4-legged 'walking partner' to go with to give him confidence. Today Asti got the honor of partner walker! We walked all around the block in a misty rain. Once Toddie sees our house he starts to go faster!!! He's a home sweet home-boy! 

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Sunday Football...

Wearing his Packer bandana Toddie is getting into the game day spirit! He's excited to help cheer on the Pack and eat some cheese n brats!
Took Toddie for a walk before the game and he was so funny. He gallops n stops ... then starts at a full run and falls over his own clumsy paws! Goofy puppy!!! He is also getting more playful and silly in the house! He love squeaky toys and picks out his favorites and carries them to his crate or bed on the couch. Sometimes I have to put him out in the yard because he is too rambunctious! He starts lumbering around the table then gets up speed and leaps on my dogs --who don't usually appreciate Toddie's puppy acrobatics!!! Hee hee!!!
I also finally identified what animal he reminds me of. A bull moose! His legs are long. His chest is wide and the way he walks he has a 'moose-walk'. Therefore, my pet name for Toddie is "Moose". Love my fluffy moosey!!! 

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Mr. Toddie...

Toddie is a great puppy! I mean I LOOOOOVE him! Most people fret about potty training. Well, Toddie isn't there yet but he's not making very many mistakes either. He's doing well! He does not lift his leg (he squats) but you do have to watch him. I have him contained in the kitchen with a gate and if he is allowed in other rooms I go with him. Here is the 'awesome' thing about Toddie... he's not barky or whiny! He is fairly quiet and so mellow!!! He loves just playing with toys n chewies inside his crate! I keep the door open and he's just happy as a clam to lay inside. Soo easy! He just goes inside on his own! Hot Toddie is rather afraid of men. I have no idea why... just is! So if you are a woman and considering adopting Toddie you will have yourself a lovely snuggle baby! Men...hmmm, he's a little more shy. 

A head tilt... toooooo cute!

The GUYS :)

Friday, October 14, 2016


Proud Puppy!
Hot Toddie did two things today he has never done before!!!

1. He walked all the way around the block on a leash. It was scary for him and he stopped and started but he did GREAT and I know he will look forward to many more fun walks and exploring escapades!!!

2. He went down the stairs 'all by himself'!!! Again he was shakey legged and hugged the wall with starts n stops but 'he did it'!!! 

It's great seeing Toddie try new things. Someone is going to get an amazing puppy! Cute, calm, ready to explore and cuddly! He's a special boy!! 

Asti on window patrol and Toddie luvin' his comfy cushion! #cuties

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Thursday with Toddie

Toddie has a wiggle butt and a lope. His long legs make him adorably clutsy! His face is made for smooches!

Saying "hi"!!!

It's chilly outside!!!

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

I love my crate!!!

Hot Toddie enjoys a good nap in his crate. Zzz!! It's soo comfy! Now it's time to wake up. After a few stretches Toddie comes out and then it's potty time in the yard! Now he is batting a little chunk of apple around with his paws! Cute!!! He's not sure if he wants to eat the apple piece or use it as a hockey puck!!! :)

Crate Time! #bigyawn

Fuzzy head!!!

Sniffing Around...

                         Couch Potato

                      What's not to LOVE?

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Bath Day

Toddie, reportedly, had not had a bath in a while so I gave him one when I got home from work today. He was not too fond of  the water (a bit splashy) so I got a bit wet myself when he put his soggy paws on my leg trying to wiggle out but we managed to "get 'er done"!! He forgave me right away for using the girly smelling shampoo on him! Gotta love  a boy who forgives and forgets! ;)

To make up for the bath torture, lol, I brought out a couple of balls with which to play. Toddie seemed to like to chase them! Fetch just may be in Toddie's future talents!

Just to let you know a few observations about Toddie:
1. Gentle as a lamb!
2. Low key and a bit timid.
3. Learning lots of new firsts: wearing a collar and using a leash, riding in a car, being in a house, using stairs!
4. Loves his food and treats.
5. Snuggly and people friendly!
6. So far no accidents in the house-- a bit of submissive piddling.
7. Starting to get more playful!
8. Sleeps quietly in a crate and is lovin the security of his crate.
9. Comes to his name and knows it!
10. Good family dog as long as family is understanding that Toddie is a sensitive guy and has just left the only world he knew! "Is this Oz?", he must think!

All clean n fluffy! #Hugs #XXOO
Brushed and nails trimmed. He did great! Toddie is a wonderful pup!

Monday, October 10, 2016

Hot Toddie

A big welcome to my new foster Hot Toddie!!!
He is a very sweet laid back fuzzy-wuzzy cutie who is probably wondering "Where am I"?!? So far he's eaten a few treats, wagged his tail and very timidly sniffed around the yard. He's being very brave and we look forward to getting to know him more as he settles in! 

What an adorable face!!!

He has very pretty colors and white socked feet :)

Toddie's fur is super soft with waves that fling out in all directions across his back. He is kinda in that awkward teenage stage-- long legs and big paws! Awww!!!

Toddie was lovingly raised with his brothers and sisters and other 'Fluffy pups' at Fluffy director Lori's house. His mommy, Snowball, was a stray from Alabama! 
Toddie spent most of his time outside this summer running and playing and snoozing the day away. Tonight may be one of the first times sleeping inside a house. He has lots to learn but in no time at all he will catch on and feel 'right at home'!!
Toddie looking a bit scared and nervous but he's had big changes! Hang in there buddy :)!! 

Saturday, October 8, 2016


Sasha found her 'fur-ever n ever' mommy! Oh happy day! Sometimes God just works things out and I just sit back and say WOW!! Thank you!
I will miss this little girl sooo much even though she made me work for her kisses and cuddles! Sasha knew this lovely lady was her mommy! So excited to announce that Sasha is #adopted #furever!!! 

P.S. Sasha liked her new mommy's friend who drove the car for 3 hours to bring mommy to come get her! Sure glad they made the trip!!! #cutepuppy

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Great News

I Love this photo!!! Sasha's leg over the top. Head resting on Asti! Haha!!!
Sasha was NEGATIVE for heart worm!!!
#bestnewsever She also got her CHIP. So she is set! 

Other great news... Sasha just might get adopted on Saturday! An approved adopter is coming to meet her. The person is deciding between two dogs. No matter what happens it's all good! One Fluffy Dog will go home. A win win situation!! If Sasha stays here we are super happy too because we love her and she fits in. As the picture shows... she is just one of the gang!

Monday, October 3, 2016

Playing with 'Dad'

I LOVE this!!! Playing with John!!! She gets wild spurts :)!!!

Sasha is familiar now with our routine and words that help her throughout the day! 
Mornings she knows to run outside to the grass and potty/ poop. Takes just a few minutes. 
She knows after that it's time to eat! "Foodies" is a word she looks forward
 to! During the day we say "outside-outside " and the whole gang runs to the back door to play in the yard!
'Treats' is another popular word. I usually have to toss the treats as she won't come near me but will take them from John. 
Sasha definitely knows her name and knows the term 'nigh-nigh' for bed time. That's where we are now and the little wire haired princess is snuggled against my legs. 
It's been almost 3 weeks since we brought her home. It's refreshing to see her guard come down a little every day. We are seeing her gallop around the house more and more. It's great to see a happy Sasha!!!


My Parson and Sasha kinda look a like! Same coloring! He even puts up with her jumping on his back! Lol!!!
She is getting a little better with me around. Sometimes fostering a shy dog is like making friends with a chipmunk! Lots of scurrying and lots of patience!!! Little at a time! 

Worth It!!!

Help from the site Fearful Dogs:

Sunday, October 2, 2016

Daddy's girls

I'm visiting my dad out of town today and my husband sent me this pic of 'his girls' hanging out with him watching football. What a cute pair! :)