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Thursday, October 12, 2017

Morning Walk!

Me and the little pack!

My husband says they are like ice cream flavors! Parson is chocolate. Asti is strawberry. Mackie is vanilla!

I adore this picture of Macphearsom Beau! So handsome!! 💜💚🖤💜💚🖤 #sweaterweather

Our Morning...

Alarm goes off!!! (5:30 AM) Wake up time!!! Everyone sits up. Mom heads to bathroom and pups wait. Next, Pups and mom head to the kitchen and everyone gets fed. Believe me... they can’t wait!!! First Mackie gets his bowl of kibble, then Parson, then Asti. Everyone has their spot in the kitchen. Chomp- crunch- slurp. Lots of crunching and munching! When bowls are empty they all head to the back door and it opens... zoooooom -outside to run and potty and poop. I wait either on my patio or at the door. When I see everyone is finished I let them back inside for treats. Everyone sits to get their by one I say their name and they get their treat! 

This is our every morning routine!!! Dogs like schedules. :)

Now what happens next always makes me smile! I go upstairs to get ready for work and the whole gang runs back upstairs, up onto the bed, I have to lift Mac up, and they take a “my tummy is so full” nap! 

Above is a picture of them all back up on the bed! 

Then after I’m dressed and I eat breakfast we take our walk. (Usually my husband goes walking too if he has time) I touch those leashes and bang.... paws are flying down the stairs! They know.... they always know!!! Walkie time!!! Yay! 

When I go to work the foster dog has to usually stay on the first floor. Mac just hangs out usually on the couch! I close the gate to the stairs. My dogs are either up or down. 

That’s our morning! Have a happy day!!🌞

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Toys — be careful!!!

Macphearsom does not play with toys on his own. If I squeak a toy and shake it in play in front of him he gets very excited to get it and ‘kill’ it. Here is where a person needs to be very very careful or you will get a bad pinch on your fingers (or possibly even bit) if you are not careful!!! Mac has no sense of play with people… his hunting instincts kick in and he simply wants to kill the squeaker toy. It’s not like he’s trying to bite anyone. I personally have gotten a blood blister on my finger when my finger got stuck in his mouth when giving him the toy.  Once when I threw a toy (and he didn’t see it go) he grabbed my arm out of excitement and I got bruises on my arm! 

Mac only knew life at a breeding facility -sad- and did not have the opportunity to learn to play correctly and really doesn’t know how… his instincts ‘kick in’ when he hears the squeaker and he doesn’t know how to handle it. When playing with him I suggest wearing leather gloves or some hand protection so you do not get accidentally bit… Mac doesn’t go at you on purpose ...but it’s amazing that he doesn’t let go either! 😬😳😬 -this is not a dog for little ones because they could get injured by accident if they squeaked a toy and he grabbed it along with their hands!!! 

As I’ve mentioned before he at first did not know how to take treats gently...but he is learning!!! He’s doing much better as he gets so many treats at my house!! Ha! 😉 Again, just be careful with your fingers. 

Lastly, I should mention that Mac does sleep with us on our bed ...but if we move too much or disturb him on the bed during sleep he will growl. He never has done anything more than growl but I try not to disturb him because I know he does this!!! Grrrr zzzzz! 

 Just wanted to put this all out there!!! 🐶 

#macsdarkside #ouch! #killthatsqueaker #westillloveyou!!!

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Mac going down the Stairs!!!

It took a while for Mackie B to master the stairs and his shorty legs still misjudge a few steps sometimes but he is really doing great! Asti is his little coach!!! 🐾 Mac is so proud of himself. I just love teaching him new things!!! He looks so happy with his new accomplishments and it gives him new found confidence!!! 

Sunday, October 8, 2017


Mac is settling into our routine now. Here he is laying under the kitchen table as I sip my coffee after our morning walk. Gorgeous Sunday morning, btw... hope you get outside!!! He loves to snuggle or sit by my feet. I keep encouraging him to be brave! He still startles at sounds but not as much. He’s totally mastered our many stairs going up and down. He is learning to have more fun! My wish for him is to be active and enjoy life to the fullest! I hope whomever adopts Mac keeps him going and doesn’t let him veg too much!!! :) 🐶 go Mackie go!!! 

On my lap at the table! When do we eat?!? 😄

Saturday, October 7, 2017


Watch Mac ... he learned SIT!!!

Click video:

Isn’t he a smartie pup?!?

Thursday, October 5, 2017

Before and After...

Before we left for dental appointment for teeth clean and eye surgery... Mac was cute and fluffy!!!

After teeth clean and eye surgery— looking a little rough...but feeling good!! They brought him out with a cone... that lasted on him 1 minute! Shake shake!!! Ha!!! He shook it off before we got to the car!!! Hee hee!!! 😮

I had NO idea he’d have 2 stitches with his eye surgery. It was just a little growth on his lid!! It’s all gone now! Yay!!! Plus good news... zero teeth pulled!! So now after 12 days eye stitches get removed on his eyelid. Only bad thing is they had to shave his eyelid. Awwwww!!! 

Mac now has clean teeth and blood work was excellent and eye all spiffed up!!! He’s doing GREAT!!! Mac couldn’t wait to get home and eat after a long day of fasting!! Nom nom!!!

Car ride video! (Dental day)

So little Mac has his dental today and a little growth by his eye is being taken off!!! We did a little video here of his car ride!!!

Monday, October 2, 2017


Little Mac is doing super well! He is learning ‘sit’. Once he gets it I’ll take a video. Here he is on the red love seat. All the fosters love this spot! He’s turning into my buddy and gets very excited and happy when I come home from work! He starts zipping around the house. He’s sooooo cute!

He is also a snuggler. Here he is with Asti!! 


Click You Tube Video:

This boy sure loves trotting around the yard :)!!!

Saturday, September 30, 2017

Stairs: Up ‘n’ Down

‘Mac-doodle’ 😋 was upstairs when I got home from an errand—seems to be making himself ‘quite at home’ now— and I decided to do a little experiment. I got out the dog food and loudly start pouring it into the doggy dishes… dogs can hear quite well when food is being distributed! LOL! I decided to call them all down to eat and guess who came along right down the stairs -no problems at all- but good ol’ Macphearsom!!! He can do the stairs Up & Down now when he wants to so our stair practicing has paid off! Yay!! Good boy Mackie!!! 💙🐾💙

Friday, September 29, 2017

Puppy Visit

This little guy, PJ, is a foster puppy. He is 8 weeks old. We ‘puppy sat’ him this afternoon!!! Isn’t he cuuuute?!?

After a busy day of play it was nappy time! Look who I see taking a rest with puppy!! ❤️🐾 #macadude

Mac wasn’t really a pup fan... “when’s he leaving” is what his eyes are telling me!!! 


This big guy clunked out too... right on my legs! He loves to snuggle. Awww! 😴

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Wellness Check Day

Sitting on foster mom's lap in the vet waiting room… People coming to pet Mac and he is doing great! :) He is not nervous as we wait. 

On the table for his exam…all good. Got 1 booster shot. Back knee has a grade one luxating patella but that's nothing to worry about. He will get a teeth cleaning next Thursday. Then he should be ready to go! Wonder who will get to ❤️ LOVE❤️ my Macaroon? Mac-Attack? Macadoodle? Mackie-B? Ha!!! Just a few of the nicknames I call him, LOL!!!



Wednesday, September 27, 2017


Mac is showing us his personality! He likes squeakers!!! 

The first night I gave him toys and a raw hide stick he just ignored them. Now the 3rd day here he's enjoying both. This picture shows him working on a little raw hide stick! 

Begging for a treat!!! Look at those cute eyes! He won me over!!! 



After Grooming...

Left is Sunday when I picked him up. 
Right is after a professional grooming. 

That. Face.

He's so beautiful!!!

Mac was nervous at first when he got dropped off at 'Claws n Paws'. The groomer told me he did super-great for his spa day and stood nicely for her! His cut is beautiful! Easy keeper!!! 




Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Tuesday Outing!!

Riding in the car..🚙! On my lap! 

At the corner wine bar. Tuesday Happy Hour! Doing fine...but liking my lap best! It's very quiet here. ❤️ Awww... love this snuggler!!! Owner gave him pretzel treats and water! 
Just seeing how 'social' our Mac is... he was fairly shakey at first but soon settled down.  He did pretty good overall but I think he was super glad to go home and see his dog buds! 🐶 Everyone loved him and commented on his cuteness!!! He's a sweeeeet boy!!!! Tomorrow is his big grooming day!!! Stay tuned.... ☺️
At home...

Begging and receiving a homemade sweet potato fry!!! Lol!!!

#snugges with foster moms!!! 😍




Monday, September 25, 2017

Morning walk with Mac

Guess someone is starting to like me! 😊
#snuggly #awwww

Collage from day 2! Getting comfortable already! 




Before his bath...

Meet Macphearsom Beau! He is a super CUTE owner turn in who I picked up from his owners yesterday, Sunday Sept 24th. He is an AKC registered dog with a pedigree and DNA test done. It seems Mac could use some TLC and that's exactly what I intend to do! 💜 Seems the owners didn't have much time for him. He should not look like this! 😟
Anyway...owners said they were having health problems and had only had Mac since Jan. 2017. He was flown in from Arkansas and was a breeder dog. I don't know what the facility was like... it was labeled as a hobby farm but to me Mac has some characteristics of a mill dog. He's shy and startles easily with sounds. Has trouble coming through the door to come inside the house from outside. Sticks to my dogs for safety. He does walk well on a leash, eats his food, takes treats and he slept with us last night! I am certain that was a first for him! A 'first of many' snuggler nights by our side, zzz!!! 😊 😴
Mac is quiet and uncertain but is trying hard to love and trust us. He is best with men!! He's so sweet though and we already love him! Today I'll call the groomer as he has lots of matting and snarls. I love this fluffy look but he needs to get a good brush out and probably will be clipped short due to his matting. I'm so in love with this adorable Westie and can't wait to get him all spruced up. His teeth need cleaning too! I'm so happy he is in rescue!!!

After his bath...

Side view!

Feet are stained and brown. 

He adores his doggy bed! ❤️🐾❤️






Saturday, September 23, 2017

Adoption Day

Oblivious it's her BIG day! Zzz!

Waiting for her new mom... isn't she so precious?!?

Her new momma brought her the cutest harness. A super-cape harness for a super-dog! 'Wonder Calli!' Haha!

Congrats!!! 💕

First Walk...


Time to head home and start a new life! We will all really miss Calli! John even came home from work to get some Calli hugs and he gave her a long dad-speech! Too cute! Congrats Cal-Pal!!








Friday, September 22, 2017


Last night with my girl! I'm so happy for her... yes I really am...but I'll never forget her! Love this special pup! 
Gave her a bathy with organic citrus Dr Bronner shampoo. She was a statue! What a sweetie! Clipped her nails too. That she was a bit wiggly for but got 'er done! She's clean and shiny! Big big day tomorrow!!! 💕❤️💜


Thursday, September 21, 2017

pending and excited!

Miss Calli is counting the days! I'm having all my friends praying-- this is the one!!! ❤️❤️❤️ #newmomma #furever
Here is a funny tidbit... Calli has a fondness for wasps. She loves to bat them around. She likes to eat them too! Eeeeek! Problem: stinging!!! One day it was her back paw... limp limp. Yesterday her front paw.... limp limp. She's a tuffy but isn't learning! Do not mess with wasps! 🐝 #sillyCalli
Maybe at her new home they don't have wasps like we do!!! That would be a good thing! Here's to a no wasp future! Bzzzzz!

Evening walk...

Sunset and a bunny... way out there. Calli sees the bun!

The girls. #cuties




Wednesday, September 20, 2017

my buddy... ❤️

Up early. Getting ready for the day. My friend Calli comes in and lays at my feet in the bathroom. She doesn't know it but soon she will find her forever home. All is approved! I'm so happy/sad because I'll miss her company. Calli is so dear and so sweet! Praying for so much happiness for this girl's future. She deserves a wonderful life!
Another paw print left on my heart. 🐾❤️
Squirrel up in the tree! She is watching! So CUTE!!!




Saturday, September 16, 2017

Happy Weekend!!!

My son stopped by. Just wanted to show how happy and excited Calli is to greet him! Once she knows you she loves you!!! 

Getting more attention from my husband! 

A few new pics...

After a walk we took a few pictures on the front porch!! 🐶