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Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Monday, December 25, 2017

Saturday, December 23, 2017

Photo shoot :)

Hot Sauce has totally settled down and is a sweet pup. He is turning into a little couch potato. Ha! He sleeps on our bed even (sometimes) and he’s a cuddler. 

I have learned with Christmas and company that Hot Sauce is shy and rather fearful ‘at first’ of new people who come into the house. Especially men. Women he seems much better about. Tonight he barked at our guy friend, Mike. Once Mike was at our house a while Hot Sauce got over it and even snuggled by our friend while he sat on the couch. Haha! So it’s just initially that Saucy gets scared. Once things are safe he settles down very quickly. I just put Saucy on a leash when he got fearful and brought out a few treats. Worked like a charm! A few minutes later all was well. :)

Thursday, December 21, 2017

Size comparison

I thought you could see in this compilation of photos on bottom right that Hot Sauce is not that large! I take him to the small dog area at the dog park. See the size diff with the big dogs! He’s a hoot at the park! So happy and springy and climbs like a cat onto the structures. He’s fun!!!

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

I can SIT

It only took one day to get the concept of ‘sit’ down pat! Love how smart and willing to please Hottie Saucy is!!! Such a love!!! ❤️❄️❤️

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Warm-ish Day! ☀️

Wouldn’t you love to hug this cutie patootie?!? We were heading here again on a walk! I try to walk Saucy every morning. He is walking really well now. He did bark at a boy playing and he sounds like a Beagle. Last night he caught on to the concept of sit! What a smartie. I think in a few days he will totally have it down pat!

Saucy is settling in more and more. We have to watch him closely for grabbing ‘stuff’... like he thinks toilet paper is fun to unroll!! Lol! Just puppy behavior! He will put his paws up on things still but not as much ...unless it’s food! He would make a fun dog for a family or anyone who likes a dog with a ‘spring’ to his step!!!

Saucy is really a snuggle bug, too!!! He loves being rubbed behind his ears and enjoys a comfy couch!


At the bank drive through and Saucy is a bit worried what’s going on! He hugs against foster mom!!! 

Second Dog Park Adventure...

New pup friends!

Playing! Haha!

Height advantage!!!


Monday, December 18, 2017

Awesome Monday!!!

We both started the morning with breakfast. Then a walk (Saucy did great on his walk today) and finally some dog pillow time with toys! :) Isn’t he so CUTE!

I had to go to work so HS went into his crate and he got a Kong with peanut butter and treats inside. He seemed fine and was quiet and laying down EVEN when I got home.. so he did great!

In the afternoon we went to the dog park. Please enjoy these pics:

Everyone thought he was just adorable and a very sweet, friendly dog! Many said they ‘wished’ they had room for one more!!! ❤️

Run run run (video)

Took Hot Sauce to the dog park. He loves other dogs and loves running!!! Wheeee!

Sunday, December 17, 2017

A few pics from Sunday!

Walking dogs! Saucy, Asti, Parson.

Flying ears as he jump-walks! Haha!

Saucy wants a treat after his walk!!! ❤️

Snuggled against a Packer jersey! Too bad they lost! 😬

Being so so CUTE on the doggy bed!

Saucy is starting to relax more and is working on ‘house manners’. He likes to put his paws up on counters etc and snoop his nose into baskets etc and grab slippers etc. ‘You know’... that puppy behavior just like a toddler! Lol!!! We worked on OFF today and he is already catching on. Good Boy Saucy!!!  😊

One more thing to note: Saucy has springs for legs! He’s a Tigger (like Winnie the Pooh). He hops so cute and is full of joy.

Saucy’s First Walk!

Hot Sauce has had quite the adventure in the last 2 days! So far he had a looooong ride from Alabama to the doggy daycare in Hartland. I am guessing he was a stray. He’s super skinny and I can feel his ribs and see his back bone. At the doggy daycare he got a flea bath and then made another trip to me! I’m basically in Green Bay. Now he is getting used to snow! Today we did a morning walk. He did fine! It’s all new!!! By the end his paws were pretty cold and
we hurried home!

UPDATE! I found out Hot Sauce was an owner turn in. The guy’s grandson named him Hot Sauce and the man is on the waiting list at the shelter to turn in 2 more dogs!  This is what happens down south. Let’s give Saucy a proper home, good food and forever love!!! ❤️

Saturday, December 16, 2017

Hot Sauce

Hot Sauce arrived tonight via Bob’s adopters. Thanks!!! ❤️  Saucy is very friendly and is playful... not the shy type. He has beautiful big eyes! He’s just super super cute!!! Saucy is currently snoozing on the couch next to me! We both are ready to take it easy after a busy day.

Stay tuned for new updates about Saucy on Sunday!!!

Congrats Bob!

Congrats to our little Bob! He was adopted today and will enjoy a new dog friend to boot! Yay Bob!!!

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Snowy Bob 

Snow is tough when your legs are short and it’s deep! We shoveled a circle in our yard so Bob has a potty area! He has ventured out into the snow some but it takes energy and planning! Lol! Bob of course likes to sniff the snow and acquires a “snow snout”!!!

Sunday, December 10, 2017


Today we had a bit of early Christmas celebrating in our home. Bob wore his cute red sweater. To say Bob was loved by everyone would be an understatement!

I think Bob would do great in any household. He loves people. Bob is playful but also a snuggler. I do not know if he will find his forever home before Christmas but if not we don’t mind keeping him here at all and he just might find a gift with his name on it under the tree! He’s been a very good pup! 🎄❤️

Lap snuggles!

Checking out the gift opening!

Zonked out after a busy day of fun!

Friday, December 8, 2017

Early Up

Good morning, weekend!!! (Excuse my bed ear... I just woke up!) #TGIF

Nose tuck position takes over! 💕 Oh BOB... you are precious!!! 

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Still waiting

Really??? This little guy still has no home? It’s ok, Bob.  We adore having you here! ❤️ To apply for Bob go to and pull down the corner menu. Choose rescue and pull down the menu there to find the application. It’s a simple process! 

Today we had a scare! I didn’t realize when I let the dogs outside in my yard after work that my repair man had not latched my gate. I went in the house for a moment and when I came back out there were no dogs in the yard! Yikes!!! I went running out of the gated yard and started calling and not a single dog in sight. OH NO!!!  I did see a mail woman walking and asked her if she had seen three little dogs and she said no but she would keep an  eye out. I ran in the house to call my husband to help me look, he was at work, and he said he would be right home. I then ran back outside and started running around and calling around the neighborhood and all of a sudden around a big pine tree came Asti followed by Parson and the caboose was little Bob. I was never so happy! 😀

I knew my dogs would find their way home I was just mostly afraid of a little Bob getting lost… But he stayed with the pack and he happily ran right to me! I guess they were just zooming around the neighborhood! They all got triple the treats when they came in the house… I was just so so happy they were back home!!! 

This is also a good time for me to mention always ALWAYS keep tags on your dogs even if they are in a fenced yard because things like this happen. All my dogs wear tags so that was a comfort!!!

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Stop already, wind!!! 

Bob loves the wind but I don’t! He loves watching it and he loves running after blowing leaves in the yard! Here he is watching out the window… He cracks me up how he sits on the top of this little loveseat! Bob... you have great balance! 

Monday, December 4, 2017

It’s December!

So warm today! We love it!! Bob just finished his zoomies and is just hanging out on the patio. He’s getting a bit more black across his back. Very pretty!  So we keep working on potty training and he totally gets the going outside part. He is fast. He totally gets the coming in for treats. Yum! I hung some bells and we are working on him ringing them to go out. They even go with all the Christmas decor! Funny! He is really a fun pup and would make a sweet family doggy! He is cuter than cute playing with toys. I posted a tug of war video of him on my Foster Dog Love Facebook page. Take a look! 

Thursday, November 30, 2017

Bark & Brew

Took Bob to this dog friendly beer n wine bar in Suamico. It’s located in the northern area of Green Bay. Here we are at the entrance!

These two photos were taken in the car on the way. Bob is a quiet and awesome car rider!

Haha! He actually did lick our glasses! Silly Bob! The place was so busy with big dogs we were not able to put Bob down or let him loose because the big dogs surrounded him and Bob got scared, tucked his tail and growled. It’s not easy being a little shrimp! ☹️

He sure was CUTE in his Christmas sweater! Too bad this place did not have a small dog area! I don’t think we will go back but it was fun to try it out!

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Christmas Pup

Bob is very excited about all these new decorations in the house. He has been doing very well ignoring everything...except for those tempting pine cones!!!

After morning play... it’s snuggles!

Two little buddies. 

Saturday, November 25, 2017

Happy Saturday!!!

Asti photobombing Bob’s cute picture! Ears down

Oh my cuteness!!! Right ear at attention

I love this photo ❤️! Two perky ears!

So what’s new with Bob? He was a star at Thanksgiving! Bob loves people so would do great with a big family. He was a snuggly hit with everyone. When I needed him out of the way I just crated Bob in the kitchen and he was quiet and napped. 

Thanksgiving Day on the lap of one of my guests. She loves Bob!!! 

Today, Bob is enjoying the warmer weather and loves to zoom around my yard and snoop through the leaves! He grabs his favorite sticks and races around like he has found a prize and must show it off! As soon as I open the door he runs into the house! He loves his people even more than his prized sticks! 

We love you too, Bobby!!  💙🐶