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Saturday, April 29, 2017


If you have never owned a Westie you won't appreciate this video. It totally cracked me up!!! Since I have owned one this Westitude you see here is very typical! Here it is X2! 
I had the door propped open a little but could hear Parson whining and when I went to check it out these two were standing guard, LOL!!! πŸ˜‚ (so typical!)
Literally these are the NICEST Westies ever!!! Just love 'em and we will hate to see them leave! We meaning people. My Parson may feel differently!!! 😜 
So whomever adopts D & D you have hit the jackpot! You really have!!!!! They are so sweet n snuggly and their personalities are a total TOTAL hoot!!! 
Nothing better than this breed! (Well I love mixes too because they deserve to be loved!)
The longer these guys are here the easier they get TOO!  Super duper cutie pups! Someone is gonna be VERY happy Westie owners v soon!!! πŸ’™❤️

Fun Times

So what do 2 Westies do for fun??
1. Sometimes they get wild spurts and  race around after each other and after my two dogs. They bark (mostly Darcie) when they race n chase. 
(Usually they gang up on my dogs-- ohhhh that Westitude comes out! My two just back off because they are not Westies!)
2. Dougie will play fetch a little. Usually with his favorite toy. He brings it back to you to throw again. :)
3. Darcie will occasionally chomp on a bone. She enjoyed a deer antler the other day. 
4. Walks on leash-- they LOVE this! Dougie is a pro! Darcie is all over the place. 🀣 I put Darce on the longest leash because she's not happy unless she is 'out front'. 
5. Car rides! Hop right in. Let's goooooo!!!
6. Watching out windows... lots of interesting critters out there! 
7. Snuggling with me. Here in foster land it's all about me... the mom!!! They ADORE mommy!!! I'm currently 'book ended' by two Westies and that's how they LOVE it. If you do not CONSTANTLY like to be snuggled and bookended by dogs then these 2 are not for you! This is their happy place. ❤️πŸ’™ They do guard their 'spots' a bit from other dogs so it's very important for you to know a 3rd party dog (people are welcome) will not be invited to club bookend! 



Friday, April 28, 2017

photo shoot and other things...

I took some photos of Dougie and Darcie to put on the Westie Facebook. How do you like them??? 
Peas in a pod! 
This photo shows the indoor pen I use for them. It's currently in my bedroom and I have a vinyl tablecloth as the base. (In case of any accidents) Then my carpet would be safe. On top I laid some blankets. Dougie and Darcie sleep here together. They love their pen! Here Dougie is inside demonstrating how much he likes his pen. 😍 He went inside all on his own… The door was just open. I have a link to this pen in a previous post… Mine happens to be brown and the pen comes in different colors... the post has it in white. I highly suggest using this instead of a crate for these Westies as they really like it and it's super easy to take down if you don't need it anymore and it's stores flat. 
They have never dirtied their pen. I would put a couple of dog beds inside but I've never seen them use dog beds here! They came with blankets, which I have to send along, so I just used blankets inside the pen!  They also go in the pen if I need them to be in a safe place while I'm away or don't feel comfortable letting them out for whatever reason. The pen is easy to move around to different rooms and you could even use it outside or if you wanted to go visit friends or relatives with the Westies and they didn't have a fence. :)



Thursday, April 27, 2017

Dougie is eating more!!!

Dougie is eating so much better after his tooth pull. He's even crunching a few treats and kibble. :) Just wanted to share his wonderful progress. I know that he is feeling so much better today. Yippee!!!


Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Missy Darcie

Darcie and her paw habit. I love it!!! 


Seeing herself in the camera!!! πŸ˜‰


Dang she's a CUTIE!!! πŸ’‹





When dad's away...

My husband, John, is gone for 2 days. Miss Darcie jumped up on the bed by me and my dog Asti last night and I let her stay! Zzzz. She is a very good bed buddy! So if you are inclined... πŸ˜΄πŸ€—!!!
Dougie was groggy from his tooth pull so he stayed in his usual dog pen even though the door was open. We all slept very soundly!!! 
Just wanted to mention I don't crate the Westies anymore when I leave. Darcie does not have anymore accidents. I don't even know if she ever had any?!?  Dougie has a poop one once in a blue moon. He does not mark in the house so that's fabulous. I believe the longer they are here the better things will become in all aspects. 
We love both these Westies very much!!! ❤️πŸ’™

Later today....
Just fed all the dogs their supper. Dougie ate 'without' me feeding him and coaxing him to eat with a spoon! πŸ‘πŸ»πŸŽ‰πŸ₯πŸ’«πŸ’ƒπŸ»πŸ·πŸ€—!!!! So enough emojis.... but, YES, I'm celebrating!!!
He made a few funny faces as the food got stuck in the holes in his gums but he ate all on his own. We still did the canned because that is the instructions from the vet for right now… In a few days we can try some harder kibble. Fingers crossed for continued progress!!! 


Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Bye bye sore Tooth!!!

Sit up Pretty! Dougie randomly does these in front of me. So does Darcie but not as much as Dougie. Unbelievably cute!!! Here he is this morning performing his "awwwwww" moment! Just had to throw this pic in before we talk about serious stuff!!!
Well it's finally here!! Fix It Day! Yup yup!!! That ol' troubling tooth is outta here!!! See ya....πŸ‘‹πŸ»
So, no breakfast for Dougie as he's going under. We have to be at the veterinarian by 8 am. I'll keep ya'all posted! "πŸ™πŸ»ing the procedure goes well!!!"

Dougie is finally back home and sleeping it all off! Awwww! What a day for him!!! 
So, the news is he had infected molars on BOTH sides of his mouth. One up and one down. Owwwwww!!!!!! So two teeth were pulled today and the rest polished up. His blood work was perfect!!! πŸ‘πŸ»Yipeeeeee! He is to lay low tonight and eat soft food for a couple days and his stitches will just dissolve. Then he's good as new.... 'minus two molars'! Hee hee!!! Maybe the tooth fairy will put a "New Furever Family" under his pillow!!! Maybe not tonight but someday soon...We sure hope so!!! 😍


Monday, April 24, 2017

bandana collar...

I stopped at Petsmart today and found this little bandana collar on sale. Since Darcie's collar was kind of faded I decided to purchase this and now she has a bandana that's just the perfect size and attached right to her collar! She's too cute!!!

 Look at these!!!!
If Darcie and Dougie were actually my dogs I'd have to order these! Toooooo adorable!!! ❤️

I also had to give them both foot-baths today because they were still so dirty from our dog park adventure… It was a muddy mess there!!  I can happily report that both Dougie and Darcie were great in the tub and I have their footies all clean and shiny! 🐾

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Dog Park Visit

Arrived!!! Dogs are excited and I'm bundled up with a hat on! It's really windy!!! 

Dougie: lime green scarf

Darcie: bright orange scarf 

Running Fun

Gate keeper... ruff!
More gate walking...

Our friends arrived!!! 
(Pixie, Poe, Sisu)

Hi Pixie!!! You are a foster dog too!!!

Nose kisses! πŸ’•

We spent a long time at the dog park. Dougie and Darcie did well but barked a lot at the fence especially because some big dogs were playing fetch right by the gate. They wanted to chase. Once my two friends came with their dogs things got way better. 😊 They played with them and all got along! 
I'm not a huge fan of dog parks because some people's dogs are a problem. So I don't go much. Luckily my yard is fenced. So my evaluation is that they acted like typical Westies and the small dog area is the BEST area for them!!! Keeps them safe! 🐢

who is who???

Can you guess which is Darcie and which is Dougie??????

So these two are totally settled in it seems. 😊

Darcie has really grown on me with her exuberance for life!!! πŸ’“ She just adores walks and get so excited to go! She is doing much better and not weaving nearly as much. She likes to be out front. Maybe she always dreamed of being a lead Husky ?!? Mush!!!
I hear many Arooooooo's as I get the leashes. She hops around and sits up to beg and is all wiggly. She loves to give me kisses on the face. It's pretty darn awesome to have a dog appreciate you for just being there. She likes to do fun things!!!  After all she is only 6! So morning walks are a must. I'll probably do a dog park visit later today!!! I can just imagine her happy face and dance!!!

Dougie has always been easy to adore because he's sweeter than sugar. He hangs back a bit more and is less wiggly. He certainly can lead the parade though if he hears a suspicious noise! "Dougie saves the day!" Bark bark!!! He just needs a super-dog cape flying off his collar!!! 
Today he pooped outside. He was so proud of himself! Ha!!! He came running to me like a puppy for his "at a boys"!!! πŸ’•
 I still feed him off a spoon. Ya, I know! πŸ™„ 
He only eats canned food. What can I say... he loves the attention and I guess I think it's rather sweet. Once that sore toothy is better I'll try and get him to eat from a bowl on his own. Try is the magic word!! 

So did you make your guess for the picture??? 

Answer: Darcie is bottom left and Dougie is top right. ❤️πŸΎπŸ’™πŸΎ


Saturday, April 22, 2017

How we Roll!!

The two D's jumped right in! Take a listen to how they did... πŸ‘πŸ»

Pen they use!!!

Here is a linc to the pen they sleep in. You can set it up super easily in any room. I keep it in my bedroom because they do not like crates.
Usually when I foster puppies I have it in my kitchen. It stores flat and easy assembly. I did it myself. :)
You might use it when you are not at home. I give them their blankets and a toy or two. I'm only gone about 4.5 hours. The Westies do well together in the pen and at night they both go right in to sleep!!!
I suggest getting one!!!
Today I'm going to drive around with them in the car. I have always used a crate but I'll see how they do without. 
In the mean time... check out this pen! 
Click linc below:

Friday, April 21, 2017

Video outside

Relaxing after supper:
Their favorite spot is right outside of the kitchen! They can see me working and they are comfy!! I love how Dougie has his head on the arm. He looks totally relaxed!!! 


Lets talk about Boo Boos!!!!

Dougie had to beg for forgiveness today because he pooped on my kitchen rug. Why can't they hit the tile?!? Ha!!! 

He had been out earlier. A couple times. I figured today he would have to 'go' as he had not pooped yesterday. Remember, he has not been eating a lot only soft canned food due to his tooth. So when I was in a different room 'nature called'.  I just want people to know these guys have an occasional accident. If you want a totally potty trained dog it might not be them as once in a while there is an oops! It might not be any dog because sometimes stuff happens! 

I NEVER make a stink (bad pun) about accidents… Unless I catch them in the act then I say "no! outside! and get them right outside. Since this happened and I was not in the room I just looked at him and said "Oh, Dougie" and cleaned it up. If you don't catch your dog in the act then just clean it up and move along. Nothing frustrates me more than people getting angry at dogs when they have NOT caught them in the act and then go ballistic. Really? Get a grip!!! ...because dogs are not going to know what you're angry about and you're just going to create confusion and a dog who thinks you are unpredictable and get angry for no reason!
So I cleaned it up. Took the dogs back out. Dougie just peed a couple times and that was that. 
So that's my spiel on how to deal with Boo Boos. Just be chill. 


Thursday, April 20, 2017

LOTS of information!!!

Busy afternoon for D and D!! They went to the groomer and had a bath, face trim, nails cut and personal groom. They smell clean! They are so tirrrrred!! Darcie is sleeping sitting up! Dougie is not even trying to hide it! Ha!! Head down. He's just chilling! πŸ’€ 

Darcie and Dougie have been here approximately one week. Here is a summary of what I've observed so far:

Temperament: Darcie is the more high strung of the two. She has some anxiety when she cannot be by her person. She whines and sometimes barks if she's upset. Darcie is very loving and friendly! 
Dougie is so very sweet. He's a bit more laid back but is also interested in making sure Darcie is ok. He is her big brother! He, at times, competes with her for attention. Dougie is a snuggler just like his sister Darcie. 
Darcie puts her paw 'on you' for attention. Dougie does random 'sit up pretties' for attention. Awwww!

Potty training: Both are doing much better than when they first got here. They go outside first thing in the morning, Darcie always does both jobs. Dougie on the other hand doesn't eat very much so he doesn't poop very much either. I am hoping once his tooth is fixed his appetite gets fixed too! He will tell me he needs to go out by pacing around. As long as I let them out periodically they do pretty fine. I have a fenced yard! No guarantees though and I'm not saying they are 100% potty trained but they are very good. They do well here. That's all I'm saying. :)

Other Dogs: Both Westies can get jealous of other dogs in the house. There can be small disagreements. It's mostly over guarding their favorite person. They currently are snuggled on the couch with my dog Asti but they can also grrrr at my dog Asti. They do not bother dogs when we are walking's mostly just the competition of living in a house with four dogs and only one me! :)

Noise level: Yes, these two can really bark at sounds… even the smallest sound can start a barking stampede! A person walking down the stairs-- bark bark bark bark!! They not only bark they fly off the couch barking and run to the source of noise.  Sometimes I jump because they take me off guard. Once they find out it's nothing important they trot back to the couch and lay down again. Are you looking for a burglar alarm? No need cuz Darcie and Dougie are on the job!
Darcie and Dougie don't usually bark at other dogs on our walk though. So that is very nice!
Darcie also barks when I go to work sometimes...or if she has been put into a crate. I don't crate her anymore. Mostly they are out when I leave.  Darcie currently does not bark anymore at night when it's bedtime. Yay, good progress Darcie!! In fact last night these two went and laid right down in their pen on their own!!!  
When they go to their new adoptive home they will probably be upset again! It will be another change for these two and they may whine or bark. It's a possibility.... but every day is a new day and they will adjust more and more!  

Just a side note... they bark the most when I'm sitting with them. So again could be a protection thing. When I'm working in the kitchen or busy it's much better. 

Food: Darcie eats well. Dougie is finicky. 

Car Riding: Both jump right in. As usual, Darcie is more nervous. Dougie is more calm. I use a crate. 

Cuteness Factor: Off the charts!!!  They are adorable and will make great pets for someone who loves Westies and their very special Westie-ways!!!🌟

Life with 4 dogs! #eatingsteak πŸ˜‚


Wednesday, April 19, 2017


I had my early morning ladies bible study today. One of my friends gave these two sweaters to me. Aren't they cute?!? ❤️πŸ’™
D & D liked them too and are wearing them today. It's kinda chilly! I did not crate the pups when I went to work. Will report later how they did!!! 
My husband stopped home at noon. The Westies were fine. 😁 Here they are as he worked on his laptop. 😴 (He snapped this photo) I will take them for a little walk in a bit to give them some exercise. Supposed to get lots of rain later. Not fun for doggies or doggy walkers!!! 🌧


Monday, April 17, 2017

vet appointment day

Arrived at the vet. Anxious to get out. Dougie rode silently. Darcie was a bit whiney but not bad. On the way home just perfect! Two good doggies!!!

Darcie had to sit on my lap-- what's new?!? Ha!!!

Dougie stayed on the floor... :)

They were head turners in their cute attire! So matchy !!!πŸ˜‰πŸ˜Š❤️

Dougie had a sore tooth. Darcie had some fatty tumors that were nothing to worry about. Both were calm and sweet up on the table!!! Got some shots and heartworm pills and flea/tick meds. Next Tuesday Dougie will have his tooth fixed. He's on pain meds and antibiotic! 





Sunday, April 16, 2017

Easter Day

Working on my lap top. Dougie snuggles right in! He's the most loving boy!!! 
Easter: We had company and the Westies were great! Calm as could be! Dougie is starting to eat his dog food! They sleep quietly now in the bedroom and Darcie is no longer barking when she goes to her pen. Lots of positive progress!!!

Saturday, April 15, 2017


Ollie is adopted. What a happy ending for this very special little guy!! He will remain 'Ollie' and will have the company of two kitty cats besides his mom and dad! Oh I do so love a fairy tail ending!!! πŸ’“


Friday, April 14, 2017

house full

Morning walk #2. 
Sooooo... my little black foster dog Ollie didn't stay long at his new home so Ollie is back here and on the market. Good news is that he may already have found a second home with somebody who has applied for him. I will talk with her today --fingers crossed for a good fit!!!
Dougie and Darcie are settling in. I am still trying to figure out sleeping arrangements. Darcie barks in her crate so that isn't working out. 
The first night the Westies were too stressed to settle down to sleep with us on the bed so that didn't work out either and I slept on the couch with them. Last night, I tried a pen in our bedroom so they could sleep on the floor on their blankets. That worked out pretty well and we slept pretty soundly with out too many interruptions. Darcie whined off and on occasionally through out the night but if I told her to 'lay down' she would. As they settle in they may be able to just sleep in the bedroom where ever they wish but right now I feel more relaxed if they are contained someplace and not pacing around. 
Darcie and Dougie 'like' my dog Parson and play with him. Darcie does 'not like' my female dog Asti too much and there are grrrr skirmishes. Dougie does 'not like' Ollie too much and there are grrrr skirmishes. So, it's a bit grrrrrumpy here at times but for the most part it's happy
 :-)!!! It's funny to watch the interactions… a lot like people!

Dougie watching over Lil' Sis from his comfy perch!! He's a special Big Bro who has a heart for his buddy! 


Thursday, April 13, 2017


Rainy day walking with Dougie and Darcie!!!🌧

Early morning window watching. Miss Darcy! "Looking for critters"

Foster mom is home from work!!! Yay!!! 
She's a love bug!!!
Dougie is a soft nose kisser! 

He's also one HANDSOME dude!!!