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Monday, July 16, 2018

Pending adoption!

On Sunday Riley will meet his new forever family. Yay Riley... you have good times ahead! 💕💕 

Sunday, July 15, 2018

Happy Sunday!

After church we did a smiley selfie! He’s got the very best happy face!!! 

Again an excellent night. Slept in his crate in the basement where it’s cool. Did all business outside... def potty trained. He’s also calming down. No more pacing around. He LOVES the red love-seat to rest on. It seems to be a fav of every foster dog. I should call it the foster-seat (not the love-seat)!!! 😄

Cooling off in the grass... warm day! 

I believe a GB Packer fan in the making!! 🏈

Saturday, July 14, 2018

Saturday stuff

Riley loves going bye bye. 

Hops in and heads for the back of the SUV. 

So happy ...🚗

After a bath photos! 

Super fluffy and clean!!! 

Perfect in the tub, for a brush and nail clip. :)


Loves our bedroom! 

Riley doesn’t seem to shed. Wow!

Seems potty trained too!!! 

He’s starting to relax here. As indicated by last photo. 😊

Morning 1

Friday, July 13, 2018

Walking Riley

Easy Peasy Walker!!! 


Welcome foster dog Riley! He’s the big cutie... and my dog Asti is the little cutie! Today is his first day in GB and he’s doing very well! He is a good car rider and loves the car! He kept jumping back in as I unpacked my things. Haha. 

He met my two little Terriers and he has been very gentle and sweet. So far everyone is being friendly and sharing space with lovely manners. 

Today Riley is pacing and panting quite a bit, #nerves #settlingin He has just landed all four paws in a new environment and is starting a new routine. He loves people and has a big smile and waggy tail. He’s also very curious and paws up are happening sometimes. Haha! What’s up there??? 🤣

‘Paws up’...just lookin’! 

So far he’s pottied outside and has not tried to mark in the house. Yay!!! He has not yet played with toys. He did eat supper, did doo-ties outside too in the bark and drank lots of water. 

Thanks for checking in on adorable Riley!!! Love love love him!!! 🐶

Enjoy a few pics: