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Friday, November 17, 2017



Another ‘nose tucked’ kinda night! Plus he’s snoring a bit. Cuteness overload! #rainyfridaynight


More clothes! He’s so cute in them... and I have lots! Today it’s a red mittens Saturday! ❄️

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Monkey see... monkey do!

Follow the leader! Big sissy showed little peanut the moves to gets treats! 😍

What a SMARTIE!!!

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Playing with Parson

Cute red sweater!!! 

I adore my dog Parson’s lazy way of playing with puppy. ‘Just hold him down with the paw!!!’ 😂

Wet Wednesday 🌧

A picture from last night... baby Bobby tucked his nose up my sleeve! As I’ve mentioned before... this guy tucks his nose to keep warm!!! Haha! He’s so funny and very special!!!

Just some fun fotos to make you say, “AWWWW!” 

Me and Bobby Velvet (his name here, lol!!!) ... saying... bye bye sweet boy ... before I head to work! My husband is on vacation so Bobby is loving it! Lots of guy interaction time!!!  ❤️🐶

Monday, November 13, 2017

Monday Fun-Day

Here is Bobby and with his sock monkey...another favorite toy! Maybe it has to do with the color!!??!!
He had a super good day! Potty training is going very well! Bobby definitely knows where the treats come from in the kitchen!!!
Bobbers is a total hoot zooming around the back yard. He loves to do cute deer leaps over the half frozen plants around the patio! He’s also a zippy-skippy as he flys around the hair pin turns he makes when showing off his athleticism.
Bob so wants my older dogs to play with him but my dogs are fuddy-duddies and don’t exactly reciprocate in the play bows and waggy tailed hops. Sneakily, Bob sometimes pulls my dog Asti’s tail... oh does she give him ‘the look’!
Bob is always a cuddler. Any time - any where! It’s fantastic! He’s just very special!!!
We all just love this little rusty colored squirrel! I know you will too. 💚

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Packer Day Photos!

Outside photo!

Basement photo!

Profile pic :)!

So Bob tried a walk today WITH my dogs and really no go. Lol! I carried him. He’s just not ready! Too scared of the unknown sounds. The best he did was the first day and now he stops and freezes too much. So I do have a Pet stroller and also a dog carrier back-pack so I think I’ll just use those for this pup!  Luckily I have a fenced yard and he’s great about zooming around the yard for fun!

End of day... all tuckered out!


Saturday, November 11, 2017

Snow is here...

Bob is from Alabama so SNOW is new to him but so far he does not even seem to mind it. That’s great because it’s only the beginning of the snowy season! Isn’t Bobby adorable in his Eddie Bauer doggy jacket!?! 
He will probably own a wardrobe of clothes once adopted! At least with me he would! Ha!!!