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Thursday, December 31, 2015


What's a CVI? Certificate of Veterinary Inspection. Basically a wellness check to get adopted. 

Here is Wild-man arriving at Animal House Vet Clinic. 

Where are we??? #MrBigPaws

Sniffing around! I smell cats!! Pee-u!

"No... Don't let them take me!!!"
(actually he just wanted up on my lap, hee hee!)

Chance meeting of Fluffy foster dog SpaghEddie... also getting his CVI for adoption!

Wilder did great. Passed with flying colors. Perfect health. Vet said probably a Lhasa and some sort of terrier mix. A bit over 12 lbs. He did surprise me that he growled at SpaghEddie. Never saw him do that before. Maybe because Eddie is bigger or maybe because it was a strange place and Wilder was nervous. FYI: Wilder was very happy to go "home" to his other friends Parson and Asti!

Happy New Year

If you are looking at this blog you might be considering a fur friend! This year commit to adopting from a rescue!!! When one wet nose gets adopted it makes room for another #savealife!

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Me want food!!!

Wilder eats like the Cookie Monster! 
Supper Time!!!!!!!

Click to watch...

Here is one product... Or there are special dishes to purchase to slow a dog down!!! 

Or these ideas!!!

Waiting his turn for the pink bunny toy!

Finally! Shake-shake that bun bun!

Checking the weather :) 

Wilder the climber!!

Wilder n Asti #friends
Does Wilder shed? If he does it's pretty unnoticeable. Maybe a strand here or there! 
How did he do today on house training? Perfecto! No belly band and no accidents!!!
What size dog clothes is he? Most likely a medium. He measures 11" around his neck. From floor to top of back about 10.5 inches (height), from neck to tail about 13 inches (length) and chest girth about 17 inches (around). 

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Snow Baby (video)

Wilder romping in the snow! Great to have an Alabama boy who takes to snow like he was born in WI! Sorry 'bout the pee pee scene again ...but he was outside and boys will be boys!!! ;)
Afterwards we came in the house and we played some fetch, tuggies and he got tummy rubs. He is a barrel of fun and I could take pics of him all day! Cuteness factor off the charts!!

Click to play...

I heard I have a family/person that applied for me!!???!!! Do u have snow too!? Hope so!!!

Wet snow gives my head "frizzle-fur"!!! 


Watching TV with me. :)
What is Wilders breed?  I think maybe he is a Lhasa Apso mix. He is long with short legs and is soft n fluffy with big cute paws. 
What does Wilder eat? Right now he is eating dry kibble that was donated to Fluffy Dog. A mixed bag. He loves food and gobbles it up very fast. I'd call it "snarfing". Hee Hee! Once adopted he should eat a better quality food. 
Is he potty trained? He does very well! Not one potty accident inside. He has had one poo accident but I wasn't home so I hardly count it. My son was "watching" him. I'd say Wilder is v close to being potty trained.
Where does he sleep? Mostly in a crate in my bedroom. Sometimes on the bed.  He is very quiet and sleeps nicely. 
What is Wilder's temperament? Playful, friendly, curious, and loving!
A cute thing he does? He watches TV and sometimes sees animals and believes they are real! 

He's a very special dog. 

Monday, December 28, 2015

First Snow!

10 sec video of the start of the snow storm!!! 
Slippy Slidey Fun!!!
(Wilder and my dog Parson)

Click to play...

Tired from the snow??? I think, Yes! My "view" while I cook supper! Cutie Patootie! :)

We sat and snuggled for a bit and Wilder loved it!!!  Watch him get soooo sleepy as the pics progress. I love his "big paws" on the last photo!!! XO

 Cozy night at home. Let it snow!!!

Wilder finally barked! He saw wolves on a commercial on TV and got pretty excited!!! He sometimes watches the screen and thinks it's the real thing. Basketball games don't get a reaction! ;)

Wilder Walkies (video)

This is me (Lydia aka foster mommy) taking the cutest ever bear-pawed puppy-faced fluffy-puffy Wilder for a walk! 
He had a lovely first night! He is very, very quiet and slept alllll night! Clean kennel, ate breakfast and did ALL potties/poo outside!!! He needs a belly band for now in the house for any marking he may do but that usually is over in a few days! Love this Wild-Boy!!!!!!!

Click to watch!

In my camo jacket!

Aren't I a doll?!? 

Wilder being "Wild"... #not #zzzzz
He has on his monkey patterned belly band! He IS a little monkey with big round eyes!!! 

You are the Man! Cool duds!

He hasn't bothered the tree or anything. Just looking! Good boy, Wilder!!!

Sunday, December 27, 2015


Wilder just arrived!!! Finally!!! I've been hoping to foster him for a few months! Tonight he had a little time to snoop around my house and meet my dogs and then I gave him a warm bubble bath! He splashed a little but overall he did great!!! Here he is all wrapped up in a purple towel. He even looks adorable dripping wet! Now that's one cute dog!!!

After his fur was blow dried he became a puff ball!!! I sure adore puffy pups!!!

Showin'off off his little bum!

"I'll admire my gorgeous tale myself if you don't mind!" says Wilder. 

Hello future family!!!

Little Wilder is just great!!!!! He is so quiet that I have not heard a peep from him yet!  He is very friendly and so super soft! I can't wait to get to know him and tell you more! So far Wilder is just fantastic!!! I'm in love! <3

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Guess what...Adopted!!!

Lila got her Christmas wish after all! What a WONDERFUL match! I truly believe Lila has found her forever "fur-ever" home!!! Merry-Merry-Merry Christmas happy family of 3 :) !!!

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

What else...

Food: Lila eats Fromm Four Star Nutritionals dog food. She likes it. The longer she is here the faster she eats it up. I feed all of the dogs together in different parts of the room. Asti eats in her crate. Parson in the far corner and Lila where I can view her from the working part of the kitchen. Lila is not a food guarder. So no worries about that!

Hanging out: As I've mentioned before Lila loves people. She will not stray far from her mommy! So right now I just made Christmas cut out cookies and am waiting for them to bake. Lila always sleeps on the chair I throw my purse on in the dining area... she loves pillows and sleeping up high. "This is her" as I peek my head around the corner of my kitchen! How can this be comfortable? Haha! Her little sweater is thrown on the back of the chair. My purse is on the seat and Lila is balanced on the Christmas pillow with her head hanging down onto my purse and "is sleeping" (till I woke her).  She is soooo funny!!!

Personality: Cuddly (see pic below-- she is curled on my black apron) If you sit, expect a fur ball named Lila. Zippy-- she has a little energy and is a snooper pup! Yappy--at times she can be a great little guard dog. Her ears are very alert but she does not bark at bunnies and squirrels like a terrier. Sounds can set her off. Also in the car she may yap at people outside the car. Wiggly: wiggle worm craziness when I come home from work!!! Celebration time... so many kisses!

"DONE" with the Christmas Cookies! We are celebrating!!! 
Home: Lila would love a home where people are around a bit. She would love a "work at home mommy" or a "part time worker mommy"! Lila is very social and adores being with her family. 
Lila also loves other little dogs to play with. She may try to boss them and be the princess but only for a minute. She has learned to "share" my lap. I tell her... "Lila, don't boss my doggies cuz you won't win--they are terriers-- you are a poodle--terriers are not to be reckoned with" :)
If you want a dog to be your side kick you may just want to apply for the most adorable Miss Lila! Just so you know she will own you very quickly so be ready to belong to her! She is a little dog but has a big heart!!!

Monday, December 21, 2015

Have Lila... Will Travel

Dressed in her pink jacket... she loves to go for rides!!! Car seat on console...kinda a "must" have!!! This is where she sits and loves it! :)

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Life with Lila

*Lila finally sleeps till 6 AM! :)
* Doors are for going "in and out" many times a day! A fenced back yard is to her liking!!!
*Dishwashers are great-- because Asti taught Lila about licking the dirty dishes inside so Lila begs for the dishwasher door to be open. :<

*Showers include Lila in the bathroom sleeping on my PJs and licking coconut oil off my legs!
*Everything can be climbed on. Including window sills!

...and antique trunks! 

*If another dog is on a lap Lila will squish in too! 
*Trading a raw hide for a treat works instead of guarding it. She likes the trade game!
*Going into her crate is fine but it must be in the same room as the other dogs. She loves their company!!!
*Jumping really high is one of Lila's talents!
*Eating out of her bowl must be done with mommy standing there saying "good girl" every time she takes a bite. She looks up for praise!
*Lila loves treats and is even eating carrots now-- health food!
*She is super smart and always comes when called. Awesome awesome dog!
*Cutest face ever!!!

Saturday, December 19, 2015

Little Tantrums...

Lila is a bit like a toddler... pick me up!!! Here is a "Lila tantrum", lol. She jumps and scratches on my bathrobe for me to pick her up. I give her a hand signal for a "sit" before I pick her up. She needs to earn it! :)))

Click video...

As a reward for her nice sit she gets to come back up to the counter and has a raw hide treat! Yes.. I am still working on my grocery list! (See previous post, lol)

Click video...


Lila is "helping" (ehem) me write a grocery list tonight.  She wanted up on my lap so I got a blanket and she's comfy on the counter top. I am sitting on my stool right by her so there is no chance of her falling off. The hazards of this is that she drank out of my cup of water. :( sigh!!!

Gave my helper a Nyla bone to keep her busy... Nom Nom!!!

Friday, December 18, 2015

Dog or Decoration?!

Sometimes Lila just blends in with the Christmas decorations!! So cute on the chair balancing on the pillow!
If I wasn't looking for my purse I probably would not have seen her!


Princess Lila on her throne ruling over her lowly subjects!

Warned ya!

Don't say I did not warn you... due to being "too comfy-cozy" you may find it hard to move in the morning!  #justsaying #loveit #pups #I'mstuckinmychair #getupgetup #NOT

What a FACE...what a cuddle bug!!! XO

Thursday, December 17, 2015

What size is Lila?

It has gotten colder so I was looking through my stash of dog coats and realized I've never had such a small dog here. This light pink and grey quilted jacket is a size small and its awfully big around Lila's little body. The length is good though. So she would need to go along to try on coats. I think a small is the right size but it would need to be a "small" sized small!!! :) 
Lila did come with a little adorable plaid coat but really??? she must have more!  Well maybe not "must have" but.... Poodles need a bit of a "wardrobe" in my book! Ahhhhh....I will resist the urge to buy her anything new but whomever gets her is going to have fun "shopping"!!! She would love a little soft bed too!!! How much spoiling can you do?!? I'd say bring the credit card just in case!!! ;)

Miss Model

Play Time :)

She's a rooster... Get up!!!

Lila fun fact: 
She gets up with the roosters! 5 am every morning Lila whines in her crate softly to get up and go potty. So I take her out. She immediately does her business and in she comes! We head back to bed (she jumps in our bed) and we all snooze for another hour! So if you get up with the roosters she will be happy to join you!!! 

Hoodie Up Girl 

Hoodie Down Girl