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Friday, September 30, 2016

Movie Time

Click to watch!

Sasha is slowly warming up to me. She follows John around the house! It's great! Glad she is starting to feel a bit comfy!

Thursday, September 29, 2016

In Bed

Here is Sasha in bed early morning. If the lights were off I could pet her freely. She LOVES lights off in bed! 
Only the bedstand light is on and she stands back a bit but will take treats and give a few kisses! 

John, my husband, can interact with Sasha and pet her from his chair. I made a mistake and scared her when a plant on a stand fell over outside. 
So now I'm working on gaining her trust! 

Once I stood up Sasha reverted to being afraid of me. Sigh! :(
Time and patience and treats! Lots of treats!!!

PS Happy 2 week Anniversary with us, yesterday Sash! We love you and are proud of your progress! So special!!!

I'm off to work! Girls are spoiled and left on the bed! (No judging I didn't make my bed today!) see ya in the afternoon cutie patooties! 

Windy outside... but calm inside! Enjoying the view this afternoon! #relax

Monday, September 26, 2016

Tail up!

When Sasha is happy and relaxed her tail goes up over her back! I took this video standing inside my back door. She's enjoying time with her fur-friends! #happytail

Another 1st!

Sasha with Asti
Sasha's new 1st is she ran upstairs to the bedroom with my dogs all on her own! She bravely dove through the swinging dog gate at the bottom of the stairs --zipped up the steps-- and jumped up onto my bed! Along with my dogs, this is her (their) favorite spot by far in the house… even beating out the dog bed on the couch!!! 
For a dog that scurries around the room like she is being chased by monsters this is a big feat! Sasha is joining my dogs 'more and more' in their little 3-some pack! It is sooooo great to see her running around the house… even though she dives for cover as soon as I walk into the room, lol! 
Another update is she still loves my husband BEST… he is her buddy and she follows him around the house. Sasha even takes treats from his hand… she will not do this for me! He is feeling pretty special these days! :)!!!

1...2...3...fluffy dogs!!!

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Chill Out

Besides tossing her lots of treats and sitting in the same room I'm not pushing Sasha at all to engage. I am hoping this will benefit her in the long run and she will tell me by her actions when she is ready for attention. Last night I left the stair gate open for her to come upstairs but she just stayed put and slept on the couch. Sasha is just pretty much hanging out with no pressure! What a life!!! :)

Small victory...
No longer have to prop back door open. Sasha will follow my dogs as I swing it open and stand there. So nice! Good girl!!!
Once outside Sasha proceeds to flit around the yard like a nervous squirrel if I'm outside working. Good exercise?!? Lol! Must be a positive spin to "flitting"!!! 

Her support pup! 

Here's the cool thing about Sasha... she loves my husband. Way more than she even likes me. He can give her treats from his hand and she will put her feet up on his lap. She loves to be in the basement with him. I'm very happy about it! Guess she's just a daddy girl!!!

Wednesday, September 21, 2016


As long as you let her make her own choices Sasha will snuggle! 
Her pal, Asti jumps up, so does Sasha! Sasha does what Asti does!!! Follow the leader. 

My foster mommy has silly rain boots! 
Here she is sitting near my legs!

Relaxed and settled in!
Asti helps her feel brave. Sasha NEEDS another dog! Especially one who will hang out with her! 

Early Wednesday morning:
How I woke up today...

Snuggled against my arm. No fear when sleeping. So wish that peace would carry over...

Sleeping beauty waking up!

After supper. AWWWW!!!!

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Big Break Through!!! :)

This little "peaker" finally learned to run out of the back door! It has made my life sooooooooo much easier! No more scared piddling because I have to touch her to carry her out side for potty time. She had her 'big breakthrough' last night before bed! She finally tucked her tail and ran to the back door! I was sooo happy!
All day she's been perfectly on cue! I say "outside" and she goes to the back door! I already have it propped open and out she goes! Zip zip zoom!!! What a smart girl! She has only had one (poop) accident (first day) here in the 6 days she's been here. Now she knows "outside"! Whew! Life is GOOD!!!

#peekaboo #iseeSasha

Sasha on the patio while we grill! Nummie smells!!! Mmmm!!!

I can run outside! I can run inside! I eat my delish breakfast and supper! I do my potties and 'doo-dooties' outside in the grass. I sit nicely in my doggy beddy on the couch. I snuggle lots with my new dog bestie, Asti. I snarf up treats tossed to me. I waggy-wag my tail when foster mommy comes home from work. I love pets and caresses when I jump up by people I trust. I'm learning to not be so scared and piddley. I'm learning the words 'Good Girl'.  I'm happy and starting to believe I'm loved!!!!!!!! I'm Sasha!!! :)

Monday, September 19, 2016

Video- Closer!

What's not to love?!? 

Quiet, not a chewer, cute!
That's my Sashie!!!

PS: I do pet her in the house. Just not outside yet!

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Video-- coming into the house!

So why would I show you how she can go "into" the house through a door? Sounds so simple!!! Don't we all do this?!? 
Well...because it's a "big deal" for Sasha! Going "outside" is a big deal too!!! I've been working on the command "go outside" and shooing her gently towards the back door that I've propped open. Lots of scared dogs have "door" issues. So we are working on it and she is doing super well! I'm very proud of her bravery!!!
Sasha in general is afraid of "whats next"?!? Who is going to hurt me? Where is my dog friend Suzy?! Can I trust the people that live here? 
So many questions and changes! 
To answer these questions she has to live life! That's it! So for the most part I've been really just letting her chill out. I'm proving WE are SAFE!!! We can be trusted. I'll go sit by her. I may or may not pet her.  I'm just going very slowly and she is responding. Here she is showing how she can muster up the courage to "run through that door" even with me "holding" it open! 
This is VERY exciting stuff!!! :)
"Go in the house" is the command she's learning. 

Trying to share a dog bed during the Packer game! Haha! 
See on this picture where Sacha's fur is missing on her back leg? Looks like she may have been dragged. Maybe thrown from a car? Road rash? Not sure!!! It's probably going to stay like this. She also has missing fur on her foot and an injured toe nail. It's sad to think what she has all been through! :(

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Sunny Saturday

I have a dog bed that is a "bed". Little head and foot board! It's really cuuute!!! Sasha has discovered it and is a princess laying on it. So far she has never chewed or barked-- or played with toys. The toy playing may be in her future. Let's wait and see!!! She loves to sit on the couch or dog "bed" and just relax. Its almost as if you can see the stress dissolving in her little body. 

Little Princess! XO

So sleepy

Sasha's Shorts...

Sasha has on little purple shorts.. Ok actually a dog diaper.. because once in a while if I approach her too quickly she piddles a bit. It's just because she is stressed. She did this while at the Clark County Shelter in Al as well. Her friend Suzy does it too at the doggy daycare (report from a volunteer there). I have had the privilege of conversing with her care taker from the shelter in Alabama and she says its temporary and I absolutely agree! In fact I'm seeing less here already!!! I decided to get the "shorts" just for my own piece of mind. Once she trusts me more things will settle and her purple attire will be "retired"!  
We also did a 1/2 bath as she had some dry poo poo under her tail. We trimmed  that up and she was a total trooper in the tub! She's going to be a lovely dog for her new owners some day! We just adore her to pieces. My husband just keeps bragging about her to me! He loves it when a dog likes him just as much as me! Plus the fact that she has a sweet as sugar demeanor and adorable look makes it hard not to be smitten! #daddysgirl

Sasha loves all shapes of dog beds! #musthave #comfy
I may or may not have bought this for her today while shopping for her diapers!?! Let's just say she's found a new favorite spot to sit! Ohhhh she loves this bed!

Good night Saturday...

Pink Pjs!
Bed is taken over by dogs tonight! Too funny! 

Friday, September 16, 2016

Snuggle power!

We figured out last night that Sasha loves going down the basement! My husband, John, does too! Ha! Of course he's in his Packer-decor "man cave"! Sasha loves to sit on the couch down there and snuggle into the Packer pillows. Sooooo cute!!!!

Chin rest :)

Adorable face!

I had the experience from a past mill dog foster that sleeping in bed with them seems to "crack the shell" of fear and speed up the bonding. So I carried Sasha upstairs and held onto her leash with one hand and laid down in bed. At first she was scared and panting. I just kept hold of the leash as she walked around the bed. Once I flipped off my bed stand light she relaxed. In the morning I woke up with Sasha cuddled up tight against my legs!!! I reached out my hand and she army crawled closer to give me some soft licks. Her tail was thumping soooo fast!!! That's a great way to start my Friday!!! 

Late morning...

Friday is my day off. I'm home cleaning as I'm having a party tonight with some women friends.
 Here is more Sasha progress:

Snuggle friends!!!  

Sasha really likes men! Even big tall guys like my son!!! Although she does not come up to any of us... we may get lucky to be sitting on the couch and have her hop up. That's what happened here.  She is still skittering everywhere and when approached but is no longer hanging out in her crate. Yay! She loves the couches now and stuffed wing chair. Good choices Sasha pup!!!

Pet, pet, pet!!! Smiling Sasha!!!

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Day 1...

Sasha slept peacefully in a crate with a big blankie right next to me all night. I have a lead dragging from her so I can catch her when I need to. It's for her safety. She really misses her dog friend Suzy who lived with her before rescue.  Sasha and Suzy came from an alcoholic hoarders house in the state of Alabama. Suzy was the one whom Sasha followed for confidence. She would rely on Suzy to tell her if things were safe or not. Suzy and Sasha are finding their lives apart now from each other. This is difficult for Sasha!!! She will figure it out and really her new life starts today! Be brave Sasha, girl!!! 

Favorite place to feel safe. I keep the door open!

Standing next to Parson. Their colors match! 

On the move...

Best. Ears. Ever!

Wednesday, September 14, 2016


Sasha had the busiest day today!!! She rode from Alabama to Wisconsin. Wow that was a long trip!!! Then she met all the wonderful people waiting for her at Fluffy Dog Rescue!!!  She first got a soothing flea bath and a towel dry and of course lots of compliments on her "cuteness"!!! While she was still a little damp she met her foster mommy-- that's me! After getting fitted for a purple harness (and purple leash to match) Sasha got one more ride waaaay up nort' to Green Bay!  She was zonked out on her blankie in the crate the entire ride!!! 
Here are some pictures we took tonight. Isn't she a cutie-patootie?!?  I'll tell you lots more about her as she settles in. Right now we are both going to bed early. It's been a fun day but we are ready to call "lights out"! See you tomorrow ! :)

Friday, September 2, 2016

Gotcha Day!

Da Bear is gonna be a Packer fan for life! Staying in Titletown! Awesome new mommy!! Happy Life to my Bear-Bear! Congrats to all :)!!! #adopted

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Last night here :(

Selfie... Lol
Bear did great all day here! NO CRATE!!! No whining! No nervous barking. No potty accidents or chewing. He and my own dogs just "chilled" in the house. Bear had COUCH TIME! Yay!!! We went on a walk late this afternoon after supper. Before work we ALWAYS have a nice long morning walk! He is calming down and I hope he gets lots of play time at his new home! :)!!!  I also hope to take him to the dog park one more time tomorrow!!! I will miss him! XO