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Sunday, August 31, 2014

(Video) Dog Park Day!

First day at the dog park went great! They DID bark at some of the people there and some of the dogs… But after a while they chilled out and stopped. Yay! I clipped their leashes back on and that helped me keep control… They seem to chill better too when the leashes were back on. Here is a little video of the poodle friends wrestling at the park… They had so much fun! Notice Ricky's ears are totally flipped back at the end of the video, ha ha!!!

Go Ricky Go!!!

Little Peanut :)

Isn't he gorgeous?!?

Rest time for da boys!

Back home...zzzzz!!!

Tired baby

Friday, August 29, 2014

JoJo photo shoot

Why am I still in Green Bay? 
Ok, I'm pulling out the cute stops here! 

I can look rather classic fancy poodle too... I'm a pretty handsome dude, aren't I!? #notyouraveragecouchpotato

... and I'm a sports fan if you want! Pick "my" team for me! I look adorable in many team colors :)

Monday, August 25, 2014

Progress report...

Three steps forward:
1. Great news… the poodle boys and my dog have started to play like normal dogs! It took about 11 days but on Sunday they had a wrestle and "chase me" game and it was wonderful to see! 

2. Both poodle boys have also started playing with stuffed toys and chewing bones. They are being carefree and puppyish!

3. Ricky just started going through doors normally!!! By that I mean I do not have to push the door open or prop the door open and run in and let him trail behind when he "feels" the coast is clear. Today he started to go in with JoJo and my dog Parson. He finally just forgot to be afraid and walked right in, yippee!!!!

Friday, August 22, 2014

Bath :)

The poodle boys are wonderful in the tubby! I just imagine how GORGEOUS they both will be someday when their fur grows and a professional groomer gives them a cut. WOW!

JoJo all brushed n fluffy after bath :)

Ricky smells soooo good. Love those baby blues too!

I'm ready for the game!
And so am I! 
We love watching the Pack here in Green Bay… But it would be even better with YOU! 
PS U don't even hafta be a Packer fan-- we are flexi on teams cuz we r from 'bama. :)

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Ask a foster mommy:

Question: Are they friendly?
Answer: Yes!!! Ricky is  shy and unsure but super sweet and friendly! JoJo is mostly just friendly from the start!  They just need to get to know you, of course,  because they are not sure if YOU are friendly! It takes Jo Jo a very short time (like 3 minutes if you have a treat) to" like you" but he may do a bark at first--just cuz he is not sure about "stuff" yet. 
Ricky is basically unsure of most people and will hide behind his mommy (me) and if you become his mommy he will stick with you like glue (at first)! This will not last forever and he has been venturing away from me more and more. He is unsure of men and sometimes will bark and pace but he is warming up to my husband more every day and gives him little licks on his legs and hands. Just give him a few weeks and he will improve more and more every day!
Update: Ricky is still unsure of men. He does best with his leash hooked on when men  are around. He feels more relaxed knowing someone else (me) is in charge. Simple enough! We can accommodate this, no prob!!! He is just wonderful with me and is a loving boy! "Mommy boy" all the way, hee hee...

Question: Are they potty trained?
Answer: Almost!!! I say almost because I cannot guarantee there will not be an accident in your house. Jo Jo has an occasional accident but is mostly trained. He goes like clock work everytime we go outside and he poos every time after eating his meal outside. How easy is that?! He is potty trained as long as you schedule his "out time" after meals and play and walks. Doing great!
Ricky had a bout of diarrhea when he had a reaction to his pain meds from his neutering surgery but aside from that problem he has had 0 accidents! He goes like clock work too. Potty every time we go outside and poo after eating his meals. Again... super easy! They do not let me know... I simply take them out every few hours. Update: I declare Ricky potty trained here!

Question: Do they shed?
Answer: Nope... they are pure bred poodles and are non shedding. Ricky has kinky, curly fur and JoJo has a little softer fur and has curls but not a tight kinky fur. They are considered Merle.

Question: Do they walk well on a leash?
Answer: Yes, just watch their videos in previous posting. They are fun to walk!!! JoJo is a little prancey petite pup and does not react too much on the walk. A little pull towards a squirrel but not much. When he sees a dog and reacts (by pulling towards the dog) and I say "No, JoJo" he just forgets the dog and then I praise him and he smiles like "Yeah, I did good!" Happy, happy JoJo!!!
Ricky has a  beautiful gait and smiles soooo big when he walks! He is a nice walker too. He does react a bit more to squirrels and maybe motorcycles. Just pulls towards them a little harder than JoJo. It is no big deal. :) He is a beautiful boy and he gains so much confidence from walking! I look forward to my walks with both of the poodle boys!!!

Question: Where do they sleep?
Answer: They both sleep in their crates at night in my bedroom. JoJo hops right in for a treat. Ricky is almost ready to  hop in but is still a little unsure so I place him in and he gets his treat. Both do well and sleep nicely. Both would be more then happy to sleep in bed with their mommy if you prefer that. They are snuggle-bugs. They do not move off the bed but stay put all night!
UPDATE: Last night Ricky went in his crate and waited for his street without even being told. Poodles are brilliant! :)

Question: What are their current personalities?
Answer: JoJo is a "people dog". He likes snuggles and pets and just being on your lap. He could easily be a pampered pooch and love life in that role! He doesn't really run around the yard he instead prefers treats, walks, and laps :). 
Ricky likes pampering too...but he loves to chase balls and play and run and enjoy life in a more active role! He loves walks and I believe, once he sheds his fears, will be a very fun dog to take along hiking, maybe camping and just hang out with in many ways! (Probably not crowded areas but more one on one activities) I truly believe his zest for life will shine through in the end!!!:))) At this time he is not ready for social hiking, LOL, but he shines when he runs around the yard with me!!! His world will really open up as he gains confidence! Just you wait!
Both dogs are just beautiful gems in their own ways and are being polished day by day! 

Have a question? Ask me!

Monday, August 18, 2014

Good advice You Tube :)

This is a good YouTube video for dealing with shy/ fearful dogs. :)

Walking around~Taking a drive~

These two are super good little walkers! 
I like to call JoJo prissy paws because he is such a little poodley boy! He twirls and prances and doesn't like to get his little feeties wet… he is just so prissy. You can't help but fall in love with him!
Ricky is a little more of a boyish dog… but he does have a lovely high steppin' prance when he walks!
Ricky is very much a little "squirrel chaser" and JoJo noticed the squirrels too but wasn't as excited as Ricky.  Jo Jo probably would've chased the squirrels but Ricky definitely would've been off in a flash after those varmints!
All in all I give them both A's for their ability to walk on the leash! I've never seen such big smiles on two little faces ...they were absolutely in love with walking and their tails were up and proud!!!

First car ride... Did AWESOME! Absolutely quiet :)

Giving you the "puppy eyes"... Yep, you are looking at "super irresistible me"! I could be yours!!!! 

Back to a nice comfy bed! All I need now is a furever family! I'm dreaming of you!!!

Curly ball of poodle... 
Beauty sleep for Jo Jo. 

Sunday, August 17, 2014

(Video) Pack of Poodles

Ricky and JoJo have been here about 4 1/2 days and they are getting acquainted with the routine. Both dogs are very well behaved, no chewing or distructive behavior and potty training is progressing. Ricky had a bout of diarrhea but I am fairly sure it was a reaction to the pain medication he was on after the neutering.
Jojo does very well in his crate and settles in without too much fuss. Ricky gets upset in his crate if he cannot see me so I've been giving him his favorite bone w peanut butter smeared on and that helps a little.  We practice going in for a while and then out. He probably is thinking that he will get "stuck in there" like at the puppy mill. I am trying to help him realize his crate now is a positive experience. It will take time! 
This boy Ricky sure would love a person who stays home a lot to be his new mom! Ricky would be your bestest pal!

#lookingforlove  #gorgeous

Friday, August 15, 2014

(Video) Jo Jo's itchy nose!

Too cute not to post! 

Wearing his big boy belly band... no accidents yet... Proud foster mom! 

#cutepoodle  #takemehome #furbaby

Ricky is very wanting to be close to his foster mommy. He has his cute head on my foot!!
He is still very nervous but also very wanting to be near. His bucket of fear is pretty full but each day a teaspoon gets emptied. Little by little he will settle down and learn to relax
"Cheering for you all the way, Ricky Roo!"

Caught a little picture of Ricky modeling his rather cute monkey patterned bellyband! I have it on him just in case he would try to pee pee-mark in my house.  So far both Ricky and JoJo have not marked --I am amazed! I keep the belly bands on them just for peace of mind until I know for sure they have the concept that all marking, pottying, and poo poo is outside business only! 

Thursday, August 14, 2014

(Video) The Poodle Boys at my House!

Everyone at The Plantation (that's what we call our house) welcomes Ricky 'n' Jo Jo!!! Watch this video and enjoy the cuteness of these special blue eyed beauties! We love them already!!!

A  helpful Fluffy volunteer met me (the foster mom) 1/2 way on the journey of getting these two precious poodles to my home (I live by Green Bay... up Nort). 
Here is a pic of precious poodle #1, Jo Jo, emerging from his crate as we transfer him to my car. 
He has such a pretty little face! Look at his expression of shear adoration! #puppylove

Ricky got to ride "shot gun"! Playing classical music on the radio lulled him to sleep. 

He is resting his little tired head on his extended leg... he has a paw pillow!

Hello cute Jo Jo! I love your name and I love your multri colored eyes!

Brown eyed side of Jo Jo...

Blue eyed side of Jo Jo :)

Some day...some day!!!

I wuv this nose too!!!

Hint Hint ...

Hello cute Ricky! I wuv your floppy ears and cow spotted coat... not to mention your to die for sky blue eyes!

First time coming inside...not so sure! He is a shy one but he will get there... never underestimate the magic of the treat! Hee hee!

Ricky hides behind people. Awww it's ok buddy!!!

We are all tired and sooo ready to relax! (Clark the Westie on pic just found his furever family!!! He is from Wi Westie Rescue). We all deserve a "group snuggle" on the couch! #fosterfam

"Friday"...and I'm just sitting outside getting to know the poodle boys. 
Jo Jo is just lounging and getting sleepy on his back while laying on my lap. He suddenly had to "sneeze" and rubbed his nose. He looks so cute! 
Relaxed boy!!!
Jo Jo feels a sneeze coming on...
Achoooo... I'm so embarrassed ! 
JoJo... that was a c-u-t-e sneeze!!!
We came in the house. Where did Jo Jo go? Haha... Looked under the table! Yep... but of course... at my feet! Who wouldn't love Jo Jo?!?