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Thursday, July 30, 2015

(Video) Trail Walker

Bronx had a fun evening checking out the trail that travels along the Fox River. He is a perfecto walker! We met big and little people, bikes, strollers and dogs. A+ grade for Bronx! Paws together to give him a high 5!!! What I totally love about the trail is that nobody stops to try and pet Bronx or reach for him. This could scare him... make him pull back away from approaching hands... cause some nervous barking. He is totally comfy and chill if everyone just does their own thing. He just does not trust those he does not know. Me either!!!! Sooo I can't blame  him. This is all new and his past wasn't always happy rainbows.

Enjoy the views...

Can you see the heart shape in the trees?!

Peaceful ....ahhhhh

Ginormous historical home. 

So proud of Bronx! 
Bronx walked beautifully on the trail and equally as well in town by traffic. We walked down Main St. in De Pere after the trail walking and he did great! Country dog or City dog... Bronxy is wonderful on leash and is a total JOY with which to "walk-walk"!!! :)

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

I am ...

I am fun! I play and snuggle and give kisses!

I am adorable! I am a mix of a yorkie and shih tzu. 2 sweeeeeet breeds!

I am a great size! 18 lbs. --not too small but not too big. 

I am potty trained! At my foster home I do doo-ties out yonder :)!

I am a great walking buddy! I love my "walk-walks", as foster mom calls them. 

I am a good eater! Food--yum-- not fussy. 

I am awesome in the car! Doggy car seats are where it's at! Love going bye-bye! #takeme

I am good with primping! Brushing, baths, nail clips -- no issues. 

I am young! White toofies, good breath, playful, nosey, eager to please!

I am a team player! Give me a jersey- size medium! 

I am learning to trust! Men make me nervous still but people's like my mommy I follow everywhere and wuffs hers to pieces!!! 

I am smart! I come when called, know my name, know "sit" and know "outside", "walk-walk", "wanna eat", "kennel"!

I am black with a white chest tuft! Best color ever-- classic n stylin!

I am a good boy! Foster mommy says I behave well! No issues with living politely in the house. 

I am a dog friend! I love my canine buddies soooo much! (Snuggle--xo!)

I am fluffy! Light shedder if any--thick silky fur. Beautiful boy-- see my photos!

I am adjusting! My world is new and happy now! I'm meeting new people and tackling new situations all the time. 

I am FREE!!!! #puppymillsurvivor
Fluffy Dog Rescue saved my life!!! Thank you --thank you forever...amen! 
"I wuff you's alls"!!!

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

(Video) Squeak that chicken!

Sorry the video is not the best quality due to the window glare but I posted it anyway! I brought home a brand new squeaker for Bronxy! It's a red chicken! Do you think he loves it???? 

Chickens are the bestest!

Monday, July 27, 2015

(video) learning "sit"

It's not perfect but this is "real life"...I'm still in the process of teaching Bronx to sit! He is catching on and usually does it better n faster without my phone in his face, lol, but he did it!! Score!!! Isn't he sweet and adorable?!? 

Gang Sit!!!

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Week 3

Bronx is celebrating his 3rd week with me, come and gone. 
Seems like he has been here longer as he has melded in so well! I honestly prefer him over my own dogs to go with on walks because he is not a puller! 
Overall everything is going well with Bronx. The one hangup he has is strange men approaching him. He will sometimes even still bark at my husband. All depends on the situation. He is fine with men if they keep their distance or are just in the room talking etc but he is not comfy if they get too close and reach out at him for pets. Then he will bark nervously like "back off buddy.. I'm not sure about you yet!" Bronx is fine with my son Seth who is smaller and by the way Bronx will take treats from men... inbetween barks, lol! He does settle down once the man backs off.  (He does fine with women) 
So Bronx should probably not be adopted by a single man. It would not be cool. 
Otherwise he is super awesome and is my buddy! Love him <3!

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Black Dogs...

Black dogs are BEST cuz...

*they are like a black dress-- always a good  choice-- classic!
*if they shed on your black dress (coat, pants, sweater) it will NOT show!!!
*they can hide in the dark like a Ninja and scare bad guys away! 
*they don't clash with your furniture like a spotted dog on a plaid couch. 
*they look totally awesome in any color of coat or collar you put on them! 
*their pink tongues show off. 
*they don't look dirty so less baths to give. 
*they don't get lost in snow banks #WIproblem. 

And finally...
*they need love and a home just as much as white, cream, merle, spotted, brown, tri, tan and any other color combo of dog!!!

Just seems people pass up these beautiful black coated sweeties more often. That is super SAD!!! I have given so many reasons to love a black dog! Now look at Bronx's little face and tell him why you are not choosing him! 

Friday, July 24, 2015

Good night from me...

Good night peoples... I wuff yous!!!

Going to sleepies now... 

No monsters under the beddies...zzzz

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Visit with Monte...

June of 2014 I fostered Monte. He is the white and tan.... hey wait a minute... Ha! Anyway, we got to visit him (and his pack of friends) at the De Pere dog park today. Monte is doing very well! 
Bronx is really REALLY loving the dog park visits and it's definitely helping him to become a confident dog. He has come a long way! He even jumped into the car on his own.  I'm very proud of my sweet Bronxy!!!

Parson ...not feeling it...

Cute pups!!! Obviously Bronx didn't get that it was a "white and tan" only affair!

Heading home! We had a blast!!!
Bronx ran all around the park with the other dogs. He greeted the people at the park if they bent down and were patient. He does bark at other dogs between the fence at first. (So does my Asti) Once inside and off leash he is fine and happily runs and sniffs. He loves being social and smiles as he runs through the grass and trots around the trails. No more scary puppy mills ever!!!! for this boy who is lovin' the life of love and freedom! (Now all he needs is a fur-ever home and his world will be just as he dreamed!) 

(Video) Slideshow...

Bronx is a Foto-Gen-Ik kinda dog! What a "dream"!

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Sooooooooo relaxed :)

Did u know...Bronx has a cute "bright white" spot on his chest?!? I just love it!!!
It's kinda like those "brite pink" strands I see in girl's hair but it's white! 

He also has NO body touching phobias! I can massage his toes-- ears-- tummy and little docked tail! No matter to him-- just keep it up! Loves his message time!!! Zzzzzzzzzzz!
Feeties up in the air... Bronxy is just chillaxing on my lap. #rubmytumtum

Look at the shiny SHINY coat on this boy!!! #snugglemonster
Today my husband and I must've had a miscommunication. I had left for an early morning meeting and then went straight to work. He must have thought I was coming home after the meeting because when I got home all the doors to the house were wide open and none of the dogs were in their kennels, LOL! I am happy to report nothing was amiss… no accidents... nothing chewed... this group of perfect pups probably just slept away the day!!!

Monday, July 20, 2015

When in Green Bay, WI...






PS I think Bronx would help you eat up a few game day snacks this fall! Did somebody say CHEESECURDS?!? He is already a fan... what are u waiting 4??? 
 #adoptme  #LovethePack


Sunday, July 19, 2015

(Video) Week 2 done!

Listen to the video for an update on Bronx! He is doing soooooo well! Easy dog once you give him just a little time to trust you! Playful and adorable boy... currently playing a game of tuggies with my Parson. Who will win?! Poor pink bunny getting stretched to the max! Haha!
 Bronx is going to be the love of someone's life very soon, I think! Here is a little secret: He loves to rest his head on my feet! Awwww! Its adorable and loving!!!!! If you would like a dog who will be your special boy and show you lots of love and companionship then Bronx is "your fluffy"! #lovemybearcub

Laying head on my foot... hee hee!

Friday, July 17, 2015

Dog Park day 2



New Friends...

Tired Terriers... 

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Lets talk doggy "doo-ties" :)

So most people want ta know... "Is this dog potty trained"???
Even if I would say "yes"... that might only apply to my house. Mr Perfect here may be stressed or nervous or just doesn't know where the door is when he leaves here and enters your "home-sweet-home". 
So is Bronx potty trained? Well, kinda but I have a system I try to follow where it's harder to make mistakes. Plus he is young so he could be doing great one week and forget what he seemed to know the next. He is still a "kid"! :)
All dogs go out first thing upon getting up. All dogs go out shortly after eating meals. All dogs go out after play time or after long naps. Often foster dogs drag leashes inside, are baby gated from the upstairs carpet, watched closely and boy dogs often wear belly bands till I know they are not leg lifting "markers" or sneaker offers to make a mistake. Plus owning other dogs that can "show the foster pups the ropes" on potty training 101 helps lots too!!! Once I'm confident the foster is "golden" the leash comes off, belly band comes off and lastly gate comes down. (each foster is unique but that's pretty much the scenario)

Here is Bronx going on his "after eating walk". Since he didn't do his doo-ty in the yard I took him on a walk around the block. (It worked) Hee Hee!

Back from his walk he is greeted at the door by Parson n Asti and a treat awaits when we get inside!!! Look at that cute Bronxy face!! Awwww!
Here is a pic of Bronx in his styling lumber jack plaid belly band! Velcro ends for easy on and off with a pad inside. (His B-band is dry, by the way) Bronxy is on his way to success!

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

(Video) Dog Park friends

Bronx on the trails...
Bronx made a trip to the Outagamie Dog Park today. Remarkably it's probably about a year ago that I adopted out Murphy, formally my foster dog named "Kennedy", to his mommy Kathy. Murphy/Kennedy was a shy dog too as he came from a hoarder situation. It is sooo amazing how much he has progressed in one year! I am certain that little Bronx will be a bit more of a care free dog next July just like Murphy was today :)!!! Both Bronx and Murph are amazing dogs! I'm happy to report Bronx warmed up quickly to everyone and was a perfect pup today as he sniffed his way around and around the trails!

So many smells!

Green and cool shady spot!

Bronx and Murphy (taking a rest)

Big smiles :)

Sleepy doggy-- heading home!

Sunday, July 12, 2015

One week in...

Humid sunny day~
2 closeup photos~

White teeth #nodoggybreath 

Bronx did much better today with his crate! When I said "kennel" Asti ran into the big crate and Bronx followed. There they say waiting for treats! Of course they each received a couple! :) 
Yes, they were in the same crate together but they each had plenty of room. Soon they snuggled up and Bronx only did a couple barks as I left. He is getting the concept that crating is "not so bad"...  this is very good news! 

Nappy time with a squeaker!

Summary to date...

Name: Bronx
Age: 18 months
Size: 18 lbs. 
Color: glossy black with a little white on his chest
Personality: my sweet shadow, skittish of some noises, learning to trust people but loves his mommy!  Enjoys playing with dogs and is very cuddly. 
Barks: sometimes when he is afraid/unsure and sometimes at men. 
Sheds: very little to none. 
Car: does not like to approach the car but inside is quiet and sits nicely. 
Sleeps: on my bed with me. 
Temperament: very sweet/never mean or growly. 
Tricks: learning "sit".
House trained: can't say for certain but he is doing very well! You should not have many problems with this!!! :)
Energy level: just right. Playful outside but nice house manners inside. 
Eats: 1/2 cup dry kibble and a T. of canned mixed 2X a day. 
Leash: walks nicely. Stands still for putting on harness.  More comfortable walking with another dog but with encouragement walks by himself also. 
Toys: bones and squeakers. 
Fetch: he does not. 
Grooming: no issues. Good boy!!!
Dog beds: has not used one here. Likes my couch and bed. 
Crate trained: emerging. Keeps crate clean but not always quiet inside but it's getting better! Does go right in now for a treat!
Cuteness factor: just adorable! 10+!!
Other: needs patience and gentleness. A quiet house. Another sweet dog friend would be helpful. 

Saturday, July 11, 2015

(Video) Vacuums

It is very adorable that when I vacuum Bronx gets his squeaker toy and squeaks it the whole time. When the vacuum shuts off he lays it down. Bronx does not run away... he just squeaks! How cute is that?!?

Bandanas are so me!!!

Lime green

Or orange?

Friday, July 10, 2015

We do Friday's like...

Heading out~ #rummagesale

First sale~

We bought a big dog bed basket ~

Just one more~

Losing steam~

All done~

Typical boy~


Painting my park bench with my supervisors on deck! 


Trying an apple slice! (he likes it!)


Visiting new people (brief visit)

Voyager Park "snooping"...

Trail Walking :)
(walking forward/looking back)

Since I'm off work on Fridays I got to spend some extra time today with Bronx.
Observations ~
1.He loves the doggy seat in my car. He does not like approaching the car itself but once inside he sits really well!
2. I held him for the most part walking around the couple of rummage sales we stopped at as he didn't want to walk. He was not shaking or panicking. He was just quiet and glued to my leg when I did set him down. 
3. He loved when we got home and he could frolic around the yard with his pals!
4. Visiting my son at his apartment next to the park went way way better than I expected. Bronx walked on the park walking trails and was not even afraid of passing bikes or groups of people!!! He again was quiet and pulled back a bit at times but nothing major. I am so proud of Bronx today!!!! Way to go!