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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Tuesday more progress...

Taking a nappy by the window... look at his ear flipped over from sleeping! LOL!
... later we practiced our leash walking. Doris, the Fluffy Dog Animal Behaviorist, stopped by my house.  She gave me some ideas as we practiced.  Wave did so well! Best he has done yet! Time and patience is paying off! We walked 1/2 way around the block and back home. Wave is soooo brave!!!

Monday, September 28, 2015

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Stats check...

Wave on the porch before we do our walking practice... #prettyboy #thatface
Name: Wave, Wavey
Age: 5 mo approximately 
Personality: happy, loving, cautious, shy, playful, devoted, sweet 
House trained: working on it. He is doing well!
Toys: likes to chew on cow hoofs, squeaky toys, bones
Beds: dog beds, people beds, couches
Crate trained: working on it. Goes in for a treat. Sleeps quitely at night, barks and whines when he wants out!
Cars: rides quietly but is a little nervous yet as its new to him. He likes my doggy car seat. 
Leash trained: Emerging! Getting more confident every day! I'm so proud of Wave!!!
Destructive: No, Wave has good manners but he is a puppy so some chewing is happening. He needs appropriate things to chew. He listens very well when I redirect him from chewing on my things he really is doing well!!!  He is a really good puppy!
Barking: Wave will alert to an unfamiliar sound but he is not yappy. He will whine and bark in his crate when he does not want to be in. He can have a little tantrum and then settles down nicely. He can be quiet inside his crate too. All depends on his mood and time of day and what's going on. Again, he is learning and doing awesome!!!
Disposition: super sweet and friendly but a little shy to new people. He warms up in no time. Cautious to new situations. Never ever growly. :)
Food: eats 2x a day. Loves food and treats! 
Other dogs: loves all dogs. Would make a great second dog or fine as only dog too. Not sure about cats as I do not own a cat. 
Tricks: sit and comes to his name and learning fetch. 
Grooming: did great with nail clipping. He does not need much brushing but has no fears of being touched anywhere. 
Other: Wave is a doll! He is so loving and adores his family and wants to please. He is funny and playful and likes belly rubs, compliments and Packer Jerseys!!

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Play Time

Wave is getting more playful the longer he is here! He has bursts of having to run and zoom around... soon after he is ready to lay down and chew on a toy or nap. He is 5 months old and loves toys and needs to chew bones and of course, get his exercise! I have to watch him but he is a very good boy and hasn't gotten into mischief. Enjoy this time while it lasts! Puppies grow up fast!!!

Clipped Wave's nails! Piece of cake! Good boy!!!

I will trade you, Wave! You bake cupcakes and I will nap!? No? Hmpf!

I have a pet stroller. After practicing his walking Wave got to "ride" so he could keep up with my dogs! #nodogleftbehind

By the end of the walk he was enjoying it! I can peek in on him!!! 

Tonight...Just a little EXTRA EXTRA news!!! Wave went and sat at the back door to be let out for potty!! Happy dance!!! So proud of my boy :)

Friday, September 25, 2015


Wave is making progress! When he came to my house a week ago he was unfamiliar with the leash.  After working with him a little while with treats and patience and praise he is understanding the concept. It won't take long and he will be walking around the block! :-)

Woo Hoo it's Friday!!!

Its not even 6 am and Wave is up and ate (gulped I should say, ha!!!) his nummie food and did business outside and is happily playing with his toys! This boy is the BEST! 
He is a mommy baby for sure and has been my little buddy!!! He really loves his family and will bond tightly! He is shy with new people at first and tucks his tail...but he follows the lead of my dogs when at home and then he warms up!!! 
He is making progress on his leash too. The freeze dried liver treats, his FAV, are working!!!

My lil' buddy sitting close...wouldn't u like a Wavey laying by your footsies?!?

We dropped off some fall decorations at my son's apartment for his patio! "Shhhh it's a surprise!" Wavy took a seat on the patio chair!!!

The BIG adventure came today when we stopped at a consignment store in downtown De Pere!! We poked our heads in and asked if Wave was allowed in?!? He was and wow did he make a hit with the ladies!!! Of course who could resist little Wave??? The shop owner even had doggie treats!!! Wavy was a wonderful shopper!!! Since Wave is so calm and gentle and quiet I knew he would be just fine in the store. I think he would make a great dog for any family as long as they are patient with Wave. It takes him some time to feel comfortable.  

Yes, Wave enjoys dog beds! Here he is at home chewing on a cow hoof in his bed. Parson is supervising from the couch!

I just had to share Wave sleeping in his crate. Talk about relaxed and comfy!!! Stretched out on his back... Haha... Zonked! One tired baby boy...
...and his right foot is hanging out the end through the cage, lol! He cracks me up! 

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Sit Wavey!

(Video) Wave is a quick learner! Here he is practicing learning "sit"! He's almost got it!!!!

Just a puppy and his cow hoof. Yummy... at least he thinks so!
I think Wave takes the cutest pics ever!!! He is so darling!!! 

The gang is asleep... must be 10pm. No clock needed here. These guys are furry clocks! Especially around supper... nothing like 6 eyeballs following my every move till I head for the food bin and a party breaks out! 


It's amazing how quickly Wave has discovered that couches are comfy!
When he got here he didn't do the stairs or jump on the couch. Wellllll 4 days later he loooooves running up and down the stairs and couches... Haha...he's happy as a clam on them! So cute to see him learn about the pleasures in life!!!

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Leash Learning

White side of Wave!

Spotted side of Wave!

The picture collage below I am working  on getting Wave used to being on the leash and also being out on the driveway. The driveway is not a familiar place for Wave so we are going slowly and making it a positive experience. 
Wave is getting treats and gaining confidence!!!
Calling wave... He walks forward... He stops... He gets his treat! 
Wavy is still a bit worried but he is getting more comfy!

Monday, September 21, 2015

Monday Monday Monday

Goodbye weekend... Hello Monday!
 Here is baby Wave supervising me in the bathroom this morning getting ready for the day. We both have on our polka dots --matchy! :)
Wave had a good nights sleep after staying up late to watch the football game. So much excitement!!!
This morning he ate his breakyfast with gusto and did his potties in the yard. He did try and squat for a potty accident later on the kitchen tile, oops, but I caught him and wisked him outside-- so he had only 1/2 an accident. He will catch on soon enough (no worries) to this "new fangled" requirement called house training!!! 

Later in the day...

Wave stretching out on the cool tile floor! Hi cute boy!!!

Licking his nose! "Talent", I say!

Getting some water sideways style. Silly Wavey!

Playing with dog friends! 

"First" ride in the Doggy Coupe car seat! Hang ten little Wave... here we go!!!

Konked out!!! It's been a very busy day for one little pup! Time to head "night-night!"

Snuggling for a little while in the people bed... so sweet! "Good night, Monday!"

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Doing the Wave!!!

(Video) Wave does "the wave"!!! 

If "The Pack" needed a mascot he'd get the job!!! #packerpup

Tummy rubs during the game. He loves 'em!

Wave is such a lovely puppy! He eats well, is gentle, likes to play and is a people dog. He is so super sweet and cuddly too. What a heart stealer!!! 
Wave is curious but in a polite sort of way. If I say "no Wave, don't dismantle my fall decorations" he listens! :)
He is getting more confident with the many stairs we have in our house and he sleeps nicely in his crate. He does protest for a short time when first crated but settles down within minutes. 
Wave plays with my dogs when they all get their energy spurt but it's fairly short lived and then he is done! His favorite chew is a cow hoof. Wave is very easy to have in our home and we all love his adorable personality and cute puppy demeanor. He's a definite keeper!!!

Saturday, September 19, 2015


The (Video) Meet Wave

Wave is Black and White. His tummy is speckled and one eye is baby blue. He is very huggable too!!!

Wave also has a spotted back and polka dotted ears! I wonder what mix he really is?!?
On the right is Breeze (already adopted), Wave's Mommy! She has a blue eye too!!! This little family has fun beachy sounding names! Waves's brothers are Snorkel, Dolphin and there was a Flip Flop that already got adopted! 

Exploring! Hello kitty! Why won't you play?!?

First time inside! You can do it Wave! Climb, baby!!!

Supper Time! Mmmmm... 

Pretty 'n' precious on the patio chair...

...and totally tempting on the table :)!!!

Watching a movie with foster mommy...this is the good part!

Little dotted head! What a snuggler! Wave is a great movie watching buddy... he loves his prime seating spot and doesn't require popcorn. 

But he got sleepy and missed the ending! I'll tell him in the morning that all the puppies were rescued and lived happily ever after! soft and smooshy! XO

My first few hours with Wave have been awesome!!! It was "love at first sight" and there has been oodles of smiles and snuggles! Wave is a dream!!! He's a 5 month old puppy that is soooo super sweet, gentle and quiet and he makes me feel extra blessed that he is with us until a forever family is found. 
Wave is wearing a little monkey printed "belly band" just in case he should try to potty or mark in the house. So far he has not tried. He has been the perfect puppy...loving, snuggly, adorable and friendly to all!
He currently is sleeping in his crate in my bedroom and is quiet. We are both tired out after a busy day and with the windows open we are getting a soft gentle breeze. I think Wave is very happy to be here! Good night little Wave.. may you have sweet, happy dreams all night long!

Adoption Day...

Dozzer gave 4 paws up and a sweet Dozzer smile! So happy!!! 
"I'm heading "home" with this guy!" he says. 
What a great match! #furever

Getting all buckled in his awesome car seat! #ridinginstyle

Ready to head out!!! Bye to my beautiful and sweet Dozzer!! Have a happy and amazing life!!! 

Friday, September 18, 2015

Picture "recipe"

One organic apple

Cut the apple in chunks

Place apple chunks in Kong

Happy and busy Dozzer! 
You can use carrots, broccoli or a mix of dog friendly food. 

Here is a nice article!!!
Later ...

Guess we know what he wants to try next!!! 

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Working for peanuts!

I know Dozzer is going to learn lots of tricks and commands. Here is his sit! What's going to be your next trick, Dozzer?!? I can only wonder?????

<3 <3 <3

Monday, September 14, 2015

He has hops !

 Dozzer posing for a pic at the dog park today!

Dozzer does not use the ramp... Why bother...he just jumped up by me! He is so athletic. 
Dozzer always makes a loud entrance into the park with his excited barking. Once in... he goes so happy! We then hit the trails for our walk and he does great!