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Saturday, March 22, 2014

The BIG day!

Mugsy has no idea but it's a big day for fuzzy sweetie pie!!! He gets to move to Chicago. I am rather jeoulous. Sounds exciting!!!!
He is going to love it and oh the adventures that await him! I will miss him tons but I  know he will love his new family and hope we can remain pen pals (or now days it's probably "keyboard" pals!!!) Congrats Mugs! :)

Friday, March 21, 2014

We had a Spa Morning!

Mugs and Pars had a "spa morning" at Claws n Paws. They did great! Both had baths and nails clipped and a little trimming. They smell nice n clean and are wearing green springy bandanas. Cute! I wish this video was a little brighter, I should have turn the light on. Oh well! This is Mugsy's personality… Very roly-poly and sweet... he always wants to be picked up too. Most loving little boy ever!

Tired from all that pampering and smelling like flowers!

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Mugsy goes to college :)

Today we practiced walking downtown and at St Norbert College! We literally were people stalkers, haha! Practicing walking around people and cars and noises of all sorts! Muggy did well! 
We left our house around 1:45pm... sneaking out of the house so as not to get Parson all worked up. Parson didn't get to come along this time cuz he can be distracting. Poor guy was sadly watching out the window as we left! We got back around 3:45 pm so we walked quite a while!
The drive downtown  went well - no whining! Mugs did need a hand on him to keep him still and staying in his seat. Mugs practiced "waiting" to get out of the car and we walked all over looking for people. Our people stalking paid off and we got to walk past both men and women. He woofed a couple times but not bad! We couldn't find any dogs to "stalk" today so no practicing that! All in all Mugsy is making improvements and it was great exercise for us both! :)

Here he is on the "wait" to jump out of the car. 
At admissions! ... Sorry, no Muggy's may apply!
Getting his treat for all his hard work!
Yawn... I second that!!!!
Zonked out on the drive home. No help needed to stay in his seat now. :)

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

The Mugsy "sit"

When Mugsy leaves for his new home I will always remember him like this photo... Sitting in my kitchen looking up at me with one leg slid out. No matter which side... This is how he sits... One leg out!  We always thought it so very cute! XO!

Mugsy outside

Walk start via video...


At the door...
Anxiously waiting...
Down the stairs...
Untangle the leashes...
Off we go...
Boat launch ahead!
Headin home!
Ready to rest...BUT someone hadda join me ... Wet paws n all! :)

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Nighty- Night

Ready for bed! It can get a little crowded but I love it. Yes, they are allowed to sleep on the bed!!! My dog Parson often chooses to sleep on his doggy bed in his crate. He likes it! The door is open. He also is more restless and will get up and greet my son Luke on weekends when he comes in late. 
Mugs is a bed only kinda guy. He gets comfy and it is lights out! He does not move or crowd your feet. He finds a spot and stays put! Wonderful!!! He in fact is not a morning dog either. Parson is up and ready to go -- waking us up! Mug, nope he can "sleep in" noooo problem! 
Muggy with his monkey toy already tucked in and out for the night. Parson is sleepy too. Sweet dreams, boys!

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Getting Snoopy!

I can tell this little guy Mugs is getting wayyyy comfy. He has seen Parson stand  on this red chair many times but he never even jumped up on it. Today he took the plunge and not only did he get on the chair he got on the wide windowsill behind the chair!! This window is a prime "look out" for bunnies and squirrels for my dog Parson, a terrier who is always on patrol duty --I think Mugsy just wanted to find out what all the excitement was about at this window. Not being a terrier, he simply hopped down after he found it to be not worth the effort. Good boy Mugs, one barky terrier in the house is enough!

Two little "ponies"

Saturday, March 15, 2014

So proud!!!

Mugsy had a bath this afternoon and afterwards ate supper. I realized we were out of dog food. I could not go to our regular place where we purchase food because it's Saturday and it was closed already; so I decided Mugs was ready for a trip to Petsmart. This is a big step for him!
I have been noticing a transformation in Mugsy.  It's like watching stress simply evaporating off of him little by little -- day by day!
Today his walk went so great. Head up more and a good listener. Both Mugsy and Parson walked together. They both enjoy a quick paced walk. It's like having a team of matched ponies!!!
So anyway, back to Mugsy's big Petsmart trip...
He was all set to go! Bath done AND he sat calmly for his blow dry. Another huge improvement for him. Back in January when I tried to blow dry him he was afraid-- now he sat just as calmly as could be up on the counter. I brushed  him and he never moved or whined. I put a little coat on Mugsy just to make him look "adorable" and we took a picture before we left to capture his big "outing" adventure into a public place.  
The drive to Petsmart in the car went phenomenal!!! Mugsy did not whine and  he did not fidget... he sat calmly in the car as long as I had one hand on him. This is huge! Lots of progress in his car riding :-) When we got to Petsmart I made him "wait" until I was ready to get out and open the door and then I let him jump out of the car after I said "okay". 
Mugsy did not bark at anybody in the parking lot and he stuck right next to me. When we walked in we just took a little tour around the aisles...he looked a little nervous wanting me to pick him up but we just kept going and he explored. Eventually I got a cart as we needed to pick out the dog food and I put him inside to make shopping a little easier. He sat calmly in the cart next to my humongous purse!  We also were looking for a harness so both dogs had one as I like to have harnesses when we go on walks. Success in finding both items! After we had our purchases I let him get out and walk around and purposefully walked past some dogs-- he did well! A little girl wanted to pet him while we stood in line to check out. I told her she could but I held onto his nose while she petted the top of his head just to keep him under control. He sat calmly the entire time! People kept commenting how "cute" he was while we were on our visit :)!! Which of course he is!!! When we put our things in the car and it was time for him to settle into his seat he actually laid down. I did not even have to keep my hand on him.  During the drive home he slept in the passenger seat! 
It is so great to see the transformation taking place in Mugsy--he is settling down more each day after all the trials he has been through ...from heartworm to the long transport up from Alabama to being put on prednisone to leaving my house and being returned. He is on his way to becoming a very normal and balanced dog. I am soooo proud of Mugsy!!! 
The drive to Petsmart. At a stop light. 
Riding in the shopping cart. 
Sniffing toys! Buy me that BIG one, pleeeease!!!

Mugsy Tug Of War

Friday, March 14, 2014

Mugsy visits the Fox River!

Ears flapping and tail up...let's go for a walk!!!
Smelling the Fox River. 
Resting at a park bench. 
Frozen river!
Rock climbing fun :)
Look at this cutie!!!!

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Mugsy's top 5.

Mugsy loves certain things... Guess we are all like that, right?!? 
Here are his top 5....
 1. His person.
  (Right now that would be me, foster mom).
 Mugs is a loyal dog that loves "his person". We continue to help him be balanced so he does not get too attached to just one of us but is social to all. He is a good dog and learning to trust. 
2. Toys. 
He loves his special buddies. Carries them around. Reminds me of a baby w a blankie!
3. Treats. 
This guy isn't too fussy. Not into veggie treats. Does like peanut butter and yogurt. 
4. Napping. 
Oh the joy! He even snores a little but not loud! Cute!
5. Tummy rubs. 
He flips on his back to get belly rubs as much as possible. He has such soft fur it's pretty much irresistible to not give in to this guys wishes. :)

Above Mugs has a new toy... Yay! Below pic he is ready for a tummy rub! 

Monday, March 10, 2014

Finally, good weather to try out a walk!

My son Seth and I took Mugsy to the east side of De Pere for a walk. We went there, so we would be in a residential area and run into some situations that I wanted to test him on. It finally is warm enough and the sidewalks are semi-clear.
 This is what I observed: Mugsy does not pull very much at all but he does weave back-and-forth following his nose ...never really looking up...just on an imaginary trail. We encountered many puddles of water that he cruised right through, actually seeming to "like" to hit every puddle he found :-)! He is not afraid of cars or traffic or bikes. When a jogger went past he did bark at her and I had to correct him for this. He did not bark at a girl talking on her phone who was walking. When a little dog was coming towards us pulling on his leash with excitement Mugs got quite excited too and barked and barked and barked. I am not sure what kind of bark it was "friend or foe" ?? actually sounded more foe, so I picked him up because he actually tried to back out of his leash as I was pulling him backwards away from the little dog. Mugsy needs to wear a harness I think when he goes on walks. I would not ever want him to get free as he could get himself into a troubling situation! All in all he is a very nice walker but he definitely needs work on meeting people and dogs along the way. He has a tendency to get overly excited and be too much of a barker.  I wonder how much walking Mugsy got before this? I would guess not too much. We will practice... Had a great afternoon out with Mug Mug!!!!
Here is Muggsy all tuckered out with wet paws drying off after his excursion. 
And later he ate a hearty supper ... but who ever had a dog who sits when he eats ?!? He makes me :) !!!!
Mugsy showing off his new for spring collar. Such a fashionable doggy!!! :)

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Sunday, day light savings, zzzzzz!

Mugsy found that his little toy makes a perfect pillow! 
This little Mugs is what can I say... Close to being THE perfect "house" dog! Last night he alerted to an unusual sound around 3am the house was making. I heard it too. Turned out to just be our creaky old 100 yr old house being just that... a 100 year old creaky house, lol... But nice to know Mugs was on the alert! He has many outstanding qualities that make him so special! He is soooo good with my pet bunny, always comes when called, can fetch AND gives the ball back to u, no shedding at all, gentle and sweet as can be to my family. Does not chew and destroy things (ehem, Parson!!!) loves his toys so much he cuddles them and is totally POTTY TRAINED! He is a great house guest (except maybe he is a  bit of an expert "dumpster diver"...but hey... Garbage can be life saving to a former street dog). And those paws... they look like God had leftover parts and said... Here just give this little guy some monster feet so he is irresistible and slightly clumsy! :) 
Fluffy Mugsy ...
Mugsy sitting on wingback chair. Handsome sweet boy!

Friday, March 7, 2014

My college son with Mugga before classes

Lord Luke with his royal subjects, Mugsy and Parson.  Haha!
Mugsy seems to have settled in at our house. He loves hanging out on the couch with Luke enjoying his morning ritual of pets and tummy rubs. We all love Mugsy too!
Tummy rubs!!! Muggie's fav!
Talking to Parson... And a cute Mug shot! :)

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Mugsy and Parson

Crunch! Tonight the puppies were into chewing on bones. They would exchange them too... "Here you try this one now"! No fighting over who had the better bone ...just a lot of crunching sounds and friendly sharing! 
Sometimes when Mugs plays he makes "Yorkie ears" out of his floppy ears! His foster brother is a Yorkie mix-- does Mugsy wanna be a Yorkie mix too?!? Ears down or up... Mug-a-Mug is cute!
Here is Parson sporting his "real" Yorkie ears. :)
A dogs life! Comfy with his pal "Yellow" .