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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Figuring it out!

 Trusting Bear...
Today we figured out Bear "hates crates"!  It's not like we just figured it out (it was clear right away) but it's that we decided why do it? He whined for an hour today when I left for work so my son let him out of the crate! He doesn't chew our stuff and the, ehem, "accident" the other night was probably due to too much rich food. Soooo we are going to forgo the crate and just let him hang out at home with my two dogs when we go to work tomorrow. I do have a son at home who doesn't go to work till 1 so he can check on him but for the most part Bear is going to be "trusted" and let loose in the house. He did fine today.  We did a trial run again tonight!!! 
Fed our cute "Care-Bear" his supper. Took him for a walk. He did his business and we left for a stop at Regatta 220 and the Farmers Market. Bear was not crated. We just said-- be a good Bear and left! Gone about 3 hours. It was a good move! All was well. He was happy and he just laid on the couch-- no whining or barking! So that's my suggestion for our snuggle Bear! He's a good boy!!! We will let you know how things go on Thursday! :)

Found an Elk Antler to chew... Nom!
Starting to chew antlers and cow hooves! 

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Adventure Afternoon...

We made it here...

Trail Time...

Cute guy pals :)

Pant Pant

Cooling off...

Ahhh... Bliss!
We had a blast at the dog park! Bear did great! Loved it.. Good listener.. Super friendly.. Good Boy, Bear!!!

Terrrrrrific Tuesday!!!

CVI ( certificate of veterinary inspection)

Bear passed his physical and is ready to be adopted! He met his new fur-bro yesterday. They got along great!! So Friday evening he makes his journey across town to his forever home! Yep, he is going to be a Green Bay resident!!! :)

So last night was "interesting"!! LOL! Bear at 1am hopped off of the bed and had an accident on the bedroom floor. Ugh! :p So I cleaned it up and took him out. Then I slept on the couch with him as we have hardwood downstairs. He was not tired so bounced around from chair to couch to love seat. Yawn!!!
Today we are heading to the DePere dog park to wear off some energy! More on that later...

Monday, August 29, 2016

Monday... all day!

Bear says noooo... Not Monday!!! Don't worry, foster mom only works part time so I'll be back early afternoon! 
So, we will see how Bear does in a crate while we head to work. I have a bigger one we will use so he should be comfy and I'll give him something to chew. 
Bear ate his breakfast this morning and then I took him on his walk. He went potty/poop and now he's hanging out as I get ready for work. He slept with us again last night and he settles in nicely and is cuddly. I highly recommend he sleeps with mommy n daddy!!! 
He is still my shadow but seems less nervous already today. He had no accidents yesterday in the house. I think he will potty train easily as long as he gets out often. He really does not interact much with my terriers or with toys. He does sniff around quite a bit and is currently laying next to me on the couch. Full tummy and walk done-- he's happy!

So cool! ;)


Sunday, August 28, 2016

Bear's Sunday!

Bear sleeps so well on the bed at night. He snuggles right in and doesn't wake up till morning! After breakfast Bear went for a walk. I put a harness on Bear and he did so well! 

So far here is what I observe about little Bear-Paws :):

He isn't potty trained. He has had a few accidents. Will mark if he's snooping but not a lot. Just a rare leg lift. He did poop in our house last night when hubby was "in charge" and I came home to a rug on the patio. Haha! At least he cleaned the hardwood! ;)

Bear is totally attached to me and wants only me. He tolerates the guys but that trust will have to be earned. So his new family will need to have the guys armed with treats to win him over! Just be patient and Bear will hopefully come around. I have read in researching Cockers that they attach to one person and do not like to be left alone. 

Crates are not too fun for Bear but he doesn't freak in them but will whine and bark. I believe he will settle down in about a half hour. Being it's the weekend we have not crated him much. 

He is not a big chewer but he did enjoy a little chew stick till my terrier stold it from him! No growling on his part-- he was happy to share! 

Bear will take some training but he's a sweetie and a snuggly boy. Once you meet him you can't help but love him!!! 

On my lap!

We had a rummage and the left overs are in my garage. Sorting them for the annual clothing "Give Away" at our church. I guess Bear thinks they make a great bed! So yes... buy him a dog bed.. or provide him a box of clothes. Your choice!  

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Whit for 24 hours :)

This is Whitford! He came to my house for one night because his foster mom could not finish out his adoption due to a family emergency. So he came to hang out here and today is his big day!!!

He is such a sweetie! 

Bear and Whitford on the patio. Whitford is also known as Snoop. That's going to be his "forever" name. 

Whitford is a good car rider! He is also potty trained and low maintenance in every way! Calm, snuggly, good on a leash and low shed! No wonder somebody is adopting this awesome-pawsome  pup!

Here is the big finale'!!! Adopted and loved Fuuuuur-ever!!! Congrats :)!!!

Friday, August 26, 2016

Meet Bear!

Bear -- not to be confused with "Da Bears" came north this morning! He traveled very well for two hours in a crate. Not a peep!!! He is BEAUTIFUL! He loves the ladies and is "ok" with my hubby. My very tall middle son he is very afraid of right now. Bear is adjusting to our home but can't wait to watch his first Packer game in GREEN BAY, WI!!!

Bear is a total mommy boy!!!!! 
He is already my little brown floppy eared shadow!! Bear enjoys sitting on my lap, being carried or laying by my feet! #loverboy #sweetiepup

He's so cute!!!
Just fed Bear supper in his crate. He is very worried about food and therefore gobbles it fast! He cannot be out with other dogs at feeding time as he has no table etiquette. He will eat everyone's food right up! Haha! Once he learns food is not something he needs to worry about this will improve. 

Curly haired long ears!!!
The feel of his ears is almost therapeutic! Heavy and furry-- big ol' pancakes!!!

Snooping around the patio!
Bear loves all the dogs here! So far he did not try to piddle or mark in the house which is awesome :)! He did his dooties in the yard on the grass!!! Keeps this pattern up Fozzy-Bear! To be continued... preliminary observation! 

Resist this?!? 
Bear wants me to pick him up like a baby Bear! Hard not to!!!
Look at his Bear Paw! So soft n chubby!!!

He does this... 

Cute tush!
It's not every day I take a pic from the south end of a dog, lol, but Bear has such cool coloring. His paws, eyebrows and tushie are caramel colored. :)

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Adoption Day!

Piper will be a Badger fan and is moving to Mad-town! Congrats Piper-girl and enjoy your wonderful new mom and new fur-sister! We will miss you so sooo much but we know you will have a lifetime of love! XXOO!!!

In her car seat!!! Bye everyone...

Monday, August 22, 2016

A weekend of Terror... Not Terrier!

I was out of town for 4 days this weekend and my guys were in charge! Guys = hubby and sons! I received  3 missed calls from a phone number from Green Bay Sunday night. I called it back, fully  expecting it to be a car salesman, as I've been looking at getting a different car. It was actually a lady telling me she had "found my white dog"! At first I didn't know what she even meant but as she explained I realized Piper had gotten lost… I then wondered if my "guys" even realized she was gone, LOL!!! When I called the guys they DID realize but they were just too scared to call and tell me what had happened...they had instead looked for Pipes for three hours! Fortunately, Piper had ended up at a neighbors!! She'd tried to call me but when I didn't answer she called the police and little Piper ended up in the clink! What a stressful situation for everyone!!!!!!! Thank God this story has a happy ending. My guys were never so happy to see me come home and take Piper's care off their hands. ;)

Piper in doggie jail!

A happy reunion with John!!!

Driving home!!!

Safely back on the couch :)

Monday, August 15, 2016

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Green Bay Animal Rescue

Went to a rummage supporting GBAR and met these two loves! Their owner passed away and they are up for adoption!!!

Brooks: Llasa Bichon mix. 8 yrs. super friendly!

Tia: Shih Tzu. 12-13 yrs. Sweet and adorable. 

Yes, Piper is in a pink coat!!!

My purchases at the rummage sale... I know it's warm out but she's soooo cuuute in these coats! They were $1 each! Couldn't say no! 

Hood up :)

Fuzzy Leopard! Awww!!!

Cute little Bumble Bee! Another purchase! 

I love the fuzzy antennae!!! 
Lololol !!!!!!!

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Hard at work

On Tuesdays when I'm at work my husband has off and usually sends me photos of the dogs. Here is today's pic of Piper! She is "hard at work" too... napping that is! Love her back naps!!!

Notice her stuffed sleeping buddies! Cute!!!

Sunday, August 7, 2016

Puppy Chaos!

My friend, who is also a foster, brought over her foster pups for me to photo. Piper had a blast! 

Sharing the Hedgie!

Making a friend :)

The 3 "campers" who visited and are looking for homes! I do their pictures for Fluffy Dog Rescue! They are so sweet n Cute!!!




Friday, August 5, 2016

What's a Hedgie!?

Piper loves her "Hedgie"!
Check it out...

Me and my Shadow!!!
Getting cuter and cuter every day! 

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Nighty Night

Who needs a clock? The dogs know when it's bedtime!!! 

Asti always is the one to snuggle with the foster dog! 

Monday, August 1, 2016

The Piper Dance!!

Piper is so happy!!! I love her little dance she performs! What a hoot!

Good News! Piper jumped off the couch last night when I called her for supper and came into the kitchen and ate :)!
This morning when she came in from potties she stopped to eat breakfast at her bowl instead of running to her couch spot. She is making huge progress now and relaxing. It's awesome to see! She's finally "off the couch"!!! Yay!!!