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Thursday, May 29, 2014

Congrats to the sweetest Scottie ever!

He luvs his squeaker toys! Here he is with the purple one!  AND...
Great news has arrived! He has an app! 
 So my wee one will be moving on to his fur-ever home soon. Gonna miss his adorableness! ( but happy happy happy to know he will always be loved by his new family... well, and by me too!) :)
To add to the end of a good day it's a beautiful evening for our river walk! 

Wednesday, May 28, 2014


Nothing is finer than a great morning, a cup of tea and puppies! 
Getting in a little relaxation before heading to work. Scottie loves chasing around the yard! The squirrels seem extra taunting at this time of day! How dare they hang so low in the evergreen behind the fence just outta reach!?! What a game they play!!! Look at his "intense look" towards those squirrelies!!! Haha!

PS on a side note... I'm excited that Scottie learned "sit". Now we are going to learn "shake". He is super smart! He also knows the word "Bun Bun"... Maybe not useful, lol, unless you have a bun bun living at your house! :-p

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

(Video) Walk with Scottie

8 pm walks are so refreshing! Scottie did well and those little ears are too darn cute! Parson got left at home. He had already gone on walks today so we really didn't feel too bad for him but we could hear him making a fuss when we left! I hope to get the dogs out on the river trail soon. It's very pretty! They love the woodsy smells and sometimes we even see interesting "wildlife". Terrier heaven! :) 

Here is Parson waiting at the screen door for us! What a worried face!  Ok-ok ... Next time you come too! 

Ears flipped up (ha!) and totally zonked out. Walking success! 

Monday, May 26, 2014

Memorial Day

    Little Scottie needed a bath... He had rolled in one toooo many smelly things. He is softer and fluffier and smells very very nice now!!! He wasn't too bad in the tub. Can't say he enjoyed it but he dealt with it and managed to stay in and not get me to wet! Hee hee! No need to blow dry as he "air dries" in minutes and brushing is minimal. (Wish my own hair was as easy as his!) He is a star!

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Wake up ... I'm hungry!

I admit I've let Scottie outta the kennel and onto my bed at night. This face (see pic) is what I wake up to! Tooooo adorable!!!
He is soooo much like my own dog it's uncanny! He likes breakfast "first" before he goes out to potty, today I clipped his nails-- he did wonderfully and just stood there, he runs around the perimeter of my yard checking for rodents, he barks a little (but not as much as my dog), he prances when he walks, he likes dirt, he roles in smelly things in the grass and follows me everywhere. Yep, pretty much the same as my dog, Parson! Anyway, maybe because he's so much like my dog he has fit into this household like he's been here forever!!! He has not had a potty accident in quite a while and he is just easy easy easy to live with. One of my favorite things about him is his alertness, nothing gets past this little guy!
This morning, like most mornings since I let him on the bed, he has joined Parson in the staring ritual to wake me up!!! I had to snap a photo of him --he is just hilarious. Thing is, the staring works!!!...nobody can sleep with puppies staring--not to mention the little whines and occasional paw on the shoulder or dog nose laying inches from your face! (Does he have a smirk on his face? Haha!) Who needs an alarm clock?!? NOT ME!
Later in the day:
Snooping around...
Finding some shade..,
Yes-- yes I know, I know ... I'm "CUTE"... I hear it all the time! :) I just can't help it! 

By the garden. 

Friday, May 23, 2014

Perfect view for a little watch dog

My son has a bed made of white birch logs. Scotty found he can fit through and sit on the wide wide window sills we have. Viewing the world!
Uh oh... Neighbor planting flowers. Scottie is on the alert!

Another photo of Scottie on his window perch. :)
I put a blanket on the sill and opened the window so just the screen is down and he is watching the neighbor and listening to birds. This guy is very happy!!!

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Terrier meet Bunny

Looks like Parson is telling Scottie the bunny "rules"! No chasing, biting or pawing... Got it?!? :)
Warm day, pant pant...
Scottie hides under cool plants while bun enjoys the sun. 
Cute pink tongue !
Giving bunny a kiss!
Look at those perky ears! He is very interested in little bunny. 
Just watching her! Following the "rules" nicely. 
Don't worry bunny... I'm just hanging out in the shade! 

Monday, May 19, 2014

Scottie's Day...

Good morning! Would you like to spend the day with me? Read along and you will!
Here is my cute morning face! If you look closely you can see my "one" bottom fang. My foster mom thinks it's just awesome how it sticks out! 
I was a nice quiet sleeper last night. This morning I ate my breakfast all up too! Monday here I come!!!
Since we were up early we got to go for a long walk before foster mom hadda go to work. She says I walk better than ol' Parson! I don't pull... just get distracted by my little nose sniffing a trail or a leaf or finding a piece of "brat" I'm not sure what a "brat" is cuz we don't find those delicious things in the south- so I think I will "LOVE" WI if brats taste as good as they smell!!! 
Next f-mom checked her email so I explored under the bed. Here I am! Peek a boo!!!
Off to work she goes. I don't like this part! Will she come back? Yikes! I'm gonna make some really squeaky whines for a minute... Hmmm, no reaction....awww, I give up and I'm gettin' tired...Parson seems fine so guess all is well...Yawn... I'm gonna dream of finding more of those "brat thingys" ...mmmm!
Yay... Jump and woof... It's already time to wake up and foster mom is letting me outside to play! That wasn't bad at all!!!
Huh?... Another picture of my tooth? She must REALLY like it! I'm gettin' kinda proud of my fang now! See it?!?
Rolling in the grass feels soooo good!
Stretching my legs! Ahhhh :)
I'm enjoying sitting on foster mom's lap looking out the window. She loves my white toes! Almost as much as my white fang! I'm proud of my toes too! 
 I hear something! Is that rain???... Foster mom sighs! :/
I guess because it rained we get to go to a place called Petco! I rode quietly in the car all the way here.  This place is awesome! I want so many things!!! I heard the word bones mentioned! I LIKE when it rains! 

You maybe can't see it but I got the BEST bone ever! A split deer antler! Foster mom said the split ones are the best! I agree... Chomp chomp... Shining up my fang!
Later Parson and I did what all boys do on rainy days... We wrestled... John Cena... LOOK...I'm taking down Parson!!!
At supper time when foster mom was cooking I spy a loose shoe string. Pull pull pull! Good thing I'm here to notice this stuff! She may have tripped on her shoestring. I'm very useful in finding things aren't I? I keep finding things under the bed too! I don't think foster mom ever looks under there! 

And when f-mom was in the bathroom I guess I got into a little mischief! (I blamed Parson but I don't think she bought it!)
F- mom says it's time for bed! Glad you followed me on my day. Maybe we can do this again some time? This rain is making me sooo s-l-e-e-p-y. I think I'll use this yellow toy as a pillow. Nighty-night from me...little Scottie! Zzzzz...

Saturday, May 17, 2014


It's almost 1 am and I'm wide awake-- coffee at 9:30 pm will do that! Scottie is awake too after riding all day in a van but I finally put him in his kennel next to my bed. He's playing with a few toys. :)
He did great with his flea bath but has been scratching a bit. Not sure why. No fleas anywhere that I found. Yay!
Great great car rider. Does NOT move. Snoozed all the way to Green Bay! Met my dog Parson. Friendly fur-friends. :) No marking in the house and so far no accidents. He is adorable and I can't wait to get to know his personality! Well, I better call lights out! See you in the morning little Scott! Welcome to WI!!!
Looking for a late night treat! Try and resist this face! (oh yeah, I gave in!)
Parson and his new pal Scottie. Early Sunday morning. 
Someone has a new toy! Scott likes balls to chase and soft toys. That 6 am trip to Walmart paid off! Enjoy your toy Scottie!!!
Scottie does not pull on the leash but is very interested in sniffing all the smells along the way.  He has on a harness to protect any pull against his neck and to keep him safe from slipping his collar. He is fun to walk!
Turned around to this! WHAT?!? How did he get that hanger around himself in the matter of ONE minute?!? Puppies are hilarious! 

Tuesday, May 13, 2014


These two amazing Shih Tzu's got a great app last night! Home visit being scheduled. They will stay "together" as the "Fairy Tale" dogs. I haven't given them the good news about their fur-ever home yet so no "yipping it up" yet...Instead all the doggies are being nice n lazy together on the couch. Yawn... I may just hafta join them! 
Our threesome photo (giving them their last huggies) and pics of these cutie pups. Today's the BIG day! Going to their very own castle and Beastie turns into Prince Charming.  :)!!!

New family! Congrats Beauty n Beastie. :)

Monday, May 12, 2014

Claws n Paws

Thank You to Katie, owner of Claws and Paws, for giving Beastie a free little face grooming. Bye Bye to those nasty tear stains! He is now the Prince Charming he was meant to be! My camera did not take a bad photo of him! Just put up my favorites here!!! He is cuter than cute! 
He loves his toys too! Really likes this little light blue well loved one they sent from the Doggy Day Care. Drags it around!!! :)
He is still working on his marking issues. Yesterday was perfect. Today... one boo boo. My fault. Got distracted looking at his adorable photos. We will BOTH keep trying! Love this little Beast!!!
What a HAPPY face!
Loves his blue toy!
No more tear stains! Cute little teeth!!!
He should be on a poster here! SWEET!
Smile for the camera!
Can't forget about little Beauty! She is so darling too!