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Sunday, June 29, 2014

(Video) 1st dog EVER to climb up/down attic stairs :)

The fact that Kennedy goes up and down the attic stairs is amazing if you live in this house! The stairs are way steeper than they look in the video and they are super slippery! We have all fallen coming down the attic stairs and not one dog I've "ever had" has managed to go up and down ...they either can't get up, get stuck at the top, or don't even try.
 I went up to clean the attic today and Kennedy followed me right on up. NO hesitation at all! I couldn't believe it! We have been going up and down the stairs hauling things all afternoon and I think he really enjoys the climb! :-)
He is not afraid of the vacuum either by the way. Now if he just was as brave with those darn scary people we'd have him "cured", lol! He is one awesome dog!
P.S. Remember just about a week ago I had to literally carry him from room to room and outside and inside... NOW look at him! Yippee!!!!

Saturday, June 28, 2014

(Video) Friends

Cute photos n #s...

What's not to love?!? #happypuppy #photobomber
"Eeyore" face... "I'd look on the bright side if I could find it" #Eeyorequote

"1/2 in" #goodeffort

I've heard about you! #nicebunnynicebunny

Bunny tours. #newbie

Good morning sunshine! #pink 

Toy addiction #toocute #meme

Elk antlers ... love 'em! #shinyteeth

Love You!!! #sweet

Thursday, June 26, 2014

(Video) Walking on the driveway ...practicing!

Kennedy was practicing walking on my driveway this morning (see video). He walked to the end and we turned around. This video was taken on the way back. 

Tonight we actually walked 1/2 way around the block!!!  He did "much" better! I'm SO PROUD of his progress! He was rewarded with lots of pets and praise and enjoyed some RnR laying on his "happy place"... aka my bed. Haha! Spoiled puppy!

Update: Kennedy went for one more walk. Absolutely gorgeous evening! He is excited! He walks beautifully down the driveway and into our quiet neighborhood until he sees the thing that scares him most in life: PEOPLE!
As we turned the corner we saw two men at the end of the block working on their yard. Kennedy froze and wouldn't move a muscle. So we turned around and walked the other way. We went around the other side of the block and got halfway around. A woman walked out of her house to get into her car. He froze again. He wanted to bolt to the nearest bush but I had a hold of his leash. We just stood and watched her. We turned around to walk back home. Another woman stood by her car. This time we HAD to walk past to get back home. We walked to the other side of the street almost into the grass. Kennedy tried to bolt a few times and then laid down flat. Frozen! After a bit I got him to get up and we quickly walked home. Once his paws hit our driveway he wagged his tail and was a very happy boy! I learned a lot on this walk tonight. Kennedy actually is starting to "like" walking!!  He is pretty ok with cars and trucks and can handle, with caution, other dogs he sees. BUT "people" are the big BIG problem! 

Update to the last update: I tried walking Parson this morning "along side" Kennedy and that helped a lot! Kennedy really gains confidence from Parson! We actually were able to walk past PEOPLE working in their yards. He did not bolt. Since Parson walked... So did he. He was uncomfortable but did it!!!
This little timid boy really needs a confident "dog friend" to guide him! Parson is just that kinda big brother :)! 

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Trip to Petco!

Kennedy has his first adventure riding in the car. He has a worried little look on his face. "It's all fine Kennedy... just a little rode trip!" :)
After riding really still and quietly all the way to Petco Kennedy waited in the car patiently with his buddy Parson. He was soon rewarded with the promised split elk antler + a crunchy dog treat!
Parson... a seasoned elk antler muncher ...dug right in! 
All this excitement wore Kennedy right out! He's totally zonked on the ride home! Parson and Kennedy...voted "Bestest" car riders ever! 

What a Difference!

This morning we are doing all the morning things that need doing with much more ease! Ahhh! What a difference!!!
Yesterday I had to carry Kennedy down stairs-- today he bounded down the stairs with my dog. Yesterday I had to figure out how to get him to eat--today he chowed breakfast down right away. Yesterday when in the yard he hid in the bushes--today he just rolled around in the grass filled with dew n cottonwood and turned slightly green, fuzzy and wet. (See his picture below!). Yes, he is adorable even with a green tinge! :) Yesterday he did a fair amount of under table hiding-- today he is laying at my feet chomping a bone. He is definitely still skiddish--he jumps and takes cover with strange sounds or fast movement but he is recovering from the scare faster.  He keeps his distance from others in my home but is letting me pet him a little more and definitely likes to be near me.  He has jumped up by me on the couch wanting petting and scritching behind his ears and has come up behind me and licked my leg. It's all very tentative yet. He doesn't last long for pets but the trust is growing.  At least he no longer needs his leash dragging behind to help catch him-- he comes into the house when called and will come near/towards me also when called. He is always a few feet away but he does come!!!  It's amazing how much he has improved. He has a long ways to go but the improvement is really breath taking!!!
Kennedy loves finding things to chew. He snuck a piece of singed wood off the fire pit. Chomp! In the house he was crunching something and it ended up being pieces of my potpourri (a cinnamon stick) and he loves to snoop around-- tried to sneak a piece of mail to chew but I just said "no" and he dropped it. He is very young and playful and such a smart boy. Today I'm getting some new split deer antlers from Petco for him to chew. I know he will love them! 

I came home from work and the dogs played outside as always. Kennedy was just soaking up the feel of the soft grass again this afternoon. He just loves rolling around in it!!!  It's like he is making up for all the time he didn't get the freedom of a good stretch on a soft lawn.
 After playtime we came upstairs to Kennedy's favorite room... the  bedroom. This is his "safest" place it seems. He is the most loving and relaxed here.  I was changing into my tennis shoes and got a call from my son away at college. As I talked to my son I laid down relaxing next to Kennedy petting his head and back. It was definitely a good bonding and trust building time!!! 

Look how he sweetly has an old worn fox toy held in his paws. Awww!

Love his big brown eyes... 
"Hi foster mom!" :) "Hi back sweet Kennedy!" :)
Pet, pet, pet!!! 

Monday, June 23, 2014


Volunteer Pam and daughters met me at a McDonald's restaurant so I only had to drive part way from Green Bay to pick up Kennedy. How nice of them!
Here are Pam's daughters saying "goodbye" to their sweet little passenger!
We then headed north to GB. (Hopefully Kennedy is a Packer fan!)

He was a very quiet and good rider in the crate all the way. 
I parked in my garage and I open the door to let him out...
...and he slowly stepped out ...sniffed the grass a bit and promptly laid down.Ha! So much for a grand entrance. :)
Kennedy looked lost... and why wouldn't he be feeling rather uncomfortable... he came from a house in AL where a person hoarded dogs. He was used to having his friends around. Make that LOTS of his friends around!!! Being alone in a yard is kinda scary for adorable Kennedy. We can fix that!!!
Out comes Parson to the rescue!!!
I've never seen a dog literally jump for joy like Kennedy did. It was incredible! He was SO SUPER HAPPY to see Parson!!! They played almost immediately. Here they are just sniffing noses after running around. :)
They are having a great time playing a game of chase and sniff and run!  Happy friends already.  Kennedy is very shy of people but LOVES other dogs. I am so happy he is feeling more comfortable with Parson as his buddy to show him the ropes!
Taking a rest! He found a bone. Kennedy likes bones! What a cute pink tongue... Pant, pant! (notice the  fluff... our Cottonwood tree is in full snow attack... UGH... worst tree ever!)
Doing some exploring! Snooping around, Kennedy quickly found the doggy path through the flowers! "Peek a boo", he says!
Still keeping his distance from the people. He just isn't sure about us. That's ok!!! Isn't he so pretty and what a c-u-t-e face!!! His coat is salt and pepper. Lovely!
I eventually carried him inside the house as he was afraid to enter. He got very close but just couldn't get those back paws to step over the threshold! Ha! (I will need to keep on his leash). 
"Hey Kennedy...we are having some AWESOME treats! . Better get in line before Parson gets all the goodies"!

Still a little closer...
Did it! Yay!!!
Good boy, Kennedy. Even a shy dog can't resist roast beef! :)
Kennedy needs a bubble bath. He stands as still as a statue. Wonderful! Didn't even shake and get me all wet when he was finished. Now that's a first!
Drip drying in the kitchen. Hiding often under a table… now that's a safe place. He is sitting nearby though and is very happy to take as many treats as offered LOL!
One last trip outside for potty and everybody is "tuckered out" and "tucked in". Kennedy is so very quiet in his kennel and went right in. 
I'm hoping he enjoys his comfy bed and has sweet doggy dreams his first night here. Nighty night!
 It HAS been good! 1. Kennedy slept perfectly all night. 2. He did his business outside. 3. He ate breakfast all up 4. He does not mind his harness 5. He is letting me pet him and liking it!!! :)!

So let's back up. Kennedy was not interested in his breakfast at first and was being very shy. Hmmmm! Well, a way to a shy dogs heart is through his stomach. Right?! Nothing like a little beef gravy mixed with doggy food to perk a guy up. Worked like a charm! He has been licking the bowl even after the food is gone!

He has also started to enjoy petting and is not shying away as much. Here he is coming to me and his tail is wagging!!! (He is very shy of  my husband... poor John... the dogs are often nervous around him)
But big break through for me! I am very happy Kennedy is feeling like he and I can be friends. Must be my Sponge Bob jammie's-- now who doesn't like and trust Sponge Bob?! Haha!
Kennedy even put his paws up on my lap.That is really great to see!
He loves to play with toys and loves bones too. He did try and snitch a pillow off a bench and carried my husband's leather shoe under the table! So he does  have a little mischief in him! :) He has never marked or pottied in the house to this point. I'm impressed!
Kennedy does not transition well though from room to room. I have to pick him up to move him around. Upstairs, outside, living room. His favorite "hideout" right now is under the kitchen table. He does not walk on a leash. The harness is helping quite a bit! The wonderful thing about Kennedy is that he never growls-- he is so sweet! His new "life"  must be very overwhelming for him-- so many changes-- even with all that he is coming around and I think he is doing just great!!!!
After I came home from work in the afternoon we spent lots of time outside. Here he has a tennis ball. He does not fetch yet but shows some interest. 
Playing around and "kicking" the ball!
Just a sweet picture of Kenners (aka Kennedy). 
He loves to be under things! Tables, chairs, bushes... you name it!!! Here he is under the outside patio chair keeping cool in the shade!
I think I started something, lol! Tummy rubs are now his favorite! He is making lots of progress with becoming comfortable with people. Tummy rubs are definitely helping him relax. He is even starting to walk into the house from outside without being carried! 
At the end of the day Kennedy is sitting at our feet while we watch TV. Wow!!! Kennedy is improving hourly. He is still jumpy and nervous. Pacing in and out of rooms and jumping at sudden movements BUT he has improved incredibly! He is moving on his own from room to room-- loves jumping up on my bed to lay on it--he let's me pet him and I have removed his leash because he no longer needs to be "caught". He comes out of bushes on his own. I would have never believed this morning how far he would improve by bed time. After today's advances I can hardly wait to see what tomorrow brings!!! :)

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Scruffy/Shaggy dogs arrive & foster Rooney

I got to meet some awesome dogs today. Lucky me!!! A group of the hoarder dogs arrived and were so super sweet. I really enjoyed petting them! Here they are waiting for baths. 
Here are a few after bath photos. I totally 
love these sweeties! These cute pups are going to be lovin life as they enjoy the happy days ahead of them!!!
Pure love! 

And now.....introducing my new foster boy! His name is Rooney. Sometimes I just call him Roo. :) 
He is soooo ready to "break free" from the doggy day care he stayed at for a little while.  He could not wait to hop into the car! What a quiet rider!!!
On our drive we stopped to wish a special dad "Happy Fathers Day" before heading north! While everyone was busy talking little Roo took a nap on a comfy rug. 
Checking out the front porch. Rooney says "Where's my chair?"
Watching cars drive by on the road out front. Rooney does not mind the busy road at all! (What a pretty tail!)
Just strolling around the herb garden. He loves all the sweet smells of the green herbs. Nose is just sniffing away!
Time to go? Ok.... I'm ready! "I will take the back seat!"
Stopping to get a snack for our drive. Sharing some fries. Yum yum!
We made it to Green Bay. Lookin pretty cute! What an adorable "pose", Rooney!!
Is this lettuce? That's not a treat! Is this what they eat in Green Bay?!? (But Roo ate it!) hmmmm...not bad!! More please!
Running around the yard! Roo is showing his BIG smile!
After meeting the family, Parson (the resident dog) and checking out the house it made Rooney ready for beddy-bye. He is snuggled in and quietly snoring away. See you in the morning!
First day at my house! Rooney showin' off his "tricks"!!!
1. SIT
Impressive, Rooney!!! Can you teach Parson the " high five" for me? I love that trick! 
So, you may be wondering why would a cute little white dog...who rides well in a car, and knows so many tricks get turned into Fluffy dog rescue?
Sad to report this but Rooney has a little bit of a problem. 
He has a side to him that is crabby/anxious. Oh, he loves his "mommy". He does well with brother dog Parson. But then there's all those other people in the world. There's children and men and strangers… knocks at the door and intrusions into his little world. For whatever reason these things "at times" set off our little white wonder dog! Maybe he had some sad life experiences as a young puppy. We do not know and will never know! All we can do is love Rooney for who he is! We can try and help him relax, try to make his world "Rooney friendly" and try to show him he does NOT have to be in charge … That's the job for the people! 
Here is a picture of Rooney walking with my Parson. I didn't like how he pulled on his collar. It made him cough and choke sometimes. Parson wears a harness. Rooney thinks harnesses are evil, LOL! He did "not" want his on!

He showed me he did not want his on by giving me a little low growl when we tried. I had an idea! A pair of leather garden gloves and treats should work! With my now "leather protected" hands I got it on him really quickly with out incident and he got a treat to boot! Once on him he was just fine! No problem at all!!!
Look how nicely he walks now! No straining and I had much better control :-) I thought I would leave it on him so he would get used to it. Very bad idea! When I came home from work I found…
...the harness laying in his crate! Chewed apart!!! Guess he "really" didn't want it on! Hmpf!!! 
Well, I'll call that battle a draw... :)
In the picture below Rooney is sleeping and relaxing. Looking very sweet! Just what he needs! REST. 
 After talking with the Fluffy Dog animal behaviorist she recommended complete relaxation for Rooney. His nerves need healing! He needs quiet. Shhhh...
Therefore he will be moving to a new foster home. A very peaceful one! A home that does not include 3 guys clunking around-- which upsets little Roo Roo. 
He will live with a lovely understandingand senior woman who lives alone in a big house with her own sweet dogs and a couple of fosters. She is home all day!!!
I already cried because I will miss him and his "Rooney drama" ..,BUT I know it's the best for him!! That's most important. When he is all better he will be ready to find just the right home!