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Sunday, November 29, 2015

Ace got a "full house"!

One cute doggy + one sweet family = a very happy ending! Ace won... he has a fab furever family!! Jackpot!! Congrats to all :) #willmissyou

Saturday, November 28, 2015


Wearing a Sponge Bob Sweater... #cutiepants

Napping on a Christmas rug! 
Notice no more doggy diapers!! He's doing great! 

Friday, November 27, 2015


Thanks for taking a nap "on" my fall leaves while I put them away! #helper #NOT

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Stuffed n sleepy

Ace had a lovely Thanksgiving day! He had a few bites of turkey, Mmm!!! He also had a big raw hide bone to chew. Double Mmm!!! He especially liked the extra attention he got today from our company!
Ace is hoping you had a great day too! Now Acey is gonna take a nappy and then get ready to watch the Pack!!!
Gobble Gobble!!!

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Walking videos

Happy almost Thanksgiving!!!

Here is Ace walking with his friends!

Click to view!

Our lil' tiger Ace is athletic! 
He is walking to his favorite work out song! 

Click to view!

Little lap warmer! Forget hot Cocoa after a chilly walk... Give me a fuzz ball named Ace! My lap is baking, Hee Hee!

Ace in the fancy chair! Is it Turkey Day yet?!?

My late night cooking has gone too long! Ace crawled into the crate in the kitchen and covered himself up!!! Now isn't he the cutest thing!!!

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Lava, sweet tooth satisfaction!

Hey everyone...since my Acey is already pending adoption I want you all to think about this other "adorable and adoptable" boy! 

His name is Baklava... but you can call him "Lava" or maybe "Sugar" because I hear he is so sweeeet! In fact he's named after a Christmas pastry... so the timing is perfect to "place your order" ...soooo much better than fruitcake!!! 
Here are his ingredients:
1. Soft n fluffy 
2. Friendly
3. Loves car rides
4. Enjoys a brisk walk
5. Looks cute in red coats or sweaters :)
6. Playful friend to another doggy!!!
7. House trained... Yippee!!!
8. Lovely boy to cuddle with on the couch and watch it snow!
9. Hoping to get squeakers and chewies in his Christmas Stocking!
10. Will even be happy to "lick the bowl" if you make real Baklava on Christmas Eve!

So unless you are on a diet -- impossible at this time of the year--consider taking home Baklava real soon! He's calorie free and sure to be a sweet treat all year long!! 

Pals! ... and pending!!!

Ace and Asti are buddies. I think he would love to play with her but Asti is not too playful. She is a little snoot about it and ignores his play bows and tag tries. This little boy had been trying!!! She will snuggle though and I often find them sitting together like two peas in a pod! Or two terriers on a bed... as is the case here!  

Afternoon playtime with the "big guy"! Wrestle-mania!!!

My little Ace is feeling thankful for pending Furever Homes! Happy Thanksgiving little guy! #sohappy  #gonnamisshim

Up in the attic. Ace is like a mountain goat! He can climb anywhere ! Even tall attic steps! He may be little but he is brave and wiry! Great balance too! Not afraid of heights!!! He's definitely an Ace!!!

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Cute pics

Ace is really settling in! He is an easy and lovely dog to have in my home! 
1. Quiet
2. Good manners... No chewing, goes outside to potty etc! (I do keep on his belly band for marking)
3. Snuggly and sweet and gives gentle kisses!
4. Loves his treatsies!
5. Fun to walk on a leash!
6. Does not shed :)
7. Likes his crate. 
8. Pocket sized 
9. Sleeps quietly all night! 
10. Loves being outside and exploring the yard. 

Enjoy his photos!!! 

Little dog...Big ears!

What a face...XO

Pretty pose!

Ace and Asti... pepper n salt!

Dreaming of his furever home!!!

Ace could use a nicer hair cut. But not his ears... I adore that fringe!!! When his fur grows in thicker... and it will...he will be even more beautiful than he is now! All the girl puppies will want his "pawdograph"!!!
He's sportin' the Cookie Monster fur-doo tonight! 


Good Morning!!!
Acey was great all night! He is a quiet dog. Not a barker at all! He loves to be carried! 

I let him snoop around upstairs a while but he had to wear a belly band.. A dog diaper... In case he would mark any place. Ace never potties or poop's in the house! He recently got neutered so marking may take place. I love belly bands to help get through the marking phase!!!

Ace enjoys windows and watching the yard for squirrels and intruders! He isn't much bigger than a squirrel but Ace doesn't know that!!!
#diaperdog #cutiepatootie

Saturday, November 21, 2015


I'd kiss this sweetie with or without Mistletoe! Click the video to see his adorable begging style!

Welcome Ace

Hi everyone and welcome to Ace's blog!!! I'm Lydia and Ace is my current foster boy! He hails from Alabama where he found himself without a home and nobody to love him! So sad!!!
Fortunately for Ace his "cards" played out well and Fluffy Dog Rescue dealt him a lucky hand! 

Ace has very pretty colors to his wavy fur! Sometimes he looks silver and black. Sometimes he looks more tan and black. His ears n nose are dark and o boy, is he ADORABLE!!!

I love tartan plaid and I think Ace wears it well! I adore him in this hoodie!!!

Tongue in...

...and out! 

Sitting so pretty on my wicker chair! Ears up up up!!!

In the kitchen... I want some food!!! #thestare

Here is what Ace does very well... SNUGGLES! It's night time and I'm just lounging in my GB sweats with Ace cuddled close! Watching a Hallmark chic flic... he is keeping me cozy!

Breakfast time! Ace just zoomed around my fenced yard with my two terriers and he did his potties, yay! Ace is definitely ready for "nummies"!!! 

Here is Ace with my dog Asti. Ace does this cute-cuuuuute thing with his paws! He stands on his hind legs and puts his front paws together and waves them up n down super fast. So sweet! 
"Pweeese picky me ups!!!" he says :)

Ace is not a barker outside but is a marker outside! Boys will do there thing...(eye roll)!
1. Terriers on squirrel alert!
2. Cute by the fence!
3. Zoomies... go, Acey, go!!!

I got a bit chilly! Wearing my little coat!

Nappies by "mommies" feet!

Eskimo kisses!

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Adoption day!!!

Mercedes and I are running errands this morning! We are matching in our red! 

All done running errands. We went inside a decor consignment shop downtown De Pere... Some places are doggy friendly! Mercedes was very very popular!!!  Then we went to Animal Behaviorist Doris's training facility and got dog books for free! Doris was cleaning house! That was very nice!!!
Now we are home and waiting for Miss M.'s new forever family. I think these last few minutes are the hardest for me as a foster mom! 
Mercy is looking so sweet! I will miss my white shadow!!!

A big happy "congrats" to this family! Mercedes will have a new fur-brother, Eddie and be spoiled with affection by her new furever mommy n daddy! Adoption day happy ending!!! #awesome

Friday, November 13, 2015

Gettin' Ready!

Mercedes is finally in the tubby! Her spay "safety rules" are all done so she got her bubble bath tonight. She is gettin' ready to meet her fur-ever family Saturday afternoon! 

Clean smelling and sooo very fluffy! 

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Going stir crazy!

Mercedes says ... "Forget the doctors orders... I wanna go on a walk-walk, pleeeease?!?"

Cashing in on a dog bone at the bank! Always lick it before you chomp it! :)

 No room for me! Dogs have taken over my side of the bed!! 
Sweet dreams...

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

A night IN!

After a busy day it's great having a "night in" watching a movie with a snoring Mercedes!!! What a snuggler :)

Monday, November 9, 2015


Mercy is feeling sooooooooo much better today! She is much more bouncy and is walking with a spring again :)!!
Pills went down perfectly today!! Only 2 more days of pills and she is done with those nasty things! 
I'm not kenneling her today as I leave for work. She will just sleep in her bed. I'll let you know how it goes! She is such a wonderful girl I know she will do well! Her adoption day is this Saturday!!! Happy/ sad day for me. Sigh!
Happy Monday folks... smile... it's contagious! 

As predicted Mercedes was perfect all day! No crate needed. Here they all are waiting for their after supper treats! Mercy was sad she could not go on the walk with Parson n Asti but in a few more days she can go. Right now we still need to "wait"...Drs orders!!! 

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Decorating helper...

I let Mercedes walk a little outside while I decorated my porch. She was always by my side and just snooped around the yard. Good news is she is so far not  piddling anymore if she cannot get to me. Progress!!! I won't say she won't make mistakes but so far much better.  She does still whine if she can't be with me though so I try to have her with me if I'm home. 
Her incision looks good. No redness or swelling! I can't wait till she is all healed. 

Had to add this photo of Meecedes lounging on the arm of the couch. She just might see a squirrel outside! Good spot to watch... but she fell asleep!
3 sleepy pups! Which one is snoring?

Friday, November 6, 2015

Day w Dad

Mercedes here... my foster mommy has to go visit her mommys today so I's hangings out with the foster daddy. I feels better todays! Yep my tail is up and waggy! Bye foster mommy .. I's gonna missy yous!!!


I'm home!!! Missed u, Mercedes!!!
Mercy was great for her foster dad! She just hung around the house and slept a bunch in her cozy bed. It's our job to keep her quiet while healing so it's s bit boring but that's how it has to be! 
I had to be the "bad mommy" and give her the pain medication and antibiotic med after supper. Ick! 
Miss M spits out the pills with her food so I have to try and toss them to the back of her mouth and stroke her throat to swollow.  She just hates her pills but she is such a super dog she deals with the ordeal and we finally do get them to go down. Tonight we had a hard time.. I think she is catching on, LOL. One pill flew under the stove so we had to find it and the other one she bit in half BUT she still swallowed it "yuck" bitter! Mercy got three treats for being a really good girl!
Those pills are YUCKY!!!