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Monday, March 30, 2015

Easter Week

I did a little Easter decorating. Keda notices EVERYTHING! She is the most observant little dog. She totally noticed the brown bunny I put out! 

Keda would rather have a basket of dog treats then fake eggs! This basket has nothing dog-fun or dog-yummy in it, sorry Keda!

Maybe Keda will get something really dog-special for Easter!?! I won't tell Keda yet but she may have an admirer! :)  (new home sweet home?!?)
That ol'Easter Bunny is just full of surprises now isn't he?!? Let's keep our lucky rabbit toes crossed!

Saturday, March 28, 2015

A conversation...

"Good morning foster mom... Did anyone put in an application for me yet???
I've been a really sweet girl!

1. I use the outside bathroom -- even though I hate cold tootsies. 
2. I eat up all my delicious food, my little pills and my tiny chewy treats, chomp!!
3. I am a snuggle wuggle lap girl!
4. I like my doggy stroller, walks-- most of the time-- and adore car rides! 
5. I am so good I never need a crate or baby gate. I can roam the house n stay outta mischief!! (Well I do like to eat an occasional square of toilette paper. That white tissue is so tempting dangling before my nose! I just chew one teeny tiny square. Sorry for that!)

So did I get one today mom??? Huh, huh???"

"Good morning to you too little Keda!!!

No apps today... maybe soon, honey. 
You are doing soooo great-- I just know your mama is out there and will find you one day! I'm very proud of how far you have come and especially love how healthy you look now --not to mention how you always wag your curly tail and shower me with kisses. It's great having you here Keda and we love you to pieces!!!"

Monday, March 23, 2015

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Mom, really! Stop Bragging! (Eye roll)

Day twooooo--
Yes, I'm gonna brag 'bout u girl -- cuz you did it ah-gain-- perfect-o walker!!!
Move ov-a cuz Keda's in da house!!! She's got the walkin' moves goin' on-- whoot whoot!

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Today Keda walks! :)

Today Keda is feeling the walk! I love it!!!! Maybe the stroller humiliation got to her! Haha!!

Yes, you must listen to my ramblings as I film! Please notice a few key points:

1. Look for her head shake and prancy leg lift. It's her little issue! No biggie, right?!? She deals with it!
2. Keda is not really bothered by traffic. That's cool!
3. Keda is a calm dog on the outside but a worrier on the inside. Listen to her little whine when the mail carrier lady is there. 
4. Keda can walk-- when she is feeling it! When she isn't able-- find a different way! I bought her a stroller cuz I'm also walking two other dogs-- but a cool dog sling is another option. All these cute options are on Amazon and not expensive. Be flexible and patient! She is so worth it! 
5. Clarification -- when I say she is an easy foster (on the video) I mean easy as in --easy to have in the house: not destructive, is potty trained, not hyper, fun to dress up, good car rider, great out in public. I LOVE that. I personally like a dog to have those qualities and simply have to toss a pill in her breakfast bowl than a dog who is a chewing-peeing-house wrecking hyper machine. Yuck! 
 The challenge may be for some people-- being patient and giving her time to bond with you. She can get a little nervous and then she may snarl, lift her lip or nip-- not to bite down but more a warning.  It's the way dogs tell you stop-- I need a break-- leave me be. They can't use words! She has had a hard life-- imagine having to live untreated with her head issues. Awww --I'm so glad Fluffy Rescue found her! She is now really improving! In the last week I heard the snarl one time and the only time it happens is at night when she is tired.  
Understand she does have some special needs and takes a couple pills (I toss them in her food bowl and she eats them right up). You must be ok and accepting, of it. If u want a lovely house dog she's your big brown eyed girl!!!
I know you are out there "person who is right for Keda"!!! :))) (She is waitin')

We end the session with a treat! Keeping it all positive! Good walkin' Keda!!!

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Keda's got wheels :)

As a foster mom I don't wanna turn into the neighborhood crazy dog lady "but" when one of my fosters has a need I like to accommodate :)!
Sooooo-- my Keda has trouble keeping up with the other dogs. Sometimes she won't even start -- just not in the mood??... but I don't want to leave her home either so she now has wheels! We can all go walking n rolling together!
Keda seems to like her new dog stroller!!! I've gotten a lot of "ribbing" for getting this dog stroller, haha, from my husband but this summer when I go jogging (and I am pretty pokey) I can take one or two little pals along!

This stroller can fit two little 10 lb pups. 

Safety--the stroller gets all zipped up so nobody can jump out. There also is a leash clip. 
I did not break the bank either. Cost was around $50 including shipping. :)
(Variety of colors to choose from-- I chose leopard)

Trying out the new ride... here is my view as we leave the house. I can see Keda through the little mesh window. 

My dog Parson is on one side (Asti is walking on the other side). The "walkers" had a little adjustment to the stroller in the middle but once we got going my dogs did great! Keda whined a little bit at first but as we walked she settled in and after a couple minutes she was fine. I think she will in the future understand nothing bad will happen to her on the walk. It was absolutely awesome to take her along and we got to walk a nice long way-- all 4 of us--on this beautiful day!
PS--- One more thing-- just so nobody gets the wrong idea, Keda can run and jump and play... she has no problems moving! Yet, for what ever reason she gets affected by her tics (wobbly prancy legs) "outside" and doesn't care to walk some days. (Other days she is just fine) That's why she has her cheetah/keda stroller #girlwheels.
 She is really a fun and easy little house mate! If she was a movie Rotten Tomatoes would rate her 4 stars! (She deserves 5 but Keda is humble).  

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Movie anyone?

You like movies? Need a pal???
Keda would love an invite to movie night at your house!!!

Friday, March 13, 2015

Kisses from Keda

Look at ME!!!

I've got a sweeeeet face!

So my foster mom said its time for ME to write a little something about myself so here goes... 

Dear friends,

 "My name is Keda. I'm a wee little lass and a low energy type who spends my time following around my foster mom and the other little doggies in the house. I greet new people who arrive at The Plantation with a waggy tail and maybe-- not always-- a little woof. I'm not shy but like to decide if things are safe so I do prefer new people wait a bit to pet me. I do give everyone who lets me jump on their lap lots of kisses. My foster mom sometimes tells me "Keda-- tuck your tongue now"-- and puts her finger on my nose to help me stop. Yeah, I DO get a little carried away w those kissies! I'm just a little lover!! 
Now way back in my Alabama days I was a scared little girl. I was hungry and flea bitten and not everyone was nice to me. I do have the habit of ducking my head down when I think I may get hurt. It's my instinctive reflex I guess. I'm slowly getting brave and overcoming my fears of getting hurt and everyone here has been nice and kind and patient with me. I am so happy now!!! :)
My favoritest thing to do is curl up on a lap. Ohhhhh how I love laps! It's where I feel warm and safe and loved!
My second favoritest thing is food. Nothing like a piece of chicken or steak to make me do my Keda dance and pull out all my charms so I can get more nummies!!!
Today fstr mom and I tried another outside walk-- not sure why but walking away from my house gets me nervous and I freeze and can't move. So, my fstr mom carries me and once I know we're almost home she puts me down and I will walk the rest of the way. I don't mind walking inside stores or inside buildings-- we go pet store walking all the time but outside, nope… I just like to know I'm not walking away from home. My foster mom says it's okay and she is going to borrow a little doggy sling in which to carry me... she says I'm not heavy and I'm actually going to look super #adorbs in the sling!!!
I have to tell you one more thing about me-- it's that I am a day time dog. I'm so happy and friendly and lively during the day. I like it when it's light out--it  makes me feel comfortable. I am not bad at night-- don't get the wrong idea-- I am just more relaxed and fun loving during the day! 
So that's little ol' me! I really am not a handful. I just like a little extra TLC! I love to be loved and a quiet home keeps me from ducking my head and thinking about all those scary times back in Alabama. I'm so very, very thankful for all the nice kind people from Fluffy Dog Rescue because they came to help me like angels!!! Now I just need one more wish to come true--a lovely home to call my own!!! My foster mom says she will miss me soooo very much but she says she needs to help other scared dogs just like me. I hope my wish comes true soon!"

Thanks for reading...

Kisses from Keda

These Fluffy Dogs are the friendliest dogs ever-- I come in and sit down and have a group surround immediately ! My husband took this pic laughingly saying... "You don't even have your coat off, haha, and look at them!"

Not posed-- they all jump up as soon as I sit. Big babies-- all of them!

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Gorgeous day

Just sitting here looking adorbs! #meltmyheart

Snuggling with my "sister". 

Trying to be a statue on a table, hee-hee!

Today was amazing and gorgeous and sunny! Perfect day to take Keda for a walk-- NOT! She did her stubborn mule impression (plants her paws and stands-- just says nope, not walking today)! Keda won that battle and went for a carry around the block :)!!!
A dog stroller may be in Keda's future! #shewouldloveit

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Sunshiny Saturday...

Furry friends having a little morning chit chat!

On the way to Asti's grooming appointment. 
(Don't worry, Keda... nobody's trimming off your furhawk!)

The girls wearing their cute green coats!

Asti tries to crawl under the display. Keda gives her the "look"... "really, Asti?! Find your manners!"

Keda at home all ready for an afternoon nappy! 

Keda's eyes are the best! Checking the height of her fur hawk. 

Miss Asti back from her first big grooming...whoaaaa ... Who is this girl? Asti looks like a little Cairn Terrier mixed w a Silky Terrier now! Bye bye Cookie Monster look... she is so grown up looking!

Bed time...Would you lift me up???
(Now how could I ever resist that look?)
Don't forget to "spring ahead" your clocks! "Good night", says Keda!

Friday, March 6, 2015

(Video) God Made Girls~

I love coming home from work to my little dogs! They just put a smile on my face! Keda is just a sweet little girl that I am privileged to foster! Here is a video of my "Girl" prancing around the table! Yep, I'm happy "God made Girls" --right, Keda?! 

The following is shared from Checkers and Merlot's Blog-- their foster had such wonderful "words of wisdom" I'd like you to read it! Thank you Grandma Junie! Well said:

"When I wrote about Checker and Merlot arrival and progress, it sounded like I was some sort of miracle worker.  Well, I am not.  Checker had a lot of positive interactions with people before he got to me.  His fosters down south, Lisa, at the daycare, when he came to me he was ready to love.   I wanted to make this point because rescue dogs are different than your backyard puppy.  Some have no experience, others have had bad experiences.  They are not turnkey dogs.  When you commit yourself to a rescue dog you are saying, "I have the patience, I have the love, I have the time to work on this dog".  Another dog, like Checker, could have taken a couple weeks before he relaxed with me.  Each one is so different.  You have to listen to the dog, and help them move forward with the steps they are ready to take.  You have to be ready for potty accidents, you have to accept losing the right shoe of your favorite pair, you have to make the time for exercise for that bundle of puppy energy.
Now you are thinking - well that's a lot of work, and it is.  But the rewards, by far, outweigh the efforts.   First, you have saved a life; a beautiful little life.  And there is no dog that will love you like a dog you have rescued.  They are so grateful for everything you have given them.  People who say dogs have no feelings have never watched the wonderful  transition of a dog that has been rescued to a loving home.  Nor seen the look in their eyes when they look at you with adoration.
Grandma will now step down from her soap box!"

Tuesday, March 3, 2015


Laying on my bed... Curley Q-ed on my legs!

Sitting on my lap... Curly Q-ed and being a little heater!

Even on my side-- she still curly Q's a balancing act position. 

This little pup is just WAITING to curly Q up on someone she can call her very own!

(update: Today when I came home from work Keda was curly Q-ed in her dog bed as usual. When I came over to say "hi" she flipped on her back for a belly rub!!! First time ever!)