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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Sandal is his Tartain Plaid!

Sandal will pose for pictures! He is incredible!!!! 





Monday, November 28, 2016

Packer night...

Just finished watching the Packers finally get a win!!! Wouldn't you love a little lap warmer to keep you company on game night?!? Sandal is already in Green Bay-- come take a tour of the Hall of Fame and then pick up your fur-baby!!

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Sunday with Sandal!!!

This little cutie can fetch and stops by for pets too! 

Sandal's momma...
This is Stilleto, Letti for short! She is about 7lbs and was a lovely momma to her pups! Some were black and some were cream, like Sandie!!! Here is what her new momma says:

I just wanted to let you know how Lettie is doing. She was
great at the vet, so calm! I have her signed up for a class
with dog face training starting next week & it includes
"holiday etiquette." She's been great at the
dog park, has a few friends & has gotten along with
every other dog she meets! I love her so much, she's
such a cuddler. Thank you so much for letting me adopt her!
Happy thanksgiving!
Abby Johnson
& she loves to
nap :)


Thursday, November 24, 2016

Happy Turkey Day!

We drove from Green Bay to Racine and Mr. Sandal came along to G & G's house! He was just perfect!!! Not a peep in the car!!! He's been a total champ all day! Grandpa just had a knee replacement and Sandal has been so gentle. I'm sure he will enjoy a bit o turkey with us later. My 2 dogs stayed home because they are able to hang out in the house. Since Sandie is a pup we took him along. We sure are glad we did because he's been a wonderful boy and everyone loves him!!! 
Sandie wishes everyone a Happy Thanksgiving ! He says he is very thankful for Fluffy Dog Rescue today!!!

Sandals version of dessert: a raw hide stick!!!



Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Hungry faces...

What does your supper time look like?!?
Mine looks pretty adorable!!! 
Sandal eats slowly... crunching each little piece. He likes pretty much anything so he's not fussy. After supper everyone goes outside to run around. They don't seem to mind the chilly weather! 

Monday, November 21, 2016

Another cute fluffy boy!!!

Sandal and Bear are sure hoping for a family soon!!!

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Meet and Greet day at The Doggy Bag!

Start of the big meet n greet day! Can we say spoiled?!? Cozy Covers!!!

We have arrived!!!

At the event!!! Looking adorable in his sweater!!! Sandal was so well behaved and could not have been any cuter! Lots of people stopped to say hello!!!

Later we went to my family owned Antique Shop. Sitting at a fancy table!!! 

A few of my relatives giving him some love and attention. :) Everybody adored Mr Pupular!!!

Me with #myboy!!!

Snooping around in the shop! Looking for cookie crumbs! 

This is Bear!!! He hitch hiked home with us as he was going to another foster around Green Bay. We let him stay over at our house till his foster mommy could pick him up!!! He's looking for a home too. He is a cutie and sooo fluffy! :)

Friday, November 18, 2016

Meet me!!! Saturday!!!!!!! 11/19/16

Getting a good nights sleep before...

...the day we travel to Grandpa's house!!! Sandal is excited and we are packing up right now!!! 
Saturday from 10-11:30am come MEET SANDAL in Oconomowoc at The Doggy Bag! Give him pets, hugs or treats! He will wag his tail and love you because he's so sweet like that!!! Then APPLY to make him your own baby! He will be wearing a sweater. Hee hee! He will look so CUTE!!! Don't miss out on this great opportunity!!!!!!!

A little damp yet but Sandal had his first bath! (He's in his cage now to finish drying off) He was AMAZING!!! Stood still like a statue in the tub. He was not fearful but just still and cooperative. He's THE BESTEST pup!!! He smells delicious too :)

Made it to Grandpa's house! Supper time!!! 

Watching Jeopardy and resting on the bed with my new pal!!! :)

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Setting the Rules!!

When you are a puppy you gotta know the house rules!!! 

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Photo shoot!

Took new photos of sweet Sandal. He's a beautiful little white fox! 

Monday, November 14, 2016

Week 1 Done

So the hardest week is over... that's always week one. After that things fall into place and a routine gets established. Here is my pretty boy -- my little white Fox-- looking so sweet! 
We met some children today and he did amazing. He just adores people and his temperament is very loving. 

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Bed Bud not Bed Bug!

This little foxy man slept with me last night! Shhhh don't spread it around... hubbies gone on a trip ;)!

Cutest side profile pic, awwww  :)! Sandal sleeps in bed quietly and calmly. I'd say he will make you very happy if you are the dog in bed type! I have only had him in his crate in my room or up on the bed now and either way he is happy. Well, admittedly happier up on the bed!!! I don't think Sandal would want to be far away from his 'people'. He may sound the alarm with dissatisfaction.

Radar ears are up and running!

No Doggies were sick last night but I saw this on Facebook and made me laugh! Sooo true! 

Saturday, November 12, 2016

Love my Sandal Saturday!!!

Click to watch a cute little movie!!! 

It's frosty today so Sandal put on his green hoodie before going outside! Brrrr...

He is lookin' smart too!!! Lol!!!

Taking 'dad' to the airport this morning... see you later...

Here is my awesome "Co-Pilot"! At the airport :) we are back! Is it TREAT TIME now?!? tummy says it is!!!
This face is #IRRESISTABLE!!! 


Another car trip... Two #cuties wearing their #hoodies!!! <3

Friday, November 11, 2016


After breakfast Sandal took a little nappy with his head pushed up against me.

Me and my Lil' Bud! I went shopping and bought him a big ol' bone. He is chomping on it while I make some baked goods. He is a puppy so likes to chew on things so giving him the correct things to chew keeps him outta trouble!!! He and I took some cute n silly pics together! He could be your Lil' Buddy too... but you have to apply to adopt him first!!! It's easy if you just go to

So here is a quick recap of Sandal:

Adores all people!
Great with other dogs. 
Likes to play with toys and play fetch. 
Barks a little but not anything unusual. 
In potty training and doing fantastic!
Rides like a champ in the car. 
Walks well on leash. 
Enjoys dog beds and super soft blankies!
Crates are no problem. 
Sleeps in our bedroom in his crate.
Not a fussy eater. 
Soft and silky feeling fur. 
Jumps up on the couch and snuggles! 

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Driving buddy

I cannot stress enough how you NEED a dog car seat for him! He sits right in it and travels like a stuffed animal. I mean he is AMAZING!!! Today we went through the bank drive through. Excellent!!! 
I adore how he buries his nose in the seat! He does this when you hold him as well!!! He cannot be any cuter!!! If I did not have 2 dogs he would stay here. Seriously-- I would just love to adopt him!!!

Wednesday, November 9, 2016


Here is a little example of 'Zoomies'!!! 
Gotta appreciate how he runs right back to me for his petting!!!
#speedie #loveme

Fitting In...

Sandal has started to own the place! He wants to hang out with me and follow me around. He is a people pup! I gate him (see photo) in the kitchen when i can't really watch him and his crate has the door open. He trots around the room playimg with his toys or chewing his Kong. I did have to pick up my little plastic pumpkins as he wanted to chew them-- well, they did look like toys! I have a couple potty pads on the floor and he used one 1 time but for the most part just goes outside to potty. His crate is dry all night and I always take him out right before bed and he squats down for potties. He is not a leg lifter boy. 
Sandal loves LOVES being held and at night settles down on the couch all cuddly! For a six month old pup he's fairly calm as long as he gets some playtime and exercise. I have a fenced yard so he gets plenty of time to do zoomies and show off his cute deer-leaps over plants. :) #superSandal

Eating his nummie supper!!! 

Resting with a ball toy in a cushy bed!

Snuggling with me watching TV. 
Tonight my hubby said, "Let's keep this one a while!" In other words... He fits right in and has THE BESTEST personality! Of course I know he needs to find his home but really... if he does not we won't mind!!! Hee, Hee!

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Voting Day :)

Taking an early morning walk before going to work! Look at this little guy go! So awesome!!!  We alllll LOVE Sandal or Sandie as I sometimes call him! 
At work we are a polling place so it's going to be crazy with long lines and nervous people everywhere so this walk feels so good before I leave! I will look forward to coming home to snuggles with my pups-- and let me tell you... Sandal is a Snugglesaurus-ha!!! 

Sandal has taken a liking to one of my robes. It's a super soft one and my son brought it to the kitchen and laid it in front of the fireplace. I don't have the heart to take it away! It's Sandal's robe now till he leaves for his forever home! I have more robes and he just adores this one! Maybe because it matches his fur color?!? :)

Wowza... I love Sandal in a little orange coat!!! Wouldn't you please invite him as a special guest to your house for Thanksgiving Day??? Sandal could dress up and steal the show!!! Plus, I think he would love a little plate of turkey!!! ;)
I think at Christmas a little red sweater may be on his list... he's already being a 'good boy'! 

Monday, November 7, 2016

Getting to know Sandal...

Photo shoot on the porch!

Photos in the car!

I cannot believe how totally great this little guy is doing! He had never been in a house before but is already acting like a 'pro'!!! He learned to climb up and down the stairs in one night!!! We have a lot of stairs! He's the record holder!!! He looooves riding in the car! He rode in my doggy car seat this morning like he has been in it for years! Super cute!!! Super calm! 
I cannot believe how sweet he is... 'Mr. Friendly-pants'!!! Wags his tail for us all and is playful. He has tried out all the toys and is not destructive with them. He likes chomping hooves, too!
Sandal is sooo speedy outside and glides over obstacles like a deer! It's fun watching him show his athletic prowess! He enjoys exploring and keeps his nose to the ground. He's a puppy so likes to play and tries to get my older dogs to join in the fun!
Sandal is starting potty training and I'll keep you posted on his progress. I don't think he will have any problem with it as he's a little smartie!! 
We took a walk this morning around the block... perfect! No issues with cars going past or with barking dogs or people. His little legs just kept up their little trot trot!!! To cute!