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Saturday, November 29, 2014

Scooter: the little black foster dog :)

Click on the above video link to fall in love with my new foster... the little black Scooter-pup who will give you many kisses "Under the Mistletoe" or pretty much wherever you want! (--oh yeah--music by Justin Bieber :)
(I can hardly wait to dress Scoots in a little red Christmas sweater... or maybe blue or brite green... tune in to see what "ugly Christmas sweater" I find!!!)

Scooter met me today at the outlet mall in Oshkosh, thanks to helpful Fluffy volunteer Pam and her daughter who transported him! Here he bravely is sitting in the console doggy seat (all safely strapped in) in my SUV --he is watching traffic so intently. Heading north, little buddy!

We just pulled into the driveway-home sweet home! Don't look so worried Scooter--you are going to meet some fun furry dog friends to play with and have lots of pupper toys -- treats too! Welcome Scoots!
Doesn't he have the sweetest face and what's with the totally adorable up and down ears?

Scooter has a little smile on his face. He has settled in soooo nicely! He is friendly with dogs and people (a little shy with my husband yet) and great in his crate. He plays with toys on his own. So far no potty accidents and he likes the snow!

I am already in love with this sweet boy! He is a gorgeous black color-- his fur has a lovely shine! I love black... it goes with everything! No fur to brush off of my black winter coat either (I don't even think he sheds much anyway)! 
I do have to tell you a little secret... even though he is cute, a great color and has ears to die for.... it is really his personality that is so AMAZING! Maybe you may want to apply for him so you can meet him and see for yourself! Until then he will be at my house... "YAY for me!"...I think now I will find that mistletoe... I need a few puppy kisses! XXX!

Good night, Scooter! <3 ( thanks for the smooches!)

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Adoption day...

One cute Westie + One special family= Blessings and happiness for a lifetime :)

Saturday, November 22, 2014

I'm Back...

I was gone for a day...
...I think he missed me!
 AND...tomorrow he meets his real family!
Happy day! So exciting! 

After bath photo! Precious!!!

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Thursday with Jax

Best thing to do on a windy freezy morning! All rolled up in warm puppy balls! So sweet!!!

Evening at home watching HGTV and keeping warm with my snuggle buddy! Jax selfie :)

Look who found a ball! So much for TV... It's play time...

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Snowy Wednesday!

My Asti has a "look out" area on the second floor. She stands on the antique wicker couch (hence the blanket on the arm) and has a view! She can watch the backyard for all the critter activity…look who has joined her for morning "critter cartoons"!
Jax is still watching reruns! :)

My husband took this photo today. Obviously stir crazy after 2 days on vacation. Ha!!! Texted it to me at work... "your kids are waiting for you!"  So true! Love this bunch! :)

Monday, November 17, 2014

(Video-walking ) Monday w Jax!

Two brave pups n I set out to conquer the freeeeeeezing walk around the block! (I shoulda worn a hat!) Brrrr! 
Watch to see how Jax does on a leash!!!
So what more do I know about Jax?
1. He seems potty trained but has had one potty accident and also marked a wee bit. No big deal! Probably just nervous and really the first couple days at a new house don't  count! 
2. He seems to be a fussy eater. So far he won't eat his dry food (Taste of the Wild) unless we fry an egg and mix it in. We spoil him a bit! Guess I'll be picking up some canned food to mix in! (Or will have to get another doz eggs!) :)
3. He was just perfect at the vet today! Calm and sweet as can be! He ended up having an ear infection in his right ear. We can get that fixed up with a few drops of medicine. He got a couple shots n had his nails trimmed. He was the perfect patient and has nice white teeth to boot!
4. Loves belly rubs n lap sitting. Snuggle monster!!!
5. He alert barks a little when he hears something and does bark/whine some in his kennel. Again, might be because all is "new". Once a routine is established things often settle down--especially kennel time. 
6. He loves racing around the yard with his two terrier friends! 
7. Great in the tub for bath time! Just stood nicely to get soaped up--no getting me all wet!
8. Loves balls but get a tough one or he will chomp it  to pieces. 
9. Sleeps quietly in his kennel in my bedroom all night!
10. Knows his name and comes when called. 

Over all I say Jax is a definite KEEPER!

Tuesday-- wised up! Wore a hat! :)! #morningwalkin'

Sunday, November 16, 2014

(Video) Welcome Foster, Jax!

Welcome to my new Foster Dog, Jax! He is new to Wisconsin Westie Rescue and is an owner turn in. His former mom was a seasoned citizen who did not have the energy to take care of "Jumping Jacks" (his formal name) but we will just call him Jax for short, so she turned him over to rescue. I am one blessed foster mom because Jax is not very "jumping" at all... in fact he is really a "gentle Jax" who has the face of a white teddy bear so we are the ones who are jumping for joy over Jax!
The little video above shows his welcome to our yard by the resident Yorkie mix terriers! They all are soooo sweet!

Jax slept on the ride from Appleton to Green Bay; as we drove we listened to the start of the Packer game. Thanks to Cheryl from Westie Rescue and Kim and her son Connor who transported this sweet boy all the way from Eau Claire to Appleton for me!

What a friendly boy! He made friends with my husband right away. He loves sitting on John's lap! 

Me giving him a little hug when we got home!

My son, Luke, getting "attacked" by our  team o terriers!

Mr Irresistible!!! Isn't he ADORABLE?!?

Jax is such a wonderful boy! He gets along great with my dogs, super friendly with all people, calm, LOVES to play fetch, good car rider, catches a ball in his mouth and adores treats--who can resist his "sit up pretty" trick! What a doll! XXO!

(Video) Asti meets the snow...not a fan!

I just adopted Miss Asti from Fluffy Dog. She met the Wisconsin snow this morning. It was not a happy meeting --she didn't know what it was but knew it was COLD!!! Here is her reaction later in the morning when I asked if she needed to go outside… too funny! Gonna be a long, long winter! #Alabamagirl

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Congrats Romy! Adoption Day!

Roman will live with two other dog friends and a devoted mommy! Happiness to all!!!

Saturday, November 8, 2014


I'm trying to get stuff done this Saturday and need these two to stop following me! Sometimes a crate is my best friend! They are being so good snuggling together. 
My boy Parson is a slug who simply snores away up on my bed. So no "jail time" for him! 

One pup teaches the other, hee-hee!

Friday, November 7, 2014

Fostering Friday!

It's not "throwback Thursday"... but I was putting away all my garden art for winter this morning outside and realized I've been now fostering for a little over a year (if u don't count Parson, my dog, because I adopted him and didn't foster till a year later). 
So here are my Pinterest board photos of all the sweet dogs AND families that I've been blessed to meet this year! Have you ever thought of fostering? It's really fun, you'll fall in love with every dog you meet… and when it's time to give them up your heart will break a little but you will know you served a greater good and purpose and helped save a life! Try it! 
Here are my foster darlings starting with my dog Parson!!!!

Fosters 1, 2...

Fosters 3,4,5,6...

Fosters 7,8,9,10,11...

Fosters 12,13, 14,15...

Fosters 16,17,18, 19...

Foster 20... Pending Adoption! :) 

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

One week anniversary!

Roman has been here one week! "Happy anniversary"--ha!
 That first crazy week to me is always difficult with lots of "getting to know each other" stuff and then in week 2 the fun finally begins! :)
We are all adjusted now and falling into a fine and comfy routine! Romy went through some adjusting  "where am I now?" stuff at first and then did a bit of barking when he got too excited about things but now we have turned the corner and it's all much more enjoyable from here forward! Roman has made loads of progress!
 I realized pretty quickly that this boy likes to learn new stuff! He is also perceptive to a fault and thirdly really wants love. So much that he can come off as pushy. He's really a Romeo more than a Roman!!!
 Now that he is "settling in" he is becoming better mannered and I really think having some simple training sessions learning new tricks keeps his brain from getting bored. Today we worked on up (sitting up pretty) and high-five! He has up 80% mastered and high five is not yet connecting but he will get it soon enough! 
 Roman has an APPLICATION pending too!!! Yay, Romy! 
I really hope his new furever mom will continue to "train the brain" on this smartie-pup cuz he so enjoys it! He wants to please and sometimes he blunders over people in the process (haha!!!) but give him a little bit of time and be patient and Romy proves himself as a wonderful lover-boy who not only has the cutest fluffy ears in town but also has some amazing smarts between those cute fluffy ears!

Above picture is Roman with all his toys as I get ready for work this morning! He is just up on the bed chewing away. :) He really enjoys rubber ones and bones too. He gathered all these himself. One rubber ball, one deer antler, one stuffed squeaker and his favorite rope n rubber combo toy...the one he is chewing! 

In the basement going through winter dog clothes... How embarrassing is this one with back grey jogger legs?! #rummagesalefind   #hideous

The required "Packer-Pup Fan" pic while in Green Bay! #theBearsaregoingdown

Here is Romy in HIS chair. I have never had a dog like this chair… I'm not sure why Roman does? It's right outside my kitchen and it's not all that comfy! BUT anytime I don't know where he is I look in the chair and yep... there he is his spot! He would sleep here all night if I would let him... in this picture you can see by his eyes he was already sleeping. Time for bed Romy... your chair will still be here in the morning! 

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Learning "Down"!

No "judging" my training techniques cuz I'm no expert but Roman is learning the down command and I'm very PROUD of this boy! He loves... LOVES... learning!!! I started this Sunday, practiced a couple times on Monday and here he is on Tuesday! His smartie poodle-brain is coming out in him! Next trick(?)...taking requests!!!

Monday, November 3, 2014

Learning "stay" and news from Bama

Romy loves not only his food but today also my food! He started getting too excited at supper time. Here he is practicing his "stay" while I eat. He is sooo smart! Just needs to learn a few useful commands! I just adore Roman and look how hard he is trying to be good! That one little paw just had to inch out of the bed where he is sitting. Very soon Roman will get his own treat for being a patient boy! 

I found out that Roman's former foster mom in AL is also named Lydia!!! We connected via email and here is a little snippet of what she said about Roman....

"Roman was used to being indoors but judging by his hair cut, probably had
not been well cared for.  The short hair on his back was growing back real
curley, like a poodle, but his head & ears more yorkie.  I figured his coat
had been matted and someone just cut it all off.  It'll be interesting to
see what he looks like when his hair grows back.
Roman is a good boy - loves to snuggle and plays well with other dogs,
except Boyden!" He had good potty manners from the very first.  It's great
that you teach some basic commands - I'm not very good at that.  Roman is
smart though and learned our routine right away.  "Time for bed" means go to
my room, "Outside" and they head for the door, etc.  He'll be a good learner
as he pays attention when you talk to him."

Guess both us "Lydia's" think Roman is a pretty awesome pup! Romy can't wait to have a person who never neglects him again but gives him the proper care, training and kindness that will assure Roman he is fur-ever loved! 

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Roman keeps his "Cool"!

Unlike a certain girl terrier (ahem, Asti) who cannot keep her "cool" around squirrels n birds Roman can keep his "cool"!!! Watch this little video to see how calmly Roman walks around the fenced yard. No fence jumping at squirrels/birds for this boy! Roman is not a hyper terrier so don't be worried about that! Sometimes he watches my goofy Terriers that are just nuts (yeah, bad pun) for squirrels and looks at them like ..."why????...just why????" (Haha!!!)
(P.S. Asti cannot jump the fence! It doesn't show but we have green garden fencing stapled up over the wood fence to make it taller.  She is safe!)

Roman and Asti on the porch getting ready to go for a walk modeling this falls "posh pooch" design in sweaters! So cute!
(Um nah, the sweaters r really just from a big-box store but still posh enough for these two!)

Walk- walk- walk! Gorgeous day for some healthy exercise!

Roman you are a sweeeeet little walker pal! Even my husband will take this "cool dude" when he walks our dog Parson! In fact, Roman is on his 3rd walk today! Everyone wants his company!!!

Roman is lookin' like he should be in a magazine photo as he stands under the bitter-sweet vine. See the brite orange berries?! 

My son took this last photo. Just lounging on the couch arm watching TV with the guys!!! #sundayfootball

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Roman is sooooo photogenic!

Roman does not take a bad picture! What a face--his fur is so silky!
I'm making a casserole for Sunday after church and these two cutie-pups are sitting on the rug below me assisting with floor cleanup! Tee hee! 
(Roman is on the left)
I'm learning more about Roman this weekend as I've been home all day Saturday doing "cleaning catchup"! 
So what do I know?
He is a young guy. Pure white teeth! He can be a smidge mouthy if excited/playful and can gently chew on hands but not bad at all. Just puppyish acting. He likes to drag blankets out of his crate, steal socks (not to chew just to stash) and loves bones and doggy chew toys. He wants all the attention on him and will wedge himself between the other dogs to get it. He is so cute it's hard not to give him all the attention! The little rascal! He also can try and insist you pet him by sticking his head under your hand. What a goof!
For the most part Roman is a GREAT dog...quiet, calm and has wonderful house manners! He chews on his toys and bones and is very loving!
Speaking of love... Roman loves food and is a professional beggar. (So are his house-mates) He does think barking will get him what he wants but we are teaching him that quiet gets him attention and barking gets him ignored. He is doing awesome and learning some nice manners!
He is def potty trained and enjoys being brushed. He also would treasure sleeping with his people in bed (yes, he has joined me a couple times and is quiet and a warm snuggle bug). 

Is it just me or does he look a wee bit like this teddy bear? 
Romy is snuggly and fuzzy-wuzzy like this little bear!!! In fact... I think it's snuggle time right now! 

(Video) Treat Time & Car Riding!

Playing with a new Phone App! I made a little video of the three Yorkies at my house getting their treats. Try and pick out Roman… He is the cute guy with the tipped ears!  All three did really well sitting and nicely taking their treats! Roman loves food and will bark a little when excited to get his treat. He stops when you show him the treat and tell him sit. 
He is learning and catches on quickly!

Here is Roman in the car at a red light! I think he could use a dog seatbelt harness!
Roman wants to hop around from seat to seat at first (no whining though) but once we got going he settled down w a toy. 

Below pic is Roman waiting for a treat from the bank teller! 

Next stop was the grocery store! Roman had to sit in his crate while I left the car. I gave him his toy inside the crate. He wanted to come with me as I closed the car door and was fussing but as I approached the car after shopping he was totally quiet! So he did just fine! He does like to chew a toy while riding. So I suggest keeping a few in the car. We had a super morning doing errands together! Roman just needs a little more practice riding and sitting still but he LOVES it and every time I open my car door in the garage he hops in hoping he gets to go on a trip. I will take him along as much as possible to practice!

I have to include this picture of him when we got home....Here he is on a pile of couch pillows chewing on a dog toy ... But what do I see behind him??? Hmmmm???? ANOTHER sock! I'm gonna miss this cutie when he gets adopted and his sock stashing! :) I love pups that make me laugh!

Now it's nappy time on the bench in the kitchen! Well deserved, Roman, you had a very busy morning and we had a blast!