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Saturday, January 31, 2015

(Video) Two WINES in the house!!!

This weekend we are enjoying the company of Grenache! No I'm not drowning my sorrows in wine cuz the Packers are not in the Super Bowl #shouldbe! Nope I am foster-dog sitting till Grenache's foster mommy is back in town! Little Grenache (called Squirrel by her foster family) is a DOLL! She is available for adoption!!! There is not a bad thing to say about her! She is happy, playful, quiet, likes the cold, seems pretty well potty trained, gets along great with all sizes of people and dogs! Just the best little fluff ball! XO!

Here is the "gang"! Parson and Asti are farthest (my dogs) then Keda and Grenache (cute and available)!!!

Just keeping busy with a deer antler...

Keda and Grenache are both looking for their own families or people or one special someone to call theirs FUREVER!!!

The two "wine girls" came together in the fall of 2014! Here they are back together again in January 2015 posing on a wing back chair. I adopted Asti and love her to come Grenache is still looking? Come on people... Pop the cork already!!! 

Beautiful girl... Probably part Cairn terrier. 

I love her marble eyes! Big and round and sooo sweet!

Her nose is nice and black and extremely smoochable!

Isn't this a lovely pic!!! She is a sweeeeet girl!

I adore her color-- she has flecks of black mixed with a creamy white. Such a waggy fluffy tail and a few sprinkles of white poodle kinky fur smack dab on top of her forehead. :) 

Our morning walk! These girl's are the same size! Grenache is the better walker as my Asti thinks she's a Husky! Mush!!!

Morning bed head fur! Haha!

Even sillier bed head fur! Love the look! Hee hee!


Keda on the big bed-- her little puggy nose is tooooo adorable! 

Grenache did really well as our overnight guest! She slept in her crate nicely alllll night and joined in on the potty-eat nummies-- poop outside routine this morning! She actually loves a good zooooom through the fresh snow! Here she is ready for a cup of warm tea--- no that's me--- she's ready for a warm lap!

This is awesome! Keda is sharing! Goooood Girl!

Two very tired girls! Keeping my lap warm... Thanks fluffy dogs! #busyweekend 

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

(Videos) Watch Keda and fall in love!

"Keda's calm quiet side"

"Hello, Miss Keda! Time to wake up"... I'm home from work!
 I cannot believe no one has snatched up this easy-peasy pup, yet!! We leave for work and she just finds her bed and naps till we get home, Keda-fajita is so awesome!
"Keda's excited silly side"

Keda also has a really entertaining personality. This girl notices when things are "out of place" and she is a super duper snooper sleuth! 
See how I have to lift her up onto the table because she thinks she spies something! Keda is just a total riot to have in the house… I love her fabulous personality! I admit she is a mixed bag! That is what makes her so fun and interesting! Plus those toes and that fur-hawk! Hello... total cuteness overload!!!

  The fur-hawk meets a pink bow! #sweet

Bottle caps are all the rage! I love them!

Valentine's Day is coming up soon! Keda would sure like her FUREVER mom in this frame with her instead of her foster mom! Hint hint!!! She would love u forever!!!
   Keda's giving out free kisses Feb 14!!!

Saturday, January 24, 2015

(Video) News FLASH!

Headlines: Keda walks with energy around the block, outside mind u, 2 times around...without hesitation! It's a FIRST!!!! Although Keda still gets some "episodes" in her walking she has so much energy now! I've never seen her enjoy a walk sooooooo much! Just 4 days on meds! Keda is making happy progress!

Here's a little more info if u are a "Give me the facts, Jax" type!

Basic stats:
Weight: 9 lbs
Color: brindle and white
Breed: terrier mix (probably a 
Chihuahua /Shih tzu or Pug)
Leash trained: Yes
Housebroken: Yes
Commands: Sit
Sheds: Yes
Crate trained: Yes 
Car rides: Quiet and sits still
Food: Grain free canned with a 1/2 scoop probiotics
Sleeps: In dog bed, my bed, crate
Baths: Stands still
Nail clipping: Is fine with it 
Brushing: Is fine with it
Toys: Small balls and bones (esp with peanut butter inside)
Chewing: For the most part only on appropriate dog bones or her toy balls 
Treats: soft little squishy ones, apples and people food :)
Favorite activities: sitting "on" me--in bed, on a couch, on a chair or anywhere; being carried; walking (we go pet store walking on cold days) anywhere on warm days; car rides; sleeping in her dog bed; giving kisses. 
Dislikes: Walking outside in the cold; loud people or too much noisy activity.  
Shy dog: No, Keda is not afraid or shy of people or places. 
Best Attributes: Keda is sooooo easy to care for because she has very good house manners! Adorable and loving. 
Worst Attributes: Keda gets stressed in high energy households. Needs a lower level energy because she senses things deeply and gets upset.  
Other Animals: Dogs- fine as long as they are friendly; Bunnies- fine, gets along with my rabbit; Cats- had no interest in one we met walking at the pet store. 
Dog clothes: Keda wears clothes-- Light weight loose clothing is best. Clothes that Velcro around the belly easily are nice. She adores cute neck dog collars and leashes. (I admit I've had her wear some sweaters! Just too cute!)
Best home for Keda: A quiet home with where Keda can adore her owners and have them all to herself...this  would be her dream home! Second best would be with another friendly small dog! She likes dogs her size a lot and watches them for cues. She follows what my dogs do. :)
I think a cat, bunny or bird etc would be fine too. 
Special Needs: Keda has mild issues from a head injury and is taking a pill twice a day.  It's not costly and easy to give! (Her issues are a Fly Biting Syndrome and a high step walk with a head shake-- very brief but occurs more often on walks). Most people wouldn't even notice them!

Below: pretty Keda with a "red velvet" lighting effect! Sounds like cake :)!

Too cute... Keda blinked!!! XO!

 Keda finds stuff as we continue to walk~

Little dog...Big store!

Keda loves a good bed ... this one looks great with her collar! #applegreen

Keda likes this isle too! Wonder why?!

Eyes locked on some goodies!

Getting closer...

This is THE one... the BIG one, please!

Did you ever have a little child who got sick and even though he is naughty/mischievous  when he is well u really missed that when he was sick? You would take the naughtiness any day to his quiet sick days!!! 
Well that's how this feels a little bit with Keda. When she wasn't feeling all that well she spent a lot of time sleeping. Now that she is feeling better with the medication she is actually quite the little jester!  The other day I blamed Asti for chewing up a Christmas card I was going to keep… I'm pretty sure now it was Keda who was the mischievous pup!  Tonight Keda had a wild streak and was running up and down the stairs and rugs were flying as she ran! I was actually ecstatic to see this happen… it's really great to see Keda feeling so happy n healthy -- even though I think I also might begin to see some "naughties" coming out! :)!

Friday, January 23, 2015

(Video) Here's looking at u, Keda-Kid!

Woof! Keda sees a dog (herself) or does she just want the closet door open? Only Keda knows for sure!

"Balls"...any color--small in size--Keda's toy of choice!

Second choice... "Bones": a new love!
With peanut butter smeared on, mmmmm, even better!
Brown Puddle Eyes~ Keda's got 'em!

Best lap warmer in town! Keda loves, LOVES a lap!!! 

You may be wondering how her meds are working? Most notable... Keda is much more happy and brite eyed. Her appetite has grown- she's eating even the dry kibble in the bowl.  Her energy and playful side has emerged with a very wagging tail and she is much more responsive to her name. Keda can now do a fast "sit" on command! Only for treats though-- she is a princess!
Her air biting (which occurs mostly in the evening or if stressed) is still there and so is her erratic walking episodes. (Really, most people think it's cute and she has a pony-prance) It's only been a few days though and dosage was started low-- we will see! We love the happy brite eyed Keda that we have at our home now! She's even running down the hall with the other dogs. Go Keda!!!

P.S. If you are a caring person looking for a devoted dog who will adore you think about Miss Keda! She is really an easy dog in many ways but needs a special someone who will be in tune to her. Watch her face, her moods and body language-- she will tell you things! She isn't the fur-girl for a busy mom who's eyes are elsewhere!
 Keda is sooooo wonderful to hang out with and the perfect mannered girl out in public. Just protect her from those aggressive petter types. (I avoid eye contact and people don't constantly ask to pet her! It works!) Keda is looking for a devoted mom -- I personally love this dog-- and yes, I'm like you and don't want to come home to destruction or potty accidents all over. That's the joy of Keda-- she's perfect in that area! She is a very lovely little lady!

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

(Video) Keda gets a Diagnosis

Above video shows sweet little Keda displaying what the Veterinarian called a "hyper metric gait" due to the small but often occurring seizures she is experiencing. You can see the head shake and her legs lifted high and crossing. She also does some "fly biting" (Google it) besides.  All this adds up to her diagnosis of epilepsy. Now don't let that scare you off! Hopefully her easy and inexpensive treatment of a phenobarbital  pill at breakfast 'n' supper will give her what she needs to manage this ailment. We are just working on dosage now. The doctor is of the belief that because Keda's skull had an open font as a puppy (common in Chihuahua's) she should have been handled very carefully as to not cause injury  but she may have sustained some sort of head injury and this caused the seizures. So she probably has only known life with reoccurring seizures (poor girl). I'm excited to hope that she may soon experience her life, for the first time, without the dizziness, hallucinations and confusion!
I'd also like to report that Keda showed herself to be quiet and so calm at the vet. She sat on my lap and was a little star as we waited for results! The man next to me commented often on Keda's impeccably good behavior. 
When getting examined we did muzzle Keda as she doesn't always trust strangers but since I was there, and I have worked on gaining her trust, she did very well during her exam. I am very proud of Keda! I will keep up a report of her progress on her blog! (It may take 2 weeks before we see results)

A good read about Chi Chi seizures!

     A little peanut in the midst of big dogs!
                          At the vet!

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Team Spirit

            Ready for some Footbal!!

     Keda's eyes are the Best!!!

       Lookin' Good in Green n Gold!

Well the Pack lost but Keda is still a winner! We still love the Packers and of course love Keda too! 

Friday, January 16, 2015

It's Friday! :)

                Adorable Profile!
Keda has had a great morning learning to play with her friends Parson and Asti. She mostly connects with Asti who is her size. They play bow and hop around a bit.  I got on the floor to join in. Keda is getting the hang of it. She would jump on me and give me so many kisses with a wagging-like-crazy tail! Some dogs just need to "learn" how to play if they never really had the opportunity. So we are working on it! 

           Collage of their new "stuff"
Keda and I did our  usual walk around Petco. Needless to say the 75% off (or more) sales are tooooo tempting! Keda does not care for dog clothing all that much so she got a felt collar rose and Asti got a Star Wars shirt/dress... they  are both looking so adorable!!! 
Keda is walking very nicely at the store and meeting new people very politely. I'm happy with her progress. I'm also excited to see how well she is doing with her foster brother n sister dogs. They are becoming quite a sweet little pack! 
Keda will be getting a little check up at the vet as to why she has a little glitch to her walk. I'll explain more after her check up  but I'm hoping it's an easy fix! 

         My little snuggle buds!!!
Just came back home from a Friday supper out with JP and my sweet girl pups are already on my lap... I didn't even get my coat off! Ha!!! Feelin' the love! Little Keda adores laps!!! 

      The girls snuggling together!
This pic looks like a mass of fur but it's Asti laying her head on Keda on my lap! Big break through! Keda would never have allowed this a few weeks ago! Asti is a big time dog snuggler. She just can't stop herself from cuddling! Now Keda wants to be friends but through observation I've noticed that poor Keda wakes suddenly from what I will call an "episode" happening to her. We are going to check it out at the vet. When she wakes she is kinda angry and bites at imaginary flys. I believe she has a syndrome (fly snapping--which is part of a larger problem) but it's a guess. 
She just looks miserable that this is happening. Poor Keda! It took a while to figure it out but with a second pair of eyes confirming what I thought I saw on our walks (thank you, Doris, Fluffy Dog Animal Behaviorist) she is going to get this mystery problem checked out! So in my meager and unprofessional opinion, Keda is frustrated by this mystery illness and gets cranky at times from it. I sure hope things get better for this sweet baby girl. We all just love her!

Almost store closing time but we stayed true to our commitment and did our walk! Remarkable progress in Keda's attitude toward everything! Wow!!!

            Selfie but Keda got shy

My "big brown-eyed girl pup"... she is just lovely to take out and about. No barking at other dogs or people. No pulling. Just trots along (cant wait to have the vet check out her little gait-issue though!). She is really getting to be a wonderful walker--I'm amazed! 

Monday, January 12, 2015

Exercise at the pet stores...

At PetSmart:

We saw furry critters...

And pretty birdies...

Just window shopping~

And empty cages... A favorite!!!

At Petco:

Met a cat... I don't even wanna look at you kitty! Bye bye!

Did some shopping~
My foster mom said YES to a brand new collar and matching leash! I just LOVE my new collar and new leash. They are so "me"!

Today I found out Keda IS a good walker. She just does better with only a collar on. No jacket, sweater, harness. She was very bouncy and lively walking all over Petco with only her neck collar and leash. Her nose was just sniffing away!
As usual 3 people stopped me to say "she walks like a prancing pony" and it's CUTE and ADORABLE and I just smile and TOTALLY agree! 
Keda also met a cat! The cat was way more aggressive then Keda. Keda was getting nice pets by the lady holding the cat's leash and the cat snuck up and gave Keda a swipe across the nose! Naughty kitty!
Finally...I was very happy and so proud that Keda accepted so much petting by all the people at Petco! She had a couple little lip quivers but never a true growl... And these people were all strangers to Keda! 
I feel like a proud mom... My Keda is growing up! She is "starting" to heal! Sniff... Happy tears!

Sunday, January 11, 2015

(Video) bunny test-PASS!

I'm watching the Packers today--loud TV sound on video--oops! (You may wanna mute it!) First of all, let me explain that my dog Parson owns a bunny. Bunny used to be mine but now Parson has taken possession of her as his! If you watch closely, you will notice how he protects "his" bunny and hovers over her and puts himself between her and Keda! It's very sweet!
All the dogs get along really well with Agi-bun bun and she just hops around. If you want to know how Miss Keda does with cats just ask me and I will find a friend of mine who owns a cat and test her out. Other than that all I can do is the bunny test here at my house!:)
On this video watch Keda's cute little feet... she is so amazing with them!  Keda can use her paws like monkey hands. Not kidding! See how she grasps the rung of the chair!! I just think Keda is an amazing, interesting and unique  little dog that will give somebody many years of pleasure! We like that she is unique... just like people are unique! She brings her own gifts to the world and makes it a happier place for those that love her!

            Serious Keda face!

               Smiley Keda face!

Keda at the girl's Downton Abbey gathering tonight watching the "telly" (said w English accent)! She had very proper manners. 
"Pass the tea and extra biscuits, please."