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Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Howl-oween!

Roman likes socks!!! He does not chew on them (in pic he is chewing a kong toy) he just steals them from the laundry pile! He places them under the table and makes his little stash. I thought it cute that he stole both my "Halloween socks" today--maybe he wanted to put them on for a costume?

It's a sock costume!!! Oh, Roman.. aren't you "ScArY"... NOT! 

Thursday, October 30, 2014

(Video) Roman's first walk with us!


We really enjoyed our first morning with Roman! First of all he did really well all night in his crate! A few little whines but then settled right down and was snoozing away the night! Good boy! In the morning he went out and pottied outside, ate breakfast right up and out again to finish business. Good boy again! Afterwards I took all three dogs on a walk.. that was fun! Ha!!! Then my husband and I took Romy on his own special walk. He is such a nice dog!

Here is Sir Roman after his walk! We had a great first morning! He is ready for a well deserved treat! 

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

(Video) Roman~ first impressions

Roman just arrived to Green Bay and promptly was greeted with waggy happy tails from the two resident Yorkies who reside at The Plantation! 
Roman is not a little Yorkie sized guy... he is just the perfect size for himself though! In dog clothes I would say a Medium! 
He is a stocky boy who has a cute little stubby tale and adorable perky ears that are super-duper soft n silky! He has a muffled bark-- not sure what's up there but I'm suspecting something was done to keep him quiet!? 
Roman has done all his potty needs outside (yay!) and is comfy in the house. Definitely was some one's boy-- I keep thinking...who would ever give him up or not look for him with a thousand lost dog posters?!? 
 Oh, and he can do a Sit for a treat with precision, too! He's gonna be a sweetie to have in our home! We are excited to be his foster family!

On a scale of 1 to 10 Roman's cuteness ranking is a 10! (My Opinion!)

Roman's favorite people seem to be the "guys"!!! It's not that often that a dog comes to our home that loves all my men but this one LOVES all the guys and follows them around!

Roman easily makes new fur-friends! (Roman is the cute guy in the middle of the other cuties!)

Roman even forgave me with his sweet Romy-kisses when I gave him a bubble bath!
He was super for both his bath and brushing! Yay, Romy!!!

Below... A few "after bath photos"~

Did you say "treat"???

What a face... XO!

Hellooooo out there... are YOU my family???

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Roman arriving soon!

It's gonna be a Yorkie party here at the Plantation come Wednesday afternoon! Can't wait to meet Roman to see if this cute guy will join my own 2 cuties, Parson and Asti, in a friendly game of "I spy with my little eye… A SQUIRREL-run-run-run!"

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

New pupster "brag-post" :)

Tooo cute!

Nighty night...

I adore them in their coats! Asti in typical girl fashion likes all her cute apparel! Parson in typical boy fashion would rather be "naked"!

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

ASTI-shortest foster EVER!

Welcome to ASTI! Gorgeous color!
Asti with her green Gecko!
Asti with Parson! Two cuties!!!
Asti with her new "big brother"! What?!? Yep... we ADOPTED her! And she adores her new brother!
 Adoption Day-- October 21st!

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Keda is adopted!

Happy day for Kedie! Family photo!!!
These girls are so happy with their new fur-sister!!!!

Friday, October 17, 2014


Tomorrow this amazing monkey dog is gonna get adopted. I already miss her! 

BUT there are "more" totally amazing dogs coming... Keep watching this blog and you will find "your" special love. 

Up next.... Asti! I hear she is #adorbs

Wednesday, October 15, 2014


Keda believes her "job" is to find anything that may be hiding under a cupboard, couch, desk etc. have a peanut sized contraband sniffing dog candidate here! She loves being a sleuth! 
(P.S. No contraband here! Just "stuff" Keda views as her treasure finds!  Plastic caps, a dried out gummi, wrappers! Ha!!!)
KEDA agent 007, #snooper

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Traveling w/ Keda

Keda is a superior car passenger! We did an errand to the bulk food shop! Here she is on my way out of the car into the store! 
... Here she is upon my return to the car!
Curled up where I left her!
She is a little princess on her pillow! :)
Keda is just practicing for her fur-ever family who plans to make her their permanent co-pilot on their expeditions around town! I think she is ready for the job!!!

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Go Pack Go!!!

Keda looks like a Bobble Head, hee hee!
Keda is fostered about 4 miles from the Packer stadium... of course she is a fan!!! 

Packers win!!! Woof woof!!!

Saturday, October 11, 2014


Oh I knew this little sweetie would be "PUP-ular"! :)))))
We LUV sunny Saturdays!!!! Happy day- happy fall!

LOOK who I got to VISIT today!!! My former foster dog MONTE!!! He has 3 other dog buddies who live with him now in his Furever home! Parson and I had a BLAST!

Back to Kedie!
So tonight she insisted there was something under the couch. I moved the couch and found a ball, a bone, & a squeaky toy. That wasn't enough… Kedie insisted there was more! So, I had to bring my husband up from his man cave to lift the couch higher for me. Kedie was right, another ball and a rubber toy under that couch! (yes, I know... don't say it… "Clean under your couch more"!)
So, little Keda has a nose on her! She is also a ball hog! It is by far her favorite toy!!! Being a rescue dog she does tend to want to bury her treasures for safety in her dog bed. 
So, I just take them and keep them safe for her :)! What are foster mom's for?
Keda with her stash of balls... It's a girl's prerogative!

Friday, October 10, 2014

Keda finds a BFF!

Keda LOVES Agi my bunny! Two "cutie patooties!" BFF's I think!!!

Keda looking sassy in her hot pink n black stipes. 
Agape the bun bun drinking from the dog's water bowl. How cute! 

Keda and Agape~ girl's rule

I love these pics!!!!

Our weekend starts NOW!

Friday off work for me...hanging out with my Missy Keda in my fuzzy robe! Sooo relaxing :)
Breakfast n potty breaks done for Keda-- good girl! Now it's just a matter of me moving off my chair. Hee Hee! 

We are both dressed today in our sweaters! Keda is ready for her morning siesta while I straighten up the house. You want a pup but "notta lotta" work?  Hey, do I have the girl for you!!!!!! 

Whenever I get a mix to foster I can't help wonder what BREED the pup could be?!?! Found this pic on the Internet. I think this is what Keda is... a shichi...what do u think?!?
Keda leans a bit more to the Chi "fur" on the body but does have some fluff on her face. 
Shorter fur is good... no groomers to pay!!! $$ 
Then again there are those cute doggy clothes that would look adorable on Keda! 
I would have a closet full for her!!! So much for saving $!!!

Keda enjoys being under furniture!!! If we can't find her we peak under our blue wingback chair that has a skirt and bed with a skirt! Peek a boo, Keda!!!
 "Lovely" head shawl look, Keda! Haha!!!

One of my favorite things about Keda is that she totally loves her crate and her blankies. Every night I place her in her pink polka dot blanket "igloo" -- it's like she is in a soft fleecy cave. Her igloo goes up and around her body and often I can barely see her head.  She is tired so she curls into a ball and goes right to sleep like a baby. Awwww! Sweet dreams. 

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

(Video) Struttin' her stuff!

Watch this little video and Kedie will show you how she is learning about the leash and practicing her walk! 

Above pic is the Keda-Fajita hanging out with Parson on the bed. They are friends... I'm still waiting for them to play. Parson has been trying... Kedie wants to... She isn't quite sure yet. I don't think she knows how "yet" but just wait... She will!  Sometimes they have never had the opportunity and it takes a while. 
So let's talk Potty habits... Cuz that's a "Big Deal" in dog ownership! Kick those worries aside... Keda is super duper triple awesome EASY! She potties when I take her out after waking in the AM. Takes like 15 sec! In we go for breakfast (sometimes dry kibble mixed w canned-- I spoil her). Then out we go for her poop. Takes another 15 sec. DONE! She will go potty during the day whenever u take her out n poop after supper. Done again! NO ACCIDENTS in the house. Hellooooo are you applying to adopt her yet? 

Monday, October 6, 2014

Settling in ~

Look at this little mug shot profile!!! 
"I WANT HER!" ... says everyone who meets her! 
Today was Keda's first day home alone while foster mom and dad went to work.
She was fine in her crate as she loves it… She does do a little howling off n on when she is left alone... No barking just a very sad little howl. 
What a happy little prancer pup when we got home… She has the tiniest little paws. I call them Grinch feet cuz her toes spread out a little bit! I will take a picture of her paws for you !!! She also "to me" looks like a little baby monkey face… I absolutely loooove this girl!
Best news of all… "So far" no potty accidents at all in the house. In fact she only goes potty twice a day even though I keep giving her opportunities outside. Great Monday for our girl!

These delicate little Grinch paws are not liking our weather here in WI. We needa toughen up these tootsies! The "s" word will be covering the ground soon enough! 

After work we drove to Petsmart to get some wet puppy food to mix with her kibble. We want to fatten up that little tummy! She was a great car rider and a sweetie with all the people/kids who petted her darling fuzz head!
Sometimes Keda can do a lip snarl to other dogs when around her resources.
So I wasn't sure how she would be at the pet store but she did very well! Yay!!!

Keda was thirsty when we finally got home! She also gobbled up her new  tastey food--beef flavor was a good choice!

Dessert consisted of a few snackies from gullible foster dad. He can't resist her big puppy eyes! Sorry! 

Pic below was just too cute not to share! I call her Kedie quite often. (When u say it 3x in a row it sounds like kitty kitty kitty). She is delicate and small like a "Kedie" (kitty) so it kinda fits her.