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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Pending! :)

Love it!!!

Wanted: a friend for Breeze!

Breeze loves to play with other little dogs! She just loves it!!! Unfortunately my Asti is a girl who is moody when it comes to playtime... she has her one bestest friend (my Parson pup) and that is how she likes it! Sometimes she will play with others but often... NOT. Lol!

Poor Breeze, feeling rejected. 

Breeze doesn't give up easily… maybe Parson will play with me?

Let the wrestling, play-nips, rolling and fake growl sounds begin! Play time, round #1!!!

"Hi mom, we're having fun! Parson loves to play too!!!" 

Soooo if you have a playful little pup who needs a friend... Breeze would love to help you out! #socialite #happycamper

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Patio time~

We are enjoying a beautiful quiet morning on the patio. Almost "tea time"! Breeze would definitely like a biscuit!

Breezey is just like her name. Go with the flow, cool and refreshing to be around. She makes a person feel relaxed and loved! I would keep her as my own if I could! 

More to know...

Age: I'm guessing 2 or 3 (she likes to play but is not a pup)
Shedding: none that I have seen. :)
Trainable: yes, wants to please, comes when called, smart cookie!
Crate trained: she may whine some but will settle down. I personally don't crate her at night or when I'm gone for a short while. I crate her when I go to work but it is probably not necessary.  She is wonderful in the house. 
Housebroken: yes, not one accident here!
Leash trained: yes, may sometimes bark at a passing dog, ignores cars and is friendly to people. 
Doggy beds: yes, loves to hop in them, loves pillows and blankets too. 
Toys: ohhhh yes! Soft squeakers are fun to carry around!
Chewer: only on dog toys and bones. 
Plays fetch: no, she is not a retriever. 
Friendly to dogs: yes, loves both my dogs, snuggley and playful. 
Kid friendly: I don't have "littles" but she was friendly with the neighbor kids and I've never ever heard her growl. 
Food aggression: none
Barker: she will bark in the yard when the neighbor dog comes out but she is not barky. She is a good balance. 
Size: around 10 lbs. 
Fur: soft and slightly wavey. Medium length once it grows out after shaving. Grooming maintenance is required.  
Car travel: quiet and sits still in my doggy travel seat. 
Snuggley: definitely! She also follows mommy everywhere. May whine if she can't get to me. 
Bath tub: good
Brushing/grooming: good but will duck her head for trimming her face. Same ducking for ear cleaning. 
Cats: don't have one here. 
Nails: I have not trimmed them but she is totally fine with touching her paws. 
Comments: Breeze is a breeze to have around! Just a lovely girl in every aspect!
She is a 10 in my book! 
Question?: feel free to ask me!!!

Doing bedding laundry. I run downstairs to get something. Come back.. "look" who jumped into the laundry basket with her toy squeaker!! Breezey.. U R2 CUTE!

My hubby's quote of the day: "I don't know how anybody could be so mean to these dogs. Once you get to know them they are all such nice people!"

Toys are dog accessories! Love your squeaker "bling" Missy Breezey!

Friday, June 26, 2015

(Video) Breeze can "sit"

Breeze had another great day! She and I walked over to my neighbor's rummage sale. She hit the jackpot cuz they fed her "people sausage"! She loved it!!! She didn't really want to leave and go with me after that... can't say I blame her!
 When we got home we worked in the yard and cleaned in the garage. Breeze found the treats in my dog stroller (yes, I have an animal stroller- no judging, lol!) We practiced her "sit" command. Breeze learns things soooo quickly! Here is a video I took of Breeze performing her "sit" later on in my kitchen!


The dogs played all morning outside  while I worked in my garden box and on my patio. Here is the afternoon result of all that play...

When I move to the kitchen.... so does Breeze! Nappy time for tired pups :)
Me?  I'm just having more coffee! 

If you don't love that tooth u have no sense of humor. Sorry but it's #snagglerific

 Breeze has to be patient so she sticks her nose through the gate.  Awww!!!

"Dat mommy can't sitty still. We're hanging with daddy in the cool basement."

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Picture perfect!

   Cutie pup! #blackfurface 

   More cuteness!

    So happy!!! 

    Terrific Toofies!!!

    Stop n smell the... Peonies! 

Lover dog! #Breezey #shoulderhugger

Petco sells scary stuff! #beasts #notlooking

    Do you see him? Yeah... Under the bush.... Oh yeah... Let's bark together... 1 2 3 ....ruff,woof, bark bark bark... Ah-rooooo!!!!!

Breeze is great! I mean REALLY great! Potty trained-- loving--happy--good walker-- smart-- quiet car rider--just a sweetheart in every way!!!! Did I mention she loves to sit on laps? Get ready!!!

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Breezey the Freckle Footed...

These freckled feet went on a walk this morning. They met Teddy a neighboring Bichon-ShihTzu. They danced around Teddy and play bowed and pranced. Teddy's feet did not have freckles. Teddy's feet stood still cuz Teddy is a grumpy bear. 

Sometimes freckled feet stand at the baby gate and wait anxiously for foster mom to come downstairs because these freckled feet want to go wherever foster mommy goes. They are so happy when she is near!

Freckled feet are talented feet! They can hold bones and elk antlers at just the right angle for munching and crunching!

Freckled feet sure do play nicely with silly friends!!!

Freckled feet are unique ... they are cute... they are useful... they can even point in different directions! :)

Freckled feet are the bestest! I just LOVE my freckled footies!!!

Monday, June 22, 2015

(Video) Breeze takes a walk! :)

Breeze slept soundly on my bed last night. She was perfect! She got up and pottied outside, ate up her breakfast and soon after I took her alone on her first morning walk. Of course she had to put on a flowered sun-dress! I can't help but wonder if there isn't a little poodle buried deep in her breed because she has such a cute bouncy prance! She is just a doll!!! Breeze did not pull but did want to sniff a little bit ...but for the most part simply pranced along! No car reaction either so another lovely walking buddy is at my house! Breeze is sooo much fun!!!

     Playtime before work....

Breeze has a favorite toy! She walks around with it like this! SOOOO cute!!!

    I SEE you, Breezey! #skyblueye

     What is "your" favorite color?!

Breeze and I went to the bank! This was her first trip in the car with me. She sat buckled in my doggy car seat and did really well at riding and had no reaction to the drive through bank teller. She was a little wiggly in the seat but for her first time she did awesome!!! She liked watching the cars go by when we parked the car. I adore her cute pink tongue in these pictures!

Sunday, June 21, 2015

(Video) Breeze

 Breeze~ listening to a bird in the sky! This girl has the potential to be a real beauty! 
 Well, she already is a beauty... But with loving care she will fluff out-- fill out-- chill out!

How do you like her blue eye?-- pretty awesome in my book!!!

A few hours after she got to my house  she is just relaxin' on the patio watching the cottonwood fluff swirl in the air. Easy girl to fall in love with! She is another laid back type who has a bouncy gait when she walks. One paw has a bit of a kink to it. Maybe an old injury but not a problem at all. No limp-- just a tendency for one paw to point out like a little duck foot! It makes her stand kinda cute- like!!! Quack!

Happy to be here showing off her "smile" and we are HAPPY to have you too Breezey!!!! :)

Melt my heart! Awwww!!!!!!!!

Cutest footsies EVER!!!!! 

Enjoying a hearty meal of kibble and canned in a clean bowl! A stray dog's dream!!! Today Breeze left her pups behind to find good homes of their own. She is done being a mommy dog-- she REALLY needs a mommy of her very own! 

Here is "fluffy fur" Breeze BEFORE she was shaved down due to fleas/matting... her soft wavy fur will grow back healthy and shiny as she is now getting all the TLC she deserves!!! (Fleas were sent packing so no worries!)

Friendly lap baby!!! Need I say more!??

 It is not easy to take a pic of a black dog but these show off her adorable-ness I think!!!! 
So far Breeze has: done all her potties outside. Eaten her supper. Taken a little nap. Snuggled with me. Taken a bath with no problems. Gotten a face trim. Tried to bury her treats for later (typical of a stray dog) in the couch cushion and under a toy, endured my endless photo shoots--hee hee, played with my dogs and toys and wagged her tail at everyone here!!!
A few short woofs when my son came home from work but Breeze was very friendly and sweet when he greeted her! 
Another awesome Fluffy Dog at my house!!!

P.S. She also "helped" with laundry ;)!

Adoption Day

The little pack takes the final morning walk with Gracie! We are going to miss our little plodder friend-- someone has to stop and smell the daisies!!!!

Getting ready to meet Gracie's family!

Really tired!

I love this, ha!

Adorable family for an adorable pup! Gracie (now Zoey) has the best ever happy ending she could wish for!