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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Today's the day...

Keda is unaware but today is her adoption day! I'm so happy/sad! :) :(

Therefore, letting her do one of her FAVORITE things... snooping around the attic-- my son's room. She is such a "little little bug" next to those size 13's!!!

Bye Keda-- have a joyful and spoiled life in the north woods! You brought so many smiles to our faces! #loveyoualways "Congrats" to all :) !!!!!!!

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Sunday strutting...

Sunny Sunday... perfect day to stroll... No make that strut along. Keda is looking great with her ears flopping so "cute-like" in time to her feet! Ohhh did she want to catch Mrs Robin red-breast too!!! Great day for Keda!!!

              This girl wants food!!!

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Cool picture

This picture of a Keda is one of my favorites! 
We were talking tonight about how we will never forget our journey with her. She taught us "a bunch" and now she is ready for the new chapter awaiting her... ahhhh, just a few more days and she will be on her way home :). We are so thankful and happy for our dear little peanut. 

Friday, April 24, 2015

(Video) #SmallDogProblems

Small dog problem #9: Short skinny bird legs meet high slippery attic stairs! 
Help me!!!

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

I will miss this!

Janice, future mom of the princess of "I want my way or I'm gonna howl" Keda ... this is for you! I wanted your ears to be prepared for the experience of The Howl! In this video, I'm up in the attic and Keda has decided it's too far to climb. Either I should carry her up with me OR I should come down. She has warned me with some whines and woofs but since I didn't comply she had to go to her last resort... The Howl! Oh how I will miss this howl when she leaves for your home! I just think Keda is brilliant in her approach to getting her way! Enjoy!!! :)!!!!

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

You lead... I'll follow!

Keda tags along wherever I go. Up the stairs... To the basement... In the bathroom? At times... Yep!
Only time my 4 legged Keda-shadow isn't with me is when she is tagging along with someone else!

Keda loves to snoop in the bathroom garbage. She loves plastic so Q-tips seem to be of big interest to her. Maybe she just wants me to clean those bouncy floppy ears?

Friday, April 17, 2015

(Video) 123 dance!

We love Keda's tap dance routine when she gets excited! Her little toes twinkle! 

Keda's other new adventure is braving the steep stairs to the attic to hang out with my son Luke! She likes to scare the pants off him by popping out from under his bed where she is quietly exploring for left over chip crumbs and such! 

Keda keeps us all laughing as she has pretty much taken over the ENTIRE house. Little dog with a HUGE personality!!


I am once again working in the back yard.  Last night I put my little puddle of a fountain ON (located on the side of the house) and Keda INSISTS she must check it out! 
Steps of insisting:
1. Whine at gate and look at me. 
2. Scratch at gate.
3. Whine louder.

I ignore... And she repeats!

I finally get my long tie out and let her out of fence to where she wants to go.  She's quiet for a while sniffing and exploring...BUT... then she wants to check out the front yard. 
Repeat steps 1, 3, 4. Remember 4 is The Howl! 
After I see neighbors looking out windows at this so pathetic howling dog (hahaha-- yeah riiiight!) I decide she is going in! 
Keda your luck has run out! ;)
P.S. The Howl is really so cute... Her little mouth goes into a perfect circle! Dang she is funny!

      Keda exploring outside the fence. 

Keda licking her lips after getting her way!

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

The howl trick

So tonight I had my exercise class which always gives me energy! Well, then in defeat of my class I stayed up late and made chocolate chip cookies. Makes sense? not to me either but that's what happened.
Well it confused Keda because we always go to bed after her last outside potty around 10 pm. 
So she was woofing at the top of the stairs (she woofs or yips very softly when she is telling you that you are "not listening" to her!!!). I ignored her woofy reminders that it was bed time and she reluctantly came back down stairs.
                  Looking so sweet!

Soooo in waiting for me to finish the cookies she fell asleep on the couch and then after I finished with the cookies I went to bed. Everyone else was already asleep. 
I figured "IT" might happen because I know Keda and yup... "It" did!
A little whine... some woofs and before too long the full blown sooo sad woa is me pitiful howl started!! The howl starts up and then goes on for a bit while she waits for the reaction. Now I used to go running to check but I know nothing is wrong. Keda just has figured out this howl brings people to her when she is really feeling so sorry for herself. Poor baby left all alone on the couch! 
My husband says-- "Aren't u going to get her?" Me..."Haha-- nope she will come in here in a minute." Yup-- I hear her coming. I say "Keda did you wake everyone up?" "Silly you!!! Did u get left behind?"
          Now I feel better! #bedbud

Up on the bed she jumps and is soon snoozing to beat the band! So this is what she does! She is just the funniest little girl! She may think she has us trained but I'm catching on to the howl trick! 
Keda...the little dog who howled wolf!

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

A room with a view

Keda and I went for a nice long after work walk --she actually rode, not walked, in her leopard colored "4-wheeler"! She is definitely one Kool-Keda Kat looking out the back window. She likes to ride backwards facing my legs as I push. We can "talk" then! Well, I talk and she wags her tail!
"Hello Miss Spoiled Princess!"... "How's your ride?" I say. (Wag, wag, wag goes her curly tail!)
Keda must think it's pretty comfy because I caught her taking a little snooze as we walked along. 
Ahhhhh the good life!

Monday, April 13, 2015

Adoption Pending :)

Just sitting here waiting to get adopted!

My foster mom says "patience is a virtue" but I think "patience deserves a treat"!

Another night at The Plantation means another chance to steal mom's pillow! #spoiledtothemax 
Cute as can bee!!! What a honey!

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Sunny Saturday~

It's early and the camera is out already! Putting her ears back in protest!!!

It's still kinda chilly this morning... No walk says Keda! 

Stroller riding it is!

Warmer afternoon...YAY...we ditched the sweater. Soaking up the warmth :)

"Ok, enough of that! I like it inside", says Keda!  Asti and Keda waiting at the back door. Wimpy girls, haha!!! 
Parson just thinks it's a good day to soak up the rays! He is so comfy!!!

Yay, back door is open...scamper, scamper.. Up the steps and in go Asti and next Keda. 

At least my guy Parson stays out to do yard work with me! #myboy #yardbuddy

A girl needs her beauty nap!

Finally-- FOOD-- "I haven't had a treat in a whole hour. I'm so starving!!!"  Keda will sometimes whine and shake and put up one paw! "I need my bowl of deliciousness!!! NOW!"

Gulp-- gulp-- this bowl will be licked clean! 

Just came home from a party and had earlier gotten out some new knee high stockings. Now Keda is IN LOVE with the clear plastic balls that the knee high stockings come in. They are like .33 at Walmart. She carries the ball around and plays with it like its the grandest toy a dog could get. I watch her playing because she will break the plastic and its def not safe to leave her alone. I give her just a a few minutes of play time with her treasure. 

She took her new treasure under the bed so nobody else could have it. I quickly snapped a pic before her tail disappeared. She came out the other side and had it in her mouth. It looked like she had a big bubble in her mouth. Oh my goodness it's funny! I was laughing so hard!

Here she is with her special bubble! What a funny little dog! She does not want me to take it! She never growls about it... She just runs away or hides under the bed. Now she is playing soccer with it. I love her cute and unique ways! She is one of a kind!!! 

Finally Keda is snuggled up on the bed and the toys got all put away. Thanks for reading about what Keda did today! She was so busy and now she is all tired out. So is her foster mom!!! Nighty night! 

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Bottle Cap Hockey Anyone???

No need for fancy toys-- cuz one of Keda's favorites are simply plastic
 bottle caps! She just adores them...making them go flying with precision using her front paw swipe! If the cap should end up under a cabinet or an appliance she won't give up but will be in relentless pursuit of her treasure! I have fished out many a lost trinket as she lets me know when she needs assistance. Take a look at Keda in action...

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Have a hoppy Easter!

Hope the Easter bunny hopped over to everybodies house with a few chocolate eggs! Make sure no fluffy dogs find them-- no chocolate for puppies!!!
At my house the black jelly beans are a fav-- for those that don't like them send yours here! Yum!!!

After celebrating the empty tomb at my church I came home and tried out the borrowed dog sling I just got!

Here are two pics of our little Keda pup modeling in her cozy sling :)

Isn't Keda cuter than a baby chick peaking out of an Easter egg?!?

Use as a brown sling or...

....Reverse to baby blue!!!

Well, we are off to make a little lunch but before we go we want to wish everyone...

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Congrats Badgers!

The Wisconsin Badgers had such a great b-ball game ... and Keda cheered from the recliner --mostly with her eyes closed!!! ;)

Wednesday, April 1, 2015


Keda is resting after a fun walk around the block! She had to be carried just a "smidgeon"... I didnt even use her stroller. The temps are warmer but still windy/breezy today. Keda did super great-- best walker here!!!!!!! Parson n Asti were pulling today. Ugh! They need more practice. Keda is a pro! Pulling is not in her profile. I'm very proud of her-- yep very proud!!!

All that walking makes our little Keda all tuckered out. She doesn't snore so she can rest on my bed. Sweet dreams!

It didn't take long before she moved to my lap. I love that about her!!!