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Saturday, October 31, 2015

Chilling out...

Mercedes is starting to relax! Way less whining under her breath, starting to want to play with my dogs and feeling comfortable with the routine here!
Above^^ photo she is on the bed watching for critters outside this Saturday morning. She is not a big barker. She will bark if my dogs start up or if she hears strange sounds or if someone comes in the door from outside but it's just the normal amount that is common with most dogs! 
I have found that to eliminate that nervous piddle she does...if I go upstairs without her for a moment or two I talk to her as I leave and say... "I'll be right back... You are fine.. Almost done.. Just wait!" Something to that affect. Then she is ok. If I plan to be upstairs a while... she comes with. 
If I didn't already have 2 dogs I'd apply for her! Yes, she is THAT nice!

We went up in our attic bedroom while I'm sewing/repairing a quilt my Parson-pup chewed a hole in and Mercy has a nice critter watching spot. (By the way, Mercedes is not a chewer-- so nice!!!) What a VIEW she has from the bed pillow! Best room in the house!!!

Here is a photo of Mercedes from her former owner. Guess she was in the 4th of July parade and they colored her blue! Can't say I've ever seen a blue Westie although I have seen a pink poodle! :)
Maybe this is a clue to the mystery pink spots on her hips!
Here you can see how she looks more fluffy! I should mention she has veeerrryyyy soft fur! 

Cold and rainy day but we did our "around the block". Borrowing Parson's rain gear she was dry except for her head, paws and tail tip! 
This seems to be a good distance for her as at the end she was lagging behind a bit. 

Bzzzzz... she is a bumble bee... It's way to big for her but she is sooo cute! What a good sport :) "Happy trick or treat night!"
She tucked both her paws in her pic on the black couch. Haha! Looks like her arms are crossed! 

Friday, October 30, 2015

Love Fridays

I'm I'm I'm off work on Fridays! Whoo Hoo! So Miss M and I went for a walk all by ourselves. She is great! In fact at one point I looked down because I wasn't sure if there was a dog on the end of the leash, LOL, I'm so used to my "pullers".
I think this dog vest is awesome too! Fleecy inside and a clip on top for the leash to hook onto! Mercedes looks lovely in red!!! 

Pretty girl in the leaves!

On the front porch... back from walking!

Watching me fix my hair after our walk! How adorable and patient she is! Mercedes is so comical and looks like... "Sigh, any day now!!!"

Mercedes came with her own "stuff"!!! A very nice wire crate (in the background behind Asti) with a fuzzy blanket. Also the back pack I put on her in the picture. 

It has a little handle to help lift her... maybe for hiking? Over rocks?! It's cuuuute!

Also an orange vest! She looks like a crossing guard :)! Great for night walking.
Some older leashes and a collar too. Oh, and she knew this was her stuff 
because she was all excited to put it on.

After all the wardrobe changes she got a treat! It has been determined that Mercedes does not like almonds or carrots…yuck, health food! She loves squishy training treats though!

Working on mail and bills... she wanted "up on my lap"... So I got a padded chair and set it beside mine. As long as she is close she is happy! Maybe she is dreaming of chasing kitties!

Yes... I'm talking about you Missy M!

Later at 9 pm...

I'm back to the mail... Mercedes gets on the chair... and soon my Asti shows up and squishes on too! Mercedes won't move over so Asti is half hanging off but she is the "queen" of snuggling into small spaces!!! Mercedes is putting up with her! Both such sweet girls! :)))

Thursday, October 29, 2015

First walk...and vet appointment

Click to view :)
Nothing so fun as to walk a sweet doggy  on a leash! Mercedes is a pro!!! 

Later in the day we made our trip to the vet for Mercedes' check and vaccinations!
She road in my car and sat in my doggy car seat as we drove to the appointment. She was a bit nervous but not anything excessive. At the vet office Mercedes was great! No barking or agitation. She sniffed around and just waited her turn!
She was so friendly and sweet to the staff at the vet office. Dr Heidi commented on how nice she was. :)!!
Her check went great. Nothing bad to report! Mercy was heartworm negative and I set her spay and teeth cleaning for next Wednesday. 

There is one little thing I've noticed about little Mercedes. She really likes to be near her people. Two times today when she could not get to anyone and was upset (I was upstairs with the dog gate at the stairs closed and my husband had taken our Asti out for a walk) she went to the back door and piddled a little. Hmmm not sure if this is something that will stop when her stress settles down or maybe when she is spayed. I know now to just let her come upstairs with me until she feels more relaxed. 

Picture below...Mercedes is snuggled in the crook of my knee! She is a little lover!

I'm making muffins at 8:15 pm. I dragged the cozy dog bed right behind me so my supervisor could be near and comfy! She's the BEST!

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

More about Mercy (Mercedes)

Good Morning! 
Mercedes (I have started to call her Mercy) had a very good night! She went into the crate on my side of the bed. She whined a little but I told her "Shhhh...go nigh nigh".... and she did! Didn't make a peep!
This morning I was up early at 5 am to go to my ladies group and she got up too... Out to potty and poop in the pouring rain (I was impressed) and back in for breakfast. She ate some kibble and canned mixed. 
After I left for an hour my hubby texted me she was whining for me! Yes, she is a mommy girl and hangs out next to me. It's only the first day so she is in high stress mode! Everyone and everything is NEW!
When I came home she found her pink bunny I had put in her crate upstairs and she had a little play session on my bed. "Shakin' that bunny in true Westie style!!!" 

It's such a gloomy day but fluffy Westie ears make me smile! She adores sitting on my lap! I kinda adore it too <3!!!

I'm off to work! I put Mercy in her crate she came with... she has a blankie she came with in there too and a well loved lamby! I added a peanut butter filled Kong. If I could call in to work sick I would... "I have Westie-itis and it's very contagious!" Hee Hee!
See you later... be a good girl! 


Back from work and we are outside! Mercedes was quiet when I opened the door to the house and  got veeeery happy and pawed at her crate when she saw me! 
I always take all dogs straight outside when I get home. Here she is doing one of her favorite things... Sniffing!

Not sure why but she has pink blotches on her fur! Each side by her hips. Maybe a child drew on her or maybe it's dye from fabric? Only Mercedes knows and she is not telling! ;)
Notice her curled tail... it may have had a break but it's healed. This girl has her "special" qualities!!! I love her all the more! 

Mercy also came with a chunk of fur chopped by her nose. It will grow!!! No worries :)!!! The groomer tried her best to "make it pretty" I think she did a great job! Mercedes is just a doll!

"Tricks for treats"... almost that time! 

Terrier Trio!
Asti, Parson, Mercedes. 

In true "Westie fashion" she is settling in already on day one! Found the pillow on my bed! Gotta love a Westie! 

As she "keeps watch" with my Parson from the bedroom window she makes little grumbly sounds in her throat and does quiet woofs. I believe she is on "squirrel patrol"!!!

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Welcome Mercedes

Greetings!!! I'm Lydia and I would love to introduce to you my very lovely foster girl, Mercedes! 
Oh those eyes! #teddybeardog

She knows tricks... like this one! 
Sitting so pretty!!!

Mercedes is checking out the comfy chair! A prime TV watching spot. Good choice :)

She has a sweet little smile :)

Lots of places to snoop in "this old house"! 

Mercedes also has the most adorable habit of tucking under one foot when she lays down! Awwww!
Pretty in PINK! 

Mercedes is just settling in and sniffing out the lay of the land! She is totally perfect with getting to know my two terriers and basically has ignored them for the moment! She's too busy exploring!!! She drank some water, ate some treats and sat by the back door to be let outside. Good girl!!! She follows me around and adores being petted and fussed over. So far I'm thinking this little white Westie is stealing my heart! Oh yes...somebody is going to be getting a "luxury" lady if they adopt Miss Mercedes!!! <3

Looks like it's bed time for us both!!! 

Monday, October 26, 2015

Adoption Day!!!

Sparkle, soon to be named Joon, had her bathy this morning! She even got blow dried and was the perfect little lady!

This is her favorite position when I make my lunch. Up on the counter!!! Yep she loves to be "up"!!! On a desk or on the counter. She curls in a ball! Just wants to be close... so sweet!!!

And she fell asleep!
In her "ball pose" on my coat on the kitchen counter. Is she part kitty cat?!

All done with her CVI at the vet... She is healthy....almost time for the big event!

Fairy tale ending!!! This little princess finds her adorable family and will live in a warm castle and be loved sooo much...and live happily ever after! #adopted

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Found my home !

Guess what!!! I'm getting a new home and a new name! It's gonna be Joon (or Joo Joo)!!! My new brudder is named Ben... get it? "Benny and Joon"... the movie!!!  It's ok, my foster mommy was clueless too! 
My new mommy and daddy are coming in a few days! I'm so excited that I dressed up for 'em! Think my cute bows will stay in 'till then? 

This guy is Ben... aka: Bun-Bun, Ben-Ben or Benny! I think I'll call him Brudder! I think he's cute-- for a brudder that is! 
I wonder if I'll get "bat ears" like my Brudder?? If I do I hope mine are pink! 

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

I'm still waitin'!!!

When am I gonna get adopted already?!? Hmmmm??? I'm lookin' my cutest-est!!!

I'm even showin'off my fluffy mitties !!!

I hope my fur-ever family gives me tummy rubs too!!!

This is my favorite sleeping position.. the  "fluff ball" pose!!! #nighnigh #zzzz

Friday ...

Took little Sparkle along to run some errands. Sparkle is wonderful as she waits in the car in her cozy seat! Look at this SWEET angelic face when I come back! Awwww!!!
"Wake up, Sparkle! Time to get rolling..."

It's a gloomy day... a soft blankie day!

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Rake rage

Today on our walk we saw a man raking his yard. Sparkle was a little barker at him! Maybe she just didn't like that rake?!?  Does she have rake rage? Ha!!! We have not met anyone raking before this... So now we know... The chihuahua comes out! It's a high pitched bark though! Not very scary! I think she was just showing off!!! 

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Cuter every day!

Is it just me or is she getting more adorable every day? 
Found out she is just a wee bit shy of men. When my husband goes to pick her up she will crouch down and at times roll to her back. Loves her mommy to pieces! Always on my lap! Still perfect on no potties in the house... I am still watching for poo accidents and don't trust her to sneak off but she is getting better every day! Good progress! 
She loves to go for rides and now hops right into the car and then into my car seat and curls into her little fluffy ball and takes a snooze! What a sweeeeeeeet girl! I loooooove Miss Sparkles!!!