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Sunday, January 31, 2016

Success!!!!!!!! :)

I knew it would just take a little patience!
Look who walked all the way around the block!! Oh yeah, that would be Sir Snorks-a-lot!!!
So sooooo proud of him XO!!!

Click to view video...

I'm proud of me too! Woof!!!

Next day...

Confidently walking up front with my pack! I think Snorkel is having fun now!!!

Saturday, January 30, 2016

The whole package!

Two videos....

The Snuggly-Wuggly-Kissy-Huggy Snorks...

...and the serious smart Snorks!
This boy is truly what everyone WANTS in a dog!!! Friendly and loving but smart and calm! He is shy out away from his familiar surroundings yet and is still learning the leash and braving the streets for walks but otherwise he has made leaps and bounds in the ONE week I've had him!!!

Library "Puppy Bowl"!

4 pups still looking for mommy's n daddy's!
Spade, Snowflake, Darla, Noel! 

Click to watch...

Thursday, January 28, 2016

(Video) 10 mo old!

Click to view photo collage:

My pretty boy!!!!!!!!

Great family dog!

Does he give kisses?!? You be the judge!

Sometimes he even wears silly hats when going to PetSmart!

Snorkel did much better tonight when leash walking. He loved meeting all the people but is shy with loud sounds and shopping carts etc... and other dogs can make him stop in his tracks. We laughed at a tiny white Maltese puppy who jumped at him and made him retreat! We kept running into the little guy and by the end called him "Mr Trouble"! 
I like to describe Snorkel as a little "homebody". You can take him away from home but for him there is "No Place Like Home"!!! The great thing about Snorks is he loves people! So friendly and calm! No potty accidents either when taking him to the pet stores. We had a very nice time tonight!!!

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Dressed for the occasion!

I think this baby blue shirt with bow tie is a very handsome color on Snorkel! Even if it vaguely resembles a 1970's leisure suit!
He got paid in treats for putting this on! :)

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

He makes me happy!

I love coming home to this special face!!! Someone is going to be so blessed to call Snorkel their own!

Do dogs smile? Snorkel sure does!!

Stuff to know~

1. Weight: 24.5 lbs
2. Age: 10 months
3. Energy: moderate. Not crazy or hyper but not a couch potato either. 
4. Shedding: I don't know. His mom did not. His brother who was white, did. He is black like mom and I have not seen shedding yet! He may in the future... time will tell!
5. Chewing: does not destroy toys. Will chew a bit.  He plays with them and will pull stuffing. He collects things!!! He especially collects people things in his bed. Shoes especially. So far none have been chewed but he did find my wallet and ripped up a dollar!!!
6. Barking: No. He is quiet. 
7. Potty trained: from what I can tell, yes! At least here he is perfect!
8. Personality: loving and snuggly and a little unsure of things but blossoming as he is exposed to new sights and situations. 
9. Guarding of food: no he does not guard his food. He did growl at my dogs over a raw hide bone. He does not growl at me or any other people at my house. 
10. Leash walking: emerging as we practice. 
11. Car riding: quiet in a crate. A little unsure if he rides out of the crate so loves to sit on a lap. 
12. Grooming: great!
13. Family for Snorkel: anyone who has some time to love and teach him and is patient as he grows into a family pet. He grew up in a shed with other dogs and had people who loved and cared for him very well but he  was not introduced to life outside that environment. Another dog his size or bigger would be a fun play mate!!!
14. Sleeping: crate or dog bed or your bed. You choose... he is a sound sleeper. 
15. Other: I love him and you will too! 

Monday, January 25, 2016

Power Shopping...

The dog food isle! 
"Am I dreaming?!?"

Click to see a lil' leash walking progress...
Snorkel is leading me "wherever"... no surprise we are in the food isle!! Ha! He is getting used to the leash! Doing great!!!

Toy shopping... "Yes, Please!

A buffalo plaid kinda dude?

Or maybe a lemon yellow guy??

Another first for Snorkel! He made his Petco debut! The girl employee loved him and spoiled him with treats as we encouraged his leash walking practice!!! He loved every dog and person he met! Snorks and I agree that Petco is the place to walk in the cold winter!! He likes the toy isle and I like the heated building! We gave our shopping experience two paws up!!!

Soooo FUNNY! 
Found "this" in his bed!!! As stated before Snorkel is a collector! My wooden chicken has found a "nest"! Thanks Snorky! Hee hee!!! :)

(Video) Introducing the "Walk"

So proud of little Snorkel!!! 
"You want me to do WHAT?!?"

Click to view...

After the walk practice we had a little cuddle time! I cannot resist this face!!!

Three FYI's:
1. Snorks has not had any potty "or other" ;) accidents in the house!!! Not even an attempt! He goes out and does all his doo-ties! Easy-easy-easy!!! 
2. Snorks likes toys... all kinds. Fun!!! 
3. Snorks is sooo good in his crate! He goes in for a treat and is fairly quiet… he might whine softly for a moment or two but nothing much. "Perfect Pup"

Sunday, January 24, 2016

(Video) Out they go!

I love a dog who isn't afraid to go out into the snow! Especially since we do live in Wisconsin! Snorkel runs right out to play yet gives me attention too! Isn't he just the BEST?!!!!

Click to play...

Snorks settles in...

Good Morning World !!!
Snorkel was the perfect pup sleeping in a crate in my bedroom!!! Not even a "snork" sound ...make that "snore" sound all night!!!

Chewies... Mmm!!!
After a breakfast of kibble and an outside romp in the yard Snorkel was ready for a good chew! He grabbed a hoof and Nyla bone and settled into a dog bed! Kinda like me with a cup of green tea! Soooo good :)

Does Snorkel do ok with cats? He was great with my stuffed kitties, lol... "Real" kitties, I don't know!!! I only own the ones who don't run and hiss! They do stare though!!! 

Another FIRST!
Snorkel jumped up on the couch by me "on his own"! Smile for your selfie!!! Awww, I see your pearly whites! ;) !

Little "collector"
If he thinks an object is special Snork will put it in or near his treasure box (doggy bed)! Maybe he has a little pirate mixed in him!!! 
He just snitched a pillow case as I was folding laundry! Sorry, Snorks I need that "treasure" back! 

Snugglier and SNUGGLIER!
This could be you with him!!! XOXO!!!!! 
We take snuggle breaks during the day! He must like it as he is coming to me on his own for petting! Lucky me!

Good news: Snorks mastered the big stairs! Going up! I called my dogs and he just took the plunge and followed along! They are all tucked into their crates as I have to leave in a bit.  
Coming back down later may be another story. To be continued...

I'm back... Sooooo, when I got home I let them out and guess what... Snorkel did it! Followed the others down the big stairs! Mission accomplished :)! 
He is so very smart... when we came back up later on he already knew which crate was his! This guy is a piece of cake!

 Good night and sweet dreams from all 12 paws here in GB land! <3 Zzzzzz!!!

Saturday, January 23, 2016


Sunny greetings from Snorkel!!!
Don't they say "Life's a beach?" Not when you are this cuuuute!!!

Snorkel is probably around 25 lbs. He is 13.5 inches from floor to shoulder. 
17 3/4 " from neck to tail
12" around his neck. 

Posing so sweetly!!!
See my freckley feet!!??

Best toofies ever!!!
"My mommy Breezey passed her toofies on to me!!!" ..."thanks Mommy!!!"

Snorkies mommy!!! (She is adopted!)
Loved those toofies!!! XO

My brother Wave and I "smile" the same!!! Say beeeeeach!!! (Wave is adopted too!)
Snorks has more fluff then Wave did. "He's so fluffy!!" #Dispicablemequote 

Steps are kinda "new"!!! 
What a brave boy learning to go up all my stairs! Doing grrrrrreat!!!

More stairs?!?
This house makes me tired!! Pant!!!

Snuggly wuggly time with the foster mommy! 
Warming up hourly! Somebody's gonna be in WUV with this boy! I already am!!!

Watching me work in the kitchen! 
Snorks has socks on all 4 paws with some speckles and a pure white chest! Looks like he has on a tuxedo!!

Play time...Nappy time! 
Snorkel has on a plaid belly band because I'm not sure how he will do in the house with potties! So far no probs! All doo-ties done out in the yard. :) Awesome!!!

Friday, January 22, 2016

Gulp and Sniff #adoptionday

My sandy blond SiSi and my strawberry blond Asti sharing some last snuggles! 

That face!!! Will miss!!!

I love happy endings! Finally Sierra gets to just be the spoiled baby girl! Love this family photo!!! #adopted #furever

... and I got a little spoiled too with some thoughtful gifts. Wasn't that a nice surprise:)!

Wednesday, January 20, 2016


SiSi's ride to her operation early this morning! A little scared and a little brave! She was a trooper and ohhhh did everyone think she was exceptionally sweet! I'll pick her up at 5:00 PM! Praying for a negative result on the heart worm test!!!!!!!

ALL DONE!!! Everyone raved over her! She did so well! As always... Cool and Calm! Heart worm NEGATIVE!!! I'm so HAPPY!!!!!!! Has a skin infection on her belly so on an antibiotic. On pain meds too. She is resting up for going home on Friday!!!! Oh I will miss her!!!!!!!!

Time to get some very well deserved Rest and Relaxation!!!

Thursday ~
SiSi is pretty much wasted this morning, lol! She got up and stretched... I put on a leash so she could not run... Made it outside to do doo-ties and back in for pills and maybe some breakfast. Si Si had her pills and a long long drink of water! Then ate a treat but snubbed any breakfast. She is now snoring on the couch! So tired! I expect this afternoon she will be a bit more peppy!
As predicted SiSi is full of energy! Wants to run sprints around the yard. Doing all I can to keep her quiet and not do any damage. Spay? Meh! I'm "Super-Sierra"!!! Settle down super-dog! You have 8 more days of rest! 

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Puppy update and SiSi update

I think Rusty is out numbered by puppies! This photo from foster mom Clare makes me giggle! Those pups are feeling pretty confident these days! Hee hee!!!

Tomorrow SiSi goes in for her spay. She is hanging out with me tonight on the bed. A little extra TLC before her operation day. 

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Just for fun...

Sierra is no push over! You go, girl!!!

Very best friends!! 
Such cuties!!!

They like the same things! Sleep may be one of them :)!

Looking irresistible as ever!!! (Darla not pictured, sorry)
I believe Spanky and Twinkle have found their adoptive fams and will join them after they are spayed. Good news is Darla, Noel, Snowflake and little boy Spade are still available and cuter then any puppies I know of! 

Saturday, January 16, 2016


Slow moving at my house today.... yawn!

BUT... at Clare's house Noel is up and ready for romping! Go go go!
I love her tippy tail and white socks!

Going shopping on Game Day in Green Bay! 

Beautiful in the car!

Tooooo much fun!!!