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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Former fosters settling in...

I had to post a pic of lil' Luca starting his new gig at work (1st day) with his fur-ever mom at Picobella Dog Grooming in Kewaunee. He is the official greeter dog with his big sister JJ. What a cutie in his polka dot bandana! 

Luca accepts "tips" from customers-- beef flavor is a fav!

Ricky the blue eyed beauty already is claiming a comfy spot on the couch in his lovely home with his fur-ever parents teaching him to trust. He and new sister Oreo look like best buds already! 
Hope you have lotsa balls to fetch. Show your sister how it's done Rickster!

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Double Adoption Day for JoJo (Luca) & Ricky

They came together and they left on the same day! I am SO HAPPY for Doodle 1 and Doodle 2. They both got very wonderful homes and loving moms n dads. Congrats to all!

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Last day with my Doodles

My first Mill dogs. They were challenging and amazing! I will miss them! 
My last day with them today so I'm enjoying a few last snuggles until it's time for them to go "home" tomorrow. :) !

"Hey... boy dogs like the smell of "stinky" says JoJo... "why do I need a bath to get a new momma?"
"I agree, what's with the "pink" shampoo!? Baths are for girl dogs!" Says Ricky. 

Ricky's second favorite person in my family is my youngest son Seth. Seth has Down  Syndrome. He exudes calmness. Ricky can feel how settled Seth's spirit is and he doesn't mind him petting him.
Seth is the only person in the family Ricky allows pets from besides myself at this time. 

A little while after this photo was taken I laid down on Seth's bed and let Ricky off my lap. The other dogs jumped up of course to lay all over me while Ricky started pacing and barking around the room because Seth was sitting too close to me. I told Seth to simply ignore Ricky and I and the other dogs just lay on the bed. JoJo n Parson were snuggling and getting lots of pets. After a short while Ricky just gave up his barking and hopped up on the bed to join the crowd. YAY!!!
He was so happy with himself --he had on that BIG Ricky smile he gets when he knows he's doing a good job and his tail was wagging!
Wow! Ricky is finally realizing other people are not so bad. Seth is a great dog rehabilitator!

Almost bed time... One sleepy JoJo

and one sleepy Ricky. 

Friday, September 19, 2014

Both pups got CVIs

I was worried about going to the vet. Both dogs are a bit nervous about new situations. 
I took Ricky poodle-doodle in first. I carried him. Dr Heidi was great and so respectful of his comfort level. He let her do the inspection and he weighed a little over 11 lbs. 
Next JoJo came in. He was really doing his poodle twirls as we came inside. He is a funny dancing pup! He did fabulous also. He weighed 8 lbs. 
So, both poodles are set for adoptions. I am cheering for them come Sunday!

Ricky jumps right into my car cuz he likes cruzin'. 

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

A Favorite Game

I love how my Parson sits at the top and let's the poodles do all the " work". Then the little peanut ends up w the toy at the end. :)

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Moving forward

John's buds on his day off. 
And they were so relaxed they fell asleep. 

Later... I just took Ricky and Parson to the dog park as we decided to go to the big dog area. Sorry little  JoJo... u are staying home. 
Ricky and Pars had a great time! Ricky ran and sniffed and had his "dog smile" going from ear to ear! One time he ran up to a strange woman that he thought was me… He sniffed her leg and once he realized he had made a mistake he barked and ran away so fast in confusion ... it was quite funny! I called for him and he came running as fast as his little furry legs could go!!!
He did  get chased by a couple big dogs and that was scary but it was worth the fun of meeting new dog friends and facing his fears of hanging around new people. He did really, really well! I was very proud of brave Ricky poodle-doodle!!!

Monday, September 15, 2014

(Video) We got presents! Mmmm

I was gone from Friday till Monday. The dog's stayed with my husband and sons. Everybody did well and I'm hoping a little trust was created between guys and doggies!!! My husband kept a leash dragging on Ricky the entire time so he could lead him where he needed to be. Sometimes Ricky flattened out and didn't want to go but for the most part he did fine. He even joined my husband and his other two dogs friends watching TV and sat on the couch. He keeps a distance between the guys and himself but he doesn't want to really be alone either.
The 3 dogs and I had quite the reunion when I came home.
 When Jojo and Ricky go to their furever homes they will love their mommy's!!!

Mr JoJo assuming the position. 

Yay ... Update... a JoJo holder is pending! Someone's gonna be v "snuggled n cozy" this winter... Lap warmer extraordinaire on the docket!

Ricky the poodle-doodle loves food!

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

A little grooming

Ricky and JoJo went to Claws n Paws in Green Bay to get a little snip n clip. Jody and Christy did wonders getting these two to have a good first experience. Both boys were afraid but did ok... even Ricky! They got feet, faces, ears and groin cleaned up. Ricky bonded to Christy... she really, really wanted to take him home! :)!

This is who JoJo reminds me of... one of my favorite movies! 
I adore my little happy JoJee!

Sooo handsome!
 I could keep my Ricky-roo-roo forever, I could!

Monday, September 8, 2014

(Video) Fetch

You can have it all... Brains and Beauty!

(Video) Walking update

Leashes were a bit tangled but walking 3 dogs while filming and talking is my max skill level~

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Doing dishes ...

Here is a pic of my curly-haired buddies sitting close as I do dishes. Love these little "kitchen helpers"!!!
My feet are usually surrounded by poodles no matter "where" I am- how sweet! 
I think rescue dogs appreciate the little things...even the luxury of a soft rug while their foster mom stands at the kitchen sink-- even that is a big luxury! It must seem like a slice of heaven after living in a scarey small smelly cage in a terrible puppy mill day after day! Honestly, the poodles always seem to be touching me ... just to make sure it's not a dream! 
(pic below)
I think this is why Ricky barks. He has found security... Finally! He is afraid he may go back to that mill... So he wants to keep others away. After he finds his fur-ever home :) and time passes he will start to accept his safety! 
For now... I don't mind being a "security blanket" and a paw laying on my foot or a furry head snuggled close brings a tear to my eye and joy to my heart!

Trying to mark items for a family  rummage sale in Oconomowoc next weekend. My HELPER, ehem, kept laying on everything like a chicken! 
 Finally just got out his bed and we are both happy!!! 
He is now supervising!

OBVIOUSLY the dog bed was too far away so yellow plastic bag it is! 

Friday, September 5, 2014

(Video) Toys r Fun!

Wouldn't you love a non shed gorgeous poodle boy to call your own? I adore them both and love their different personalities!
Ricky is a go getter rough n tumble dude who loves to play and fetch but is such a softy mommy boy too and what a smarty!
JoJo loves everyone and is a mellow little guy who fits nicely on any sized lap! I am totally putting a sweater on him this fall when weather cools off if I still have him. He is a living doll!!!!

Cherry tomatoes

JoJo LOVES cherry tomatoes! He finds them and enjoys a snack.  Did you say you do too? Hey you have something in common!!! A perfect match --Jojo's waitin' to eat tomatoes with you:) yummmmm!

Just a little tomato humor... JoJo liked it! 
      Whatever u are... U are delicious!

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Car ride ...

Look at that big SMILE! Somebody likes car rides!!!

Poor kitty cat! 

Monday, September 1, 2014

Break through!

Ricky finally (barking as he did it!) took meat (filet mignon, mind u) from John's hand! We are all sooooo excited! Once he did it he kept coming back for more. (We eventually got lunch meat!) yay yay yay Ricky!
18 days of was the day... maybe Ricky was just holding out for the best steak ??? :)....every little bit of trust is one paw closer to healing!