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Sunday, December 28, 2014

Game Day!

Keda in her Packer bandana! 
Eyeing up the game day snacks... "Woof", says Keda... pass me the chips!

C'mon Pack... Need a win! Keda is cheering for u!!!

I eventually moved Keda to the comfort of a doggy bed in the kitchen when some people came over ... the men watching the game were "coaching" a little too loudly for both our liking! Packer games get v intense sometimes! Keda was really handling it all pretty well but no need to test her patience! 

NOTE: ANY dog that seems stressy--at any event-- remove them from the situation. They don't understand. Protect them. Especially a rescue dog. 
Example: my newly adopted dog Asti was getting nervous with the yelling at the TV during the game. She took the yelling personally. Tail tucked. I took her out of the room for a while also. 
Simply crating them upstairs or in a quiet room works too if u don't wanna leave the party. 
Now my dog Parson slept through it! (He has also lived here over 2 years-- makes a big difference)

Friday, December 26, 2014

(Video) Be patient ...

Keda shows her most beautiful eyes on this video!!!

Keda is a making nice steady progress. I'm proud of her!!! She is much more outgoing and friendly than even a few days ago! She is very playful now-- especially in the morning when she wakes up! She will have her energy outbursts and is sooo adorable!!!  I love that she is starting to jump up on our laps. Keda would sit on my lap for hours if I let her! She is still working on improving her confidence in some circumstances.  Keda does not always feel comfortable when she is being petted. Just "sometimes"! She is working on trusting... it just takes time and consistent positive experiences for her! The key word is "patience". I'm backing off on petting her too much and just letting her be content sitting on my lap and relaxing and showing me where her comfort level is at. Who knows what trauma she experienced in the past... but she is definitely putting it behind her! I'm very excited for what the future holds for her!! 
Keda will make the perfect pet for a person looking for a young dog who is not too overly active but is comical, perceptive, easy-care, a great car buddy and a lap snuggler! Keda is definitely an indoor dog! A little bit of sniffing outside and she is ready to come back inside and watch a movie with you!!! If you are willing to let Keda work through a few things and be patient you will just fall in LOVE with Keda-pup like I have! <3

I adore this scruffy-fluffy!

Keda hiding under my bed skirt--haha! #foundyou #hide n seek #cutie

My cozy lap warmer...let's check out Netflix!

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Merry CHRISTmas from Lydia n Keda

Wishing you all the blessings of the season!!!

Keda in her Christmas shirt...some sayings just fit the wearer! Hee hee!!!

Who's judging?!

I detect similarities...

I don't smile but I'll give u the Llama Eyes!

Driving to our Christmas destination I must share Keda's big break through this morning before we left--she and my little dog, Asti played chase! Asti has been play bowing and tail wagging to Keda from day one. Finally today she got her way! Zoom... They went chasing down the hall and around the bed! Yay for u, Keda!!!

We opened gifts on Christmas Eve due to travel plans today. Keda was a bit freaked out by all the paper tearing and excitement in the air... but after a couple grumpy growls and me saying "no" she got over it and settled down on my lap and actually got a bit curious about what was happening! Her little nose was sniffing away!!! 
I'm very happy with her fast progress. She is really warming up to me and loves sitting on my lap when given the opportunity. It's amazing what time and patience can accomplish!!! 

Below pic is Keda on Christmas Eve opening "her" gifts sent from her former little girl owners. Cute!!! 
We left Keda this morning snuggled in her dog bed and a friend of mine, who is a main volunteer at Happily Ever After--no kill shelter, will check on her later. I think Keda will enjoy being "Home Alone" today. 
Merry Christmas everyone!

Monday, December 22, 2014

(Video) Practicing sit...

Keda enjoys treats! Even those offered at midnight! She and I are "bonded night-owls"! Since we are still awake we decided to practice learning "sit". 
The little barks in the beginning are because that's what she does when she sees food… She does a little bark to remind you she's there and would certainly be willing to eat some nummy food-- so please share! The last bark is cuz she heard the other dogs on the stairs and the clothes dryer. There are just soooo many distractions!!!
Keda is starting to really pick up on "sit". She is such a sweet little night-owl who is just a "hoot" to have as a foster pup! I know she will soon find a "nest" of her very own! Whooooo hoooo will be her new mama??? 

Enjoy these photos of our midnight escapades! :)

AdiĆ³s Amigos!!!! (The Chi Chi comes out in her at midnight!)

Sunday, December 21, 2014

All "Good" Stuff!!!

Keda is...
1. Small ... About the size of a cat. Won't break the bank to feed!
2. Easy... She does not like walks or dog parks or learning tricks too much. So you won't need to feel "guilty" when you don't have time for this stuff cuz she doesn't wanna do it anyway!
3. House trained...Keda knows the drill!
4. Alert...she barks when someone new  arrives or if she hears scary stuff! She's a good little watch dog but not over the top barky. 
5. A friend...she will nicely watch TV or be your best buddy riding shot gun doing errands.  She's car-calm and so cool to hang out with.  
6. Loving...even though the fit was not right the 2 little girls that first adopted Keda had many sweet little nicknames for is what they told me they called her ..."Kedie-pie, Lily, Keda Lilly lu, Keda Monkey, Monkey, chi "Keda" banana, Banana, Kiss monster, and S'more"!!! could a dog with that many cute names not be loving???
7. Low shedding... Yes, she sheds but she's not a Husky! 
8. have to live with her but she has some adorable mannerisms! Prancy-paws and Super-Snooper could also be her nicknames!
9. Miss Manners... Keda will not destroy your "stuff" -- no chewing up your socks or couch pillows or that "lovely" sweater gift from your grandma--Dang!!!
10. Adorable... She may not win a beauty contest at first glance but she grows on you! You won't find another cudie-Kedie anywhere else...she is 1 in 1 zillion!

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Surviving visitors :)

     Look at those big puppy eyes!!!

Keda made it through having visitors today. We had a small early family gathering for Christmas, no kids, nothing too active but Keda was still a bit stressy at times. She can be so sweet and fun when she is relaxed and comfy and life is familiar. Then when the environment changes to "out of the ordinary" -- new people enter and my own dogs get excited-- then comes out stressy Keda. Sigh....
She gets on the alert and worried about herself. Seems she wants to join the fun but gets overwhelmed and a bit growly.  We then know that it's time to tell Keda to have a "time out". 
When the environment changes back to familiar and calm she will again become sweet Keda. 
Keda in picture above is just with me! She is relaxed 'n' happy!! (Although she has a little "Grumpy Cat" expression here she isn't! She is just tired after a long day-- me too!!!)
Im hoping in time Keda will handle life's little inconsistencies better. 
Even with her crabbies we still LOVE her and she loves us! She is WONDERFUL in so many other ways. She always wants to be in the mix and so sooo loves her mama, she wags her tail, she gives kisses, she is curious and has such nice manners and no crate even needed!!!
At this time she just really needs a sweet someone to understand her and accept her for where she is in her journey! 
"Step by step, Keda... You'll get there"!

All is calm... All is bright... Sleep in heavenly peace... g'night Keda.

Friday, December 19, 2014

Friday Foto-shoot!!!

It's Friday... Yay! My day off work and my weekend starts!!! Lucky me! I love doing photos of my fosters on here is the first one today of my kozy- Keda!!! She is still sleepy--awww! She makes a great lap warmer as I'm sitting here in my fuzzy robe! :) 
Don't u wish she was on YOUR lap???

One more of her sweeeet profile... What's not to love? If you are a single lady, a quiet couple, a condo-dweller... please apply! You will love her! Keda is happiest as "The Princess" but a very nice laid back other dog is fine too.  Keda is NO work! Really! She is like a dog-cat! But better-- no litter box! 

I'm so excited to show you how adorable  Keda-cat is when happily playing! Watch how she uses her paws like little monkey hands! Oh how I luv this girl!!! Click the video link!!!!! (music by Pentatonix)

And one more quick view of Keda on the couch :) Click the link!!!

Going to do errands with Keda! She is bundled and buckled in the Snoozer Coupe seat!

Upon returning to car... Guess this is why they call this doggy car seat a " snoozer". 
Keda is FABULOUS to take along!!! :)

This is her "spot" under -- so of course I accommodated her with a dog bed--the kitchen table! So cute!

Thursday, December 18, 2014

(Video) First walk around the block...

Keda will be going on lots of walks now that she is with me! It will be soooo good for her to get the exercise and probably will balance her out a little better. She walks well when she gets moving. She doesn't always like to "start".  I did carry her a bit but for the most part she did really well! Keda, we are gonna "pump u up" yep, every morning those skinny little Chi legs are gonna be movin'!!! :)

Keda loves to sit under the table. I left her here when I left for work-- just put the bed under the table with her sitting inside! I bet she just might be here when I come back home...
I'm home... Yep, juuuust where I left her!! 

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Spa night for a spa-cial pup!

Keda got a nail trim (and polish--just for fun). :)
She was really good about having her feet touched. She seemed to like the attention. 

Tropical fruit shampoo bubble bath was next! She smells much better now. Keda surprised me by just loving her bath! She stood so nice and still. 

A little fun with the comb: El Natur'al Fur-hawk!

Such a doll! 

Interview with Kedie-pie!

Question: What is your background? I am a southern girl who grew up near Rainbow City, AL. I had a "difficult" life there (we don't know any more about her background).  
Question: How was your first night back at The Plantation? I was a little nervous but I was very happy to see my foster family again! I played with my dog friends some and gave many kisses to my foster family! I did have a hard time getting to sleep in my "room" (crate). So, my foster mom gave me treats when I acted up (some growly barks--resource guarding the crate) and opened the door to let me just "chill out". I felt better and walked around to settle down. I finally found a soft pillow to sleep on and slept so nicely all night long!

This pillow is juuuust right for a ShiChi!

Question:  How was breakfast at the Plantation? It was delicious! I had kibble and canned and ate it all up. I had to use the ladies room (pottied and pooped outside) and my foster mom was very happy to see what a good girl I was this morning!
Question: Do you like the other dog friends at The Plantation? Well, right now I am a little out of sorts (sometimes raising my lip at the other dogs as I'm guarding a little bit) but I hope to be consistantly friendlier when I feel more relaxed (Keda is newly back in rescue and needs to let the "stress" out of her system).
Question: Did you go on a walk this morning? No, it was too cold for my delicate paws (Keda does not like cold weather).

    Keda NOT going for a walk with Asti!

Question: What is your worst and best trait? This is a hard one! I think my best trait is that I love people and give so many kisses!!! My worst trait is that I sometimes get anxious and can get "a little bit moody" (She will sometimes growl/nip, "not" break skin, and resource guard. It happens with fast movement, loud noises or if she feels threatened or uncomfortable. With the right home environment this should get way- way better!!!).
Question: Where did you stay while your family was at work today? My Foster mom says I'm so trustworthy I can stay on the main floor not crated! I did really great and when she came home I was just sleeping away under the kitchen table! It felt soooo good to just relax :)!!!

Thanks Keda for the interview! You sound like a GREAT GIRL for a home with a heart for laid-back-living! You will find your special person!!! It's Christmas and special  things always happen this time of the year!!! 

Keda sees her reflection! "I'm cute!"

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Keda-- back in the spot light!

Keda, one of my all time favorite pretty in pink--collars, leashes n sweaters-- girl's, is back making her return to star-dom on the red carpet of rescue dogs! She is a glamour girl with dainty little feet and dreamy eyes that will melt a cold heart. I soooo adore Kedie-pie! 
So why is she back on stage? She missed me? ;) ha! Well, maybe just a smidge ...but "really"  just cuz she needs a serene quieter life with adults. Kids are not in her movie script!  It's a star-girl's peragative to like what she likes! Keda "likes" to just be chill with the grown ups! 

She also likes to dribble a ball! Or two!! Here is one with a treat hiding inside! Work it Keda!

Keda has a BFF... "Best Fluffy Friend"! 
Well, truthfully they just "put up" with each other but maybe they will become BFF's?!? :)
         Asti and Keda #besties #not!

Above pic is a typical closing scene! Little round fur balls all snoozing away! Dim the lights-- close the curtain...zzzz!
Director mom is tired. Keda--tomorrow you will debut in a full day's drama! Get your beauty sleep little star!

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Christmas wishes do come true!

An early Christmas gift for Scootie!

"See, I WAS a good boy all year"!!!

Friday, December 12, 2014

While we wait...

Posting a few "photos n such" while we wait to find out if Scootie's new home has been found...
Here is a cute one from last night sitting on the couch...

Just heading in from an evening walk. Weather feels pretty good.. the  sidewalks here are clear so we are not sliding around! 
Stopped on the front porch to take a kwic-pic of Mr Scooter on the wicker couch. 
FYI: Scooter rarely marks or does his business on our walks. (He is a back yard kinda guy). 

Is this a good reason to procrastinate starting the cards? 

Tonight Scooter showed me a new "talent"! Look where I found him...
 He was trying to remove the pinecone from my table display. Maybe he thought it was too much? Been watching HGTV again,Scooter? 

The BATH...he was not a fan... But he now smells like daisies! 
Prepping for adoption day!!! 

Waiting to get adopted is exhausting! Yawn! And ...yes, my foster mom has a red bow on me! At least it's not blinking!!! #christmaspuppy