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Monday, July 31, 2017

Cute Calli

My selfish side does not want to share how much we love this girl... she fits right into our gang and home. So if she stays for a looooong time --I'll be happy!
The honest side of me says my job is to find her a forever home ... sigh...even though I would love for her to stay! 
So here she is in all her cuteness!! 

She loves when I come home!
She enjoys a deer antler. 
She just learned sit. 

Hope you smiled when you watched her little videos! She makes us 😁 every day!πŸ’•
Good Night Moon...πŸŒ›

Almost August!

Happy last day of July! We went for a walk this morning! It was beautiful. Foster mom says I'm beautiful too! πŸ’œ


Saturday, July 29, 2017

Just Calli πŸ’‹

Well, Bunny hopped into a new family and we just have our foster Calli in waiting. She is so chill. She's taking a zzzz on the chair and found the arm is just right to rest her head. Awwww!
We just got back from an errand and she rode along. She adores the car and is a calm Calli! ☺️ All I can say is she is so soooo good! Oh we love her so muchy!!!!

Potty trained, not a chewer, chill girl. She will bark in a crate if you leave her and are not in the house. We do not crate her. She is ok in a crate for a little while if you are home but we don't bother. When I get home from work she always greets me at the door and does jump up at it -- so do my dogs. Everyone is like Mommys home-- crazy time!!!  Calli loves her family (not little kids). Plays a little with toys, especially likes balls. She also likes walks and car rides. Could be very happy being the only queen of her castle. Cats are fine. To apply just fill out an app. But don't apply if you are not committed to love her forever. She is too special to be juggled around. Cal would be great for a single lady or couple. No other dogs and no kids. She is looking for a home with lots of love to give to her! If that is you then she is your girl! But love her is a must!!!! πŸ’œ



Bunny is Adopted

Goodbye kisses... you were a blessing to foster! 🐰

New mom and new name, Ginny! πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ

Hanging out with Dobby-- fur brothers are the best!!!πŸ’œπŸ’™
#congrats #happyending #HarryPotternames




Wednesday, July 26, 2017


This is a CVI:

So Bunny had hers and hopped right through it! Yay Bunny!!!

Waiting for the Doc!

Her face is so cute! Two colors. Bunny weighed 19.8 lbs. :) Vet thought yes a Jack Russel mix. Prob no on any Chi in there. Such a sweet personality! One lady in the lobby was totally in LOVE with Bunny! Her golden eyes were a BIG hit! 

Heading back home! She's happy that's over! One step closer to Adoption Day!!!






I'm excited! ❤️


Monday, July 24, 2017

ohhhhh Monday

Oh it's MONDAY so soon??? Off to work! And ...Off to the crate for Miss B with a yummy Kong for company! 'Later', Hun Bun!!!

Closer--closer--closest! A Bunny has to keep tabs on the lettuce!!!

Doggy toothpick!!!

Comfy cozy under the bench! #justright

Watching bugs flying! Very astute! 




Saturday, July 22, 2017

In the car with Bunny

All of the dogs here love the car and hope to go riding with me! I think Bunny enjoyed our little drive tonight. Maybe her next ride will be to her Forever Home!!!


In the car with Calli

This pic is crooked cuz I took it while in the car at a stop light so the angle is weird... BUT, notice her feet... they are resting on my arm as I drive. She's the best!!! What a love!!!



Friday, July 21, 2017

OUR weekend...

Bunny and Cali on the patio πŸ’•

Snooping together

At the fence-- dad's home! Wag Wag!!!

Bunny playing with a rope (love that look!)

Calli playing with a squeaker (frog leg style) 🐸

Bun the laundry "helper" 

Calli's "puppy eyes"

Walking the block

Cute Pair!😍

Yes, I do love you! ❤️❤️❤️ (esp those toofies, hee hee!!!)

Yard work ... dirty nose! 🐽


1st time that Calli went into the crate for a snooze! As long as the door stays open she fine! Calli does not need to be crated and does not like it so this is as close to crate time as she gets! I can hear her snoring a little bit, hee hee!!! 🀣










Wednesday, July 19, 2017

We want steak!!!

So if you watched the video the thing is my hubby always does give them each a couple pieces. I tell him he's creating monsters but he won't listen, lol. They really look cute with their 'beggy faces' on!!! Who can resist!???

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

adopt us πŸ’•

My two fosters, Calli and Bunny, are very serious here! They are wondering why nobody has adopted them yet?!? They are hoping soon! Calli has ears that have a little flip on the tips and Bunny has unique golden eyes. They are such special wecial girls!!! πŸŽ€πŸŽ€


Friday, July 14, 2017

Calli stats

Weight: 20+ lbs
Color: reddish brown and white and has freckles!
Breed: Beagle and Shih Tzu and terrier
Nose: brown
Good with cats: yes
Good with kids: no
Good with dogs: kinda but... guards her  things sometimes -- gives a warning 'raised Elvis lip' if she feels a dog is going to run off with her treasure. She likes to rule the roost amongst the dogs. They figure it out pretty quickly. She is fine meeting dogs and usually ignores them. She currently lives with 3 other dogs so I'm guessing it's a lot for her! She and Bunny get along so great! Best buddies!!! They love to play and give each other kisses so it all depends on the other dog. 
Snuggly: yes but also will lay at your feet or on her dog bed. She usually asks first to jump up! Soooo polite!
Obedient: absolutely!!! One of her best qualities. 
Energy level: low-medium-- likes her walks. 
Age: 4 years
Leash: excellent
Crate trained: will lay in one but doesn't like the door shut so we never crate her. I would advise no crating! 
House trained: Yes! Very well house trained!!!
Sleeping: A dog bed in my bedroom. May ask to jump up onto bed in the morning and I say yes. :)
Barker: NO, she is very quiet. 
Toys: adores her little tennis ball. Tosses other toys around and pounces on them! Occasionally will pull out the squeaker on a toy. Likes bones to chew as well. 
Loves: dog beds, her mom, being nearby people and walks. 
Best qualities: listens so well! Smart and sweet! 
Shedding: not much
Bath and grooming: excellent. Just stands still! 
Car: great rider!
Wears dog clothes: absolutely and is adorable!!!
3 descriptive words: polite, lover, obedient 

I can't say enough good things about my Cal-Pal! I could hang out with her all day  and give her a few kisses on her head too! She's a laid back loving girl!!! She will acclimate to a home right away and is nothing but love to her mommy. ❤️

Watching her pals...



Bunny Stats:

Weight: 17 lbs
Breed: Jack Russell mix
Age: 3-4 yrs
Color: Gold and White scruffy fur.  White socks, white tipped tail and white blaze on head. 
Eyes: golden
Nose: liver color
Activity level: medium-high...needs to do her zoomies. Would love another dog to play with!!! 
House trained: yes (usually a dog needs an adjustment period at a new home)
Snuggler: maximum 
Sweet: definitely
Dog friendly: yes- loves to play :)
Cat friendly: yes
Child friendly: yes
Crate trained : yes, goes in for a treat
Fun: soooo fun to own
Toys: plays with them gently
Fetch a ball: not so much... a couple times
Likes: sleeping on top of pillows, treats, her mom... a shadow, snuggling in bed-- a MUST and playing with another dog. 
Barking: not too much... just when she's in a crate and wants out when I come home from work or maybe if she hears a noise she will sound off but just normal barking. 
Special talents: beggy paws for treats. 
Wears dog clothes: yes a size medium. 
Shedding: not much. 
Leash: a snooper who loves walks --will bark at other dogs 'if they bark at her first'. Quiet dogs she is fine about and walks on by. 
Car: good traveler. No whining. 
Critters: likes to watch them outside but not too barky over them. Loves sitting on top of the couch back but mostly loves pillows! 
Fireworks: no big fears or problems. 
Baths and grooming: excellent, holds very still. 
3 descriptive words: exuberant, cuddler, fun

She's so GREAT!!! We love our silly Snuggle-Bunny! You will too...🐰 She loves everyone and is good pals with my husband! 
Mom! Someone's on my couch pillows! 



Thursday, July 13, 2017

potty trained

Both of my foster dogs are potty trained now. (Well Calli always was potty trained so Bunny has finally gotten the gist!) 
Bunny is also crate trained as long as you have a treat to throw in she will go right in. Calli doesn't need a crate and doesn't like them. 

I love this picture! See Bunny? See Calli?  ❤️❤️



tennis balls rule!

Callie adores her tennis ball. It's just a little mini one. She sleeps with it on her bed. Lots of times we walk by and she's just holding it in her mouth. Lol! See photo! Then other times she tosses it in the air and jumps onto it like a cat. Adorable!!!  Simple pleasures!!!
Miss Snoopy....



Tuesday, July 11, 2017


Calli is great about dress up. Did not even mind the bow! No shaking it off her head. She really is not a feminine looking dog so it kinda made it 'extra fun' to put her in a dog dress and pink heart bow! πŸ’› She deserves to look "cutesie"!!! 
Pretty in Pink! πŸŽ€

I cannot understand why nobody has applied for this easy dog? She is so GOOD! Cute too! So yes, she has her quick GRRRR "moments" with other dogs but it's not like she doesn't like other dogs! She does! They are her pals. She just has some baggage from before rescue when she was in a bad situation in a yucko house and all dogs had to fend for themselves. So she gets... a quick temper... with her dog friends but it's brief and then she wags her tail again. Plus it doesn't happen v often. I hardly think about it and all the dogs here just know her ways and love her!
I love Calli, too!!! She's got no strikes against her in my book. Actually I'm happy if nobody applies because she's so sweet n easy. My husband said the same thing... easy foster! No problems with this one. Yay for Calli. πŸ’—

Monday, July 10, 2017


Typical terriers... zoomies, snuggles, wrestling and showing off a cute glance or two! These are great dogs! 

Friday, July 7, 2017

Calli Profile Video

I just used an app to create a video for Calli's Petfinder profile. If you didn't get a chance to view it here it is! πŸ’ž

Thursday, July 6, 2017



Serious thoughts...

What's up?

Sooooo happy!

Criss Cross

Jungle Bunny :)

Who is out there?

Attic Window

My girls XXOO

These two are best buddies! They play together all the time! Anyone want to adopt them both???