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Thursday, August 31, 2017

Labor Day Weekend (F-Mon)

Let's start the weekend with a Packer WIN!!!
Calli is the cutest Packer fan!!! I also love how she chews up those crunchy munchy treats!!! 😊 She is really showing us her loving personality these days. She's relaxing more and more. It's great to see her so happy!!!
3 fur-fans

I'll take another treat, pleeeeeease!!!

One thing that came to mind today is that Calli would do fine without a fenced yard. She actually prefers to go on walks for bathroom duties. She doesn't like wet grass. She would even be a good condo or apartment dog I think. She just loves spending time with her people!!!

Had a busy morning. Now Calli and I are getting my son from work. RAIN!!! Waiting for him and taking pics, lol!!!

Waiting in the parking lot! Calli jumped in the back as I have the seats down. Hi Calli!!!

Selfie! Hi Callie-pants!! Why I call her that I have no idea!!! Lol!!!

Huggies... ear flip!!! 🐶❤️🐶

Home again!!! Driving into our driveway. She sees birds! Calli loves hunting birds! #onbirdalert #littlehunter

Movie watching night! Calli loves sitting on the couch ... maybe not to watch the movie but certainly to snuggle and get belly rubs!!!




Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Calli out on the town!!!

At the street corner wine bar! 🍷

Posing in front of the Happy Hour sign. 

Relaxing and listening to the people chatter. 🐶

Calli was phenomenal as we took her out to socialize! We figured a wine bar on a Tuesday would be a good start. No kids. No dogs. Just adults. Yes!!!
Lots of people petted her. (I'd say mostly women were the petting type!) She watched kids get out of the movie theatre next door and saw dogs being walking nearby. Calli was great!!!  We know Calli loves women so they petted her freely and often and Calli would have gone home with any one of them, LOL!!! 
She did fine with the men as well but they mostly just said hello to her her but they didn't really try to pet her too much ...which was excellent.
I thought she might bark at dogs on the street but she did not --she stood up and watched them intently but that's as far as it went. GOOD girl!
We were there about two hours and she was so calm and such a huge hit with everybody 💕☺️ I was very VERY proud of Miss Calli!!! 




Chip is ADOPTED!!!


Joy joy joy!!!

Kisses for mommy!!!

Chippy will be making his home with 3 big Pointer dogs and have room to run and play!!! He even will get to go to work with mommy! What a lucky Chippy!!!



Friday, August 25, 2017

FUN Friday!

Hot pink Cal-pal! 💕

Such nice walkers!!! 

Cutie in her jacket!!!

Handsome lil Chipster!!!

Buddies.... awwwwww!



Thursday, August 24, 2017

Where is Calli, 🤣🍅?

Did you spot her??? 

She seems to just be thinking and meditating! A nice peaceful quiet place! Love it!!!

Hi there, Calli! Nothing like a good sit in the garden... by a tomato! Hee hee! 🍅



Chip's new pics!!!

Chipster has a cool color going on! I say he's "in style" because he's various shades of grey!!...kinda like the wall colors I see so much of these days!!! He also has black tipped ears and a bit of honey coloring mixed in. The fluffier he gets the more gorgeous he gets!!! No shedding, either. Yipeeeeee!!!

I could take a zillion Chippy pics. He's so cute! I'm wondering if he's one of those Teddy Bear dogs? Maybe??? He's very much a mommy dog. Follows me like a shadow. I walk... he walks... he goes where I go! So soooooo sweet. Sits at my feet all the time. If you want a lil buddy --he's your guy!! ❤️🐶❤️🐶❤️🐶
Potty trained... loves walks... likes toys... especially fetch!!!  
Ok just onnnnne more, lol!!!!!!!

One of Calli too!! ❤️









Sunday, August 20, 2017

Back Home!

Had to post this picture of Calli! JP sent it to me as he watched Calli while I was gone. It's just too cute! 😴 Her ear looks extra 'flippy' here! Love a doggy with a natural flip to her ears! 

Well, Chippy and I are back home. :) He was the best traveler and best boy at our rummage sale. Way better than I expected. So very good natured!!!
When we got home Chippy did a lot of zoomies around the yard and had major play sessions with his dog friends. Happy reunion!!!

Calli on the other hand was so happy to see me! So many happy dances and snuggles!!! She was actually smiling-- and was so adorable with her big grin! Good to be home. 

Today I cleaned out my car. Since its looking nice I thought I'd take a pic of the dog car seat I use. All the fosters enjoy it! 
It's a Console Snoozer. It sits between the seats on the console. This is a size large but a small size would be perfect for most smaller dogs. Calli, who is 24lbs, sits comfortably in my large size.  Very cool product to own, and I recommend it, if you like to drive with your furry friend. 



Thursday, August 17, 2017

Rummage Sale mascot!

Chip and I drove 2+ hours to my dad's house to get ready for a rummage sale (Friday & Sat). Chip rode in a crate surrounded by rummage 'stuff'! He did super!!! Not even a peep was heard from him. We left at 8:30 am and worked our fluffy tails off all day getting things ready! It's now 8:30 pm and it feels like midnight! We are bushed! Chip has been super amazing to everyone! Strange house? No problems. New people? Hello new friends! Chips a go with the flow kinda guy! 
Will Chippy be at the sale??? Well, he will be whisked away by one of my friends on Friday morning during the sale but will be at the sale all day on Saturday. It you live near Oconomowoc and love garage sales you may want to stop! Just drive to Old Ashippun-- you will find us on Hwy 67 near the Maple Inn.  We hope Chippy brings us good sales with his cute little face!!! 
Tonight Chippy and I will be 'bunk mates' on my child hood single bed!  Squish! He's already hogging the space!!! 🙃

Friday Sale:
Waiting for customers!

Cute Chippy in an old vintage buggy we were selling!!!

My friend Terri picked him up and hung out with him all morning! He even visited a rehab center and the people there were in love with him!!! 💓 He road on the lap of a lady in a wheel chair! Awwww!!!

He came back in the afternoon pretty tuckered out! Here he is begging for my muffin at the check out table! Of course he had a smidgen! 🙂 Who could say no to him???

Day one of the sale is done! Chippy had a very very very busy day!!! He met oodles of people -- including a baby--and loved them all and they loved him! 







Wednesday, August 16, 2017


Do you ever come home from work, kick your shoes off and flop down onto the nearest bed? Ahhhh!!!! Well, this was me today! 
A few minutes later Calli jumped up and snuggled right under my arm. 💖 She adores her mommy! I warn you all... she's going to be a tough one for me to say goodbye to. 😢😢😢 
Please don't apply unless she will be your baby! Lol! Yes...I'm such a sap but she deserves the best! #sweetgirl



Monday, August 14, 2017

2 Videos!!

If you listen to my morning babble, lol, I tell you our routine. Key word: Consistancy. 
The odd couple! These two are getting to be very good play mates! Who knew?!? 😋

Took Chip to PetSmart!
...Sniffffffff!!! I also bought him a 'cool' shirt to match his harness! #summersale #cannotresist #3bucks


New toy too #spoiled

😂🤣😂 arm on dog car seat like a 'cool guy'... #howherolls 😎!

He was a star at the store, Mr Friendly Pants! He did mark a couple had to clean up that... luckily they supply the cleaner! Ugh! When we came home he did his yard zoomies. This guy is a speed racer! His paws were on fire zipping around the yard!!! #zippychippy