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Friday, July 25, 2014

Oleary is adopted!

Oleary seemed to love his new family right away! He hopped right into their car! Love the story book ending! Blessings and happiness to all!!!

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Fabulous trip to Petco

My dog Parson lost his Green Bay Packers ID tag on his collar. So we headed to Petco to replace it....O'Leary, Parson and myself. I had no idea how Oleary would do as he can be skittish at times... I was so very pleasantly surprised! 
The hardest part was simply walking into the store, but I kept telling O'Leary to follow Parson, which he did. O'Leary gets his confidence from my dog who is more than willing to forge ahead! Once inside the store I think all the wonderful smells got to him and he soon relaxed. He stuck by me very closely but he let people pet him and he took treats from the employees. :)

Walking through the aisles of bones and dog chews is like a dog's dream world! Notice Leary very bravely putting his head into the bin of doggy bones ?!? LOL i'm sure he would've happily taken one of those bones home!
Both dogs waited patiently while we engraved persons ID tag. 
O'Leary has come so  very far in his confidence's just awesome! 

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

First time at the dog park

Oleary and I decided to visit the dog park. First time for us both! Since I had never been there I decided to only take O'Leary not two dogs. So my Parson had to remain at home.
When we got there we had the choice of big dog or small dog area. We chose the small dog it looked more peaceful :). 
O'Leary started out very shy but eventually did take one little run around the park. 
He met two new dog friends. A poodle mix and a Wheaton Terrier. They got along fine. Here he is pictured with the poodle mix.
Most of the time Oleary just lay down in the grass. He always kept his eye on me and made sure I did not leave him there! Of course I would never think of it! As usual he was happy to get home and then played with Parson. There's no place like home for this boy!
Thursday morning walk. Finally made it around the block with no laying down! Woot woot! Celebration!
Good boy, Oleary!!!

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Adopted, congrats Kennedy!

Getting to know my new mommy!
I love her already and look... I have my own Packer blanket! New toys too! Yep, spoiled and lovin' it!!!

Monday, July 21, 2014

(Video) Ready n waitin' for new moms/families to get them...

Above video is the last night these two friends will be together. They have supported each other and soon it's time to fly solo. They will both do great but I will suuuuurrrre miss them. 

After bath, wet poochy, pic! Oleary did so 
Amazing! In true Oleary style he eventually just laid down in the bath water! Haha!
Leary fell asleep like this. Baths are tiring... Especially after you run full speed around the back yard with your doggie pals!!!

He is truly a Fluffy Dog now that he is dry!!!

CVI's DONE! You can relax now cuties!

My pups have apps!

Oleary and Kennedy will be going home soon. It's been a journey and I'm thankful to have been a part. 
Luv u both! 

Just a "few" of my must haves for owning a dog!
 Tushie wipes... for yucky under tails and messy faces; poopbags w scent...I keep the dispenser clipped right on my leashes; rescue remedy... recommended by Fluffy Dog for transitions and nerves; no grain treats... makes for positive training and happy minds and bellies; harnesses... my dog  has a Green Bay Packer one but any harness will do to keep a doggy safe when walking!

I'm sure there are more goodies to lots of toys...but I do love these items! :)

Friday, July 18, 2014


It's Saturday! Yay! Parson and I went to get dog food. A total stranger bought Parson a bone at the pet store. Random Act of Kindness! Awesome!!!
Of course I came home with bones for the others too! My house is full of crunching n munching sounds, hee hee!
I did not try and take away their new bones. I personally think that is rude. If I had a chocolate sundae I would be crabby too if someone wanted it, ha! I did just pet their heads. All was great. No crabbiness or growls. They did exchange bones too. Like yours is better than mine kinda thing. Cute! The only growl I ever hear is from my own dog who growls when the fosters come snooping at his food. I figure he is just telling them NO. He is fine with me though so it's all cool. These are all the best dogs... As always! Fluffies rule!

Kennedy had a bath. Why? Well, 1. His fur gets greasy looking. 2. He had his flea treatment down his back a couple days ago, and that makes it even more greasy looking! (Oleary's turn is tomorrow)
Kennedy and Oleary were sooooo busy snooping and playing and walking this morning that now he is so tired! I wanted to take a picture of his nice clean fluffy fur but he won't sit up, LOL! Of course I found him laying down with his flippy ear! :)

So, as usual, I had to flip his ear down and took another picture! Sweet dreams Kennedy!

TGIF !!!!

Starting the day off work, yaaayyyywith my fan club. Kennedy has found a chew toy and Oleary is just lounging around...just outside the bathroom door. They are waiting for their walk. Almost ready, boys!
On our way...
thanks to Kennedy I get a little "X" as we start our walk! Awwww!!!!

Just showing a cute photo of O'Leary as he waits to start a walk! 
Oleary sometimes still barrel rolls when we walk. He basically stops, lowers his shoulder, and rolls onto his back whether you are on grass or  pavement. Then he squirms around on his back like a "wiggle worm". I have been working on distracting him from doing this by carrying a vial of doggie treats. I shake the vial and he gets a treat when he stops wiggling and stands upright. It seems to be working, otherwise I could stand there quite a while while he is wiggling around ignoring me! I'm not sure why he does this but I've noticed it more when he's not in the mood to walk. 

These two pups are just napping away the morning. Like little babies... "So cute when asleep". (What a life!!!)

Oleary is in a mommy boy stage. This morning I had to give him a bone smeared with peanut butter in his cage. He was getting so upset I was leaving for a bit. It did the trick… Kept him busy and focused while I left. He was quiet when I came back :)... but as soon as he heard me he started whining.
 Even though I put a baby gate up to keep him downstairs on the main floor, he will hurdle it like a deer if I just run upstairs to grab something. He seems to be following me like the Pied Piper!!!
 On this pic he is snuggling with soft pillows on the couch! This boy is Mr. sensitive :)

Up on the patio table, Kennedy gets a pedicure. Way to go! He was a sweet boy. 

Kenny way up high! 

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

(Video) Showing their "sit"!

Both OLeary and Kennedy are learning the sit command. They do it very well for treats. You can watch them on the video show off what they can do.  Unfortunately, I got a phone call right at the end of the video so I didn't quite get to finish the video properly but you get the picture,LOL.
Did you notice Kennedy's ear was flipped up? His ears do this all the time. It is so hilarious!!!

I've compared Kennedy's ears to an Elmer Fud hat. The flaps can hang down or be flipped up. Haha! See pics below. 
Now really his ears do this naturally. Usually not both at once, that is just me having a little fun, LOL! But I can't tell you how many times I have un-flipped his ear from his head! 
Just another thing that makes Kennedy extra special… Elmer FUD hat ears! :)!

Practice makes perfect!

Morning walk after breakfast. Doing well!

We never forget the treats! :)

The rewards of the morning walk for foster mom=snoozing puppies! :) ...cute cute cute faces! 

Later in the day they meet new dogs, people and travel to new places! Kennedy and O'Leary were a bit shy but were never crabby. They are making progress. That's awesome! We keep practicing!!!

After supper we did more walks...
We met a black lab... Kennedy barked and pulled. He did not like that dog! The black Lab barked and pulled too. Some dogs just aren't meant to be buddies. 

My tired feet getting hugs and kisses from my foster pupsters!!! Awwww... How sweet is that! Thanks guys!!!
PS Love u... Oleary and Kennedy!!!
PSS Who wouldn't love getting this kinda attention! What a caring pair of mommy boys! :)

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

(Video) O'Leary making progress on leash :)

I will let the video speak for itself but if you saw the previous video of him walking and now this one you can't help but smile! In just a few days time O'Leary has made "great" strides towards walking on a leash'; he still has some improvements to make but we will keep practicing until he is totally comfortable and looks forward to going on his daily walks!

Off to work I go... 
Kennedy settles right down, not a sound, and goes to sleep. 
Oleary prefers no dog bed in his kennel (he pushes it away and lays on the cool plastic) and he barks a bit--it's not aweful barking just a little while. 
I only work part time so they don't have it too rough plus they like the routine! Good puppies... See ya later. 
After work we got in a quick walk and then I had to get a book read for a class tonight. So my buddies and I are hanging out on the bed. Kennedy is sleeping and Oleary is chewing a deer antler I'm supposed to be reading!  (I'd rather take a nap... Need coffee!)

Sunday, July 13, 2014


Smart-well behaved-polite-loving!

O'Leary takes his first car ride to run some errands. He is perfect! He doesn't even try and eat the grape leaves from the plant behind him that is being hauled to the community garden. Ha! He seems to really enjoy riding --doesn't whine, doesn't get nervous ...just hangs out!!!

(Video) O' Leary learning to walk on leash

O Leary is new to walking on a leash. He was from a hoarding situation where he did not get the opportunity to do what other dogs get to do! So, he is finally learning to walk on a leash and does it at his "own pace" :-)! His pace is very very slow, LOL! It will be fun to watch him progress as we keep practicing! Isn't he just the cutest little polar bear?!? Oleary is a gentle dog who is getting to know me and the big world outside the door!

Walk and sit...
Stand and wait...
Laying down for a bit...
Sniffing around too..,
And laying down again, haha!
Finally home to the welcoming committee! They say, "Good job friend--can't wait till we can All walk together!"
Once at home, Leary is not so slow. He even braves the stairs to the attic... just like Kennedy does! Kennedy is a good teacher, LOL!!!
...and Kennedy had a walk this morning too, wearing his "cute" scarf… He's doing amazingly well! No problems here!!! Kennedy you are awesome!
O Leary has a raw hide that came with him in his bag from the doggie day care. He shared the other raw hide with Kennedy. What a sweet friend! Both are chewing away! So happy!!!
The next day...
I took Parson along with O'Leary on his walk and he did sooo much better! Parson gives off confident dog energy! We went around the block and hardly any slow stops for O Leary. Yayyyy! The "progress" begins... :)

Friday, July 11, 2014

(Video) O'Leary's here! Doggie welcome! :)

Just posting  a little video as sweet O' Leary has just arrived at my house and is totally blending in with the other dogs. O'Leary and Kennedy were roomies from the hoarder house. I love them both already. Kennedy has been with me a few weeks. He is AWESOME! O Leary has been at the doggie day care. Time for this sweet boy, O' Leary, to enjoy the comforts of home. :) I'm so happy he is fitting right in. Parson and Kennedy love other dogs. In fact since O' Leary arrived Kennedy seems extra happy and confident. It's always good to be around "friends"!!!

Introducing... O' LEARY!

Movie star dog! What a face!!!
Happy boy~
We are ALL friends! 
Parson (my dog), Kennedy (middle)
 O' Leary (right)

No problems with food. We like eating together. Mmmmm!
Parson and Kennedy think O'Leary may be part Lion. They don't mind... he is still cool! 
First time up on the couch. This guy makes himself at home fast! :)

O' Leary walks around the block with his friends, Parson and Kennedy. He did really well for his first time! Lagged behind a bit... then out in front. A few starts and stops but overall he did totally fantabulous, lol!! 
John with the now "pro" doggie walkers, Parson and Kennedy. Showing off a bit for the newbie, lol. Both dogs are wayyyy out in front! Way to go Kennedy! You are amazing me every day! So proud of your accomplishments!!!