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Friday, August 11, 2017

...just CUTE!!!

Tonight I am not crating Chippy. He decided to sleep on the dog bed next to my bed. If he wants to jump up here with me he is welcome. My husband is out of town so Chip has lots of bed space available to him! Night night Chip! 

Good morning...
Chippy slept super well on the doggy bed! We already were up and about. He went outside for potty time and ate breakfast then back out to finish his job. Today I will take him for a ride in the car! Stay tuned for more Chippy updates! :)

Chippy is all buckled into the car seat. He is fairly nervous at the start of the trip hopping all around and jumping in and out. At the end he was much better and settled in for the ride. We will practice again. Check out his cute photos!! 💚💙

Chippy with his head on my shoe!!! #awwwww