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Saturday, August 12, 2017

Calli :)

I have a little something to share. Calli managed to fanagle her way back to GB! She was adopted for a few days but it was not the right fit for Calli or the family. 

Here is her new write up for Petfinder:

Calli is the sweetest dog in the right home! She is totally potty trained, medium energy, low shed, is fine with cats, walks on a leash, chews on her bones/toys and ADORES her dog beds! There are a few things Calli does not prefer in her home. She prefers no children. They make her afraid. She prefers no other dogs. She likes to be the one and only princess. She prefers no crates. She uses a dog bed and crates upset her. 
She takes a while to be ok with men but does come around with treats and patience. Calli attaches to her mom right away and will be mommy's shadow! It's like you are old friends from the start if you are her mom!
I am blogging about Calli so check it out (more pictures and videos!!!)
Calli prefers the quiet life of a home body and would love to cuddle with you, sit at your feet or take a stroll around the block! Calli is looking for a best friend!!! 

If you are interested in Calli apply to

Sometimes Calli has that serious look. It's just her! 
Sniffing around!
Pretty girl taking a rest on a rug.