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Thursday, August 10, 2017

Game Day!!!

Chippy, as we call him, is showing off here with a few more FETCH pics! He lays his toy right on my lap, lol!!! He's getting cuter by the minute!!! YES... he is even potty trained! That's so excellent!!! 👍🏻

Chippy has on his Packer bandana tonight! Ready to cheer on The Pack in their first preseason game!!! It's Christmas in GB! Green n Gold everywhere. The air is totally electric for this lil' sports town! Chippy is thinking this is fun!

Chip also looking toooooo cute in a jersey -- what a DOLL!!! 🐶 He is a joy to hang out with... lots of fun but not hyper. He's a lovely house dog!!! He's a busy boy. Does not sit too much on my lap but does sit at my feet. He's always looking to play so a little playful dog friend would be really perfect for Chippy! 

He was so good last night for his first 'foster dog sleep over'! Slept like a log in a crate in my bedroom. Gobbled up breakfast in the morning-- he just loves food!!! Pottied n Pooped outside after breakfast. Even went out in the rainy drizzle with no issues. 😁 Good boy, Chippy cheeks!
I went to work and he stayed in a crate in my kitchen with a couple bones and a few toys to keep him company. When I came home he was so ready to come out. Lol! He was excited and started to bark for joy. His bark is super loud! Hilarious!!!
He did actually snuggle on my lap just now but not for long.. then he hopped down but it's a start! Awwww!

Hope Chip enjoys watching his first Packer game in GB!!!!!!! He will love the yummy snackaroos!!! 🍕🍟🍗🧀