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Wednesday, August 9, 2017

CHIP arrived!!!

Here is a video to introduce you to cute Chip!!! 
(My own dogs insist on getting into the action! Haha!!! #videobombers)
He's a happy and busy boy. Right now everything is new so he's excited. Give him a bit of time and he will settle in! 
I do know he loves to play fetch. We threw a little stuffed flip flop dog toy for a while and he loved it. 
He also will sit up and beg! Chip is soft and has a very short fur-cut as he was so matted when picked up by the dog catcher in Alabama-- it all came off in a matted sheet when groomed with a clipper. Ewwww! Poor Chippy!!!😟
Chip just got neutered 2 days ago. I have a belly band on him for any leg lifting, marking, he might do. 
His personality is joyful and friendly to all. Everyone looks like a buddy to Chip. Enjoy the pics I took of him.... Mr. ADORABLE!❤️

I like to fetch AND bring it back for more!

I have a typical Shi tzu underbite, lol!!!😁

Left head tilt...

...and right!

Showing off his begging pose with front feet up 😍!

Playing outside!

Silly tongue, Hee hee!!!

Shiny big eyes! 👀
Chip is very skinny! Needs some TLC and lots of yummy food! #noproblem

He has a plumy tail!

Squeakers are totally fun! 

Chip likes going for a walk. He is not afraid of cars. He zig zags but we will practice!